This Day in History – March 14

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March 14

History is an important subject to study because it keeps mankind in check; reminding us of all the glory and simultaneously cautioning us of the dread and chaos of the past. History, therefore in many ways, is anthropological . Each day is rich with historical significance offering much to learn from it. In this blog we bring to you all the important events that occurred on March 14.

What Events Happened in India on March 14

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1931 – Sound Revolution
On this day the first full length sound film,  Alam Ara was released by Ardeshir Irani.

1998 – Passing away of Dada Kondke
Veternan Marathi actor and filmmaker Dada Kondke died on this day.

1986 – Mahila Battalion CRPF
The first Mahila Battalion in CRPF, the 88(M) Battalion was created on March 14 1986 headquartered in New Delhi.

1998 – Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi became the first female president of the congress party.

Historical Events That Happened Around the World on March 14

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1590 – Battle of Ivry
French King Henry IV beat Catholic League during French Wars of Religion on March 14 1590.

1801 – Henry Addington
Henry Addington became the Prime Minister of the UK after the resignation of William Pitt.

1899 – 1st US patent for navigable Balloon
German Inventor  Ferdinand von Zeppelin received the 1st US patent for a Navigable Balloon.

1900 – Hugo De Vries
Dutch botanist Hugo De Vries rediscovered Mendel’s law of genetics on March 14 1900.

1923 – Warren Hardings
29th US president Warren Hardings became the first US president to pay taxes.

1942 – Testing of Penicillin
Ann Miller became the first ever patient to be treated with Penicillin.

1962 – Disarmament conference
The Disarmament conference was held in Geneva without the inclusion of France on March 14 1962.

1978 –  Operation Litani
Israel launched operation Litani to invade and occupy southern Lebanon.

2007 – Nandigram violence in west Bengal
The Nandigram violence in west bengal led to the killing of 18 people.

2013 – Xi Xingping
Xi Xingping was named the new president of the People’s Republic of China on March 14 2013.

List of Important Birthdays

  • 1804 – Johann Strauss
    Austrian composer Johann Strauss, famous for his waltzes was born on this day.
  • 1879 – Albert Einstein
    German born theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate was born on this day.
  • 1928 – Frank Borman
    American astronaut and CEO of East American Airlines was born on this day.
  • 1994 Ansel Elgort
    American actor famous for his role in ‘Fault in my Stars’ was born on this day.
  • 1965 – Aamir Khan
    Bollywood actor, director Aamir Khan was born in Mumbai on this day.

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