This Day in History – January 9

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January 9

We all studied history in our school and know how many significant events which shaped the world happened in the past. But have you wondered what all events happened on a specific date? What we meant is that if you consider any date, you will see various events took place on a single date over the years. In this blog, let’s go through one date i.e., January 9 and have a look at all that has happened on this date since the beginning. 

681 – Twelfth Council of Toledo
On 9 January 681, King Erwig of the Visigoths in Hispania initiated the Twelfth Council of Toledo which implemented a number of policies against the Jews. 

1127 – Jin–Song Wars
9 January 1127 is one of the important dates of the Jin-Song Wars, between the Jurchen Jin dynasty and Han Chinese Song dynasty where the Jurchens rebelled against their Lords of Liao dynasty. 

1431 – Joan of Arc’s trial
The trial of Joan of Arc who was popularly known as The Maid of Orléans and the national heroine of France begins in Rouen. 

1792 – Treaty of Jassy
The treaty of Jassy, a pact between the Russian and Ottoman Empires which ended the Russo-Turkish War of 1787–92 is signed at Jassy, Moldavia. 

1793 – First Balloon Flight
On 9 January 1793, Jean-Pierre Blanchard conducted the first-ever balloon flight in the United States. 

1799 – Introduction of income tax
In an effort to raise funds for the Napoleonic War, the British Prime Minister William Pitt the younger imposes an income tax of two shillings on the pound. 

1816 – Testing of Safety Lamp
Humphry Davy initiated the first trial of a safety lamp for miners at a Colliery on 9 January 1816.

1839 – Daguerreotype photography
The French Academy of Sciences announces the release of Daguerreotype photography, a photography style invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. 

1857 – Fort Tejon earthquake
On 9 January, an earthquake of 7.9 Richter scale hit central and Southern California. It’s one of the strongest recorded earthquakes of the US. 

1861 – Mississippi secede from the Union
Before the start of the American Civil War, Mississippi secedes from the Union. Mississippi was the second state to do so. 

1878 – Umberto I of Italy
On 9 January 1878, Umberto I nicknamed the “Good” sits on the throne of Italy and becomes the king. 

1914 – Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., a African American Greek lettered fraternity was founded on 9 January 1914 in Howard University. 

1916 – End of Gallipoli campaign
The Gallipoli campaign which was a part of the First World War ended with the Ottoman Victory. 

1917 – Battle of Rafah
The final battle to recapture the Sinai Peninsula by British forces during the Sinai and Palestine campaign took place on 9 January 1917.

1918 – Battle of Bear Valley
The last battle of the American Indian Wars, the Battle of Bear Valley between Yaquis and the United States army which ended with the American Victory. 

1923 – First Autogyro Flight
The first test flight of Autogyro invented by Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva took place on 9 January 1923.

1927 – Laurier Palace Theatre fire
The Laurier Palace Theatre fire was a fire that broke out in a theatre in Montreal, killing 78 children. 

1941 – First Flight of Avro Lancaster
Avro Lancaster, a British Second World War Heavy Bomber took its first flight on 9 January 1941. 

1991 – Geneva Peace Conference
In the Geneva Peace Conference,  the representatives from Iraq and the US met to find a resolution for the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait. 

1992 – Republika Srpska
A new state within Yugoslavia was proclaimed by The Assembly of the Serb People in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

2005 – Comprehensive Peace Agreement
On 9 January, a peace agreement is signed by The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and the Government of Sudan to end the second Sudanese Civil War.

2007 – First iphone
The first generation of iPhone is announced by the founder Steve Jobs in San Francisco. 

2014 – An explosion at Mitsubishi chemical plant
An explosion takes place at the Mitsubishi Chemical plant in Yokkaichi, Japan, killing 5 people. 

2015 – Mass poisoning at a Funeral
On 9 January 2015, a mass murder using poison happened at a funeral in Mozambique killing over 75 people. 

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So, this was a list of all the key events that happened on 9 January. We hope you had fun while going through the list and go to know some really interesting facts. If you liked this content and wish to read more stuff like this, follow us at Leverage Edu.

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