This Day in History- July 14

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This Day in History- July 14-01

William Shakespeare once said, “There is a history in all men’s lives”. History tells us about the past, about our ancestors, about the lives of thousands of different people years ago. As students, we often read about the grand events in history but have you ever wondered what all happened on a single day in history. Ever wondered who was crowned or dethroned on July 14 or what revolutions shook the world on this particular day. Let’s take a journey down memory lane and find out all the events for July 14! 

What Happened in India on July 14?

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  • 1636: Aurangzeb as Viceroy
    Aurangzeb was appointed the Viceroy of Deccan by his father and Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan on July 14, 1636. He was the sixth Mughal emperor, who ruled over almost the entire Indian subcontinent for a period of 49 years.
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  • 1942: Quit India Resolution passed by Congress
    The Congress Working Committee meeting at Wardha, which was held on 14 July 1942, passed the Quit India Resolution demanding complete independence from the British government. The draft proposed massive civil disobedience if the British did not accede to the demands.

What Happened Around the World on July 14?

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  • 1789: Bastille Day 
    The French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille Prison in Paris, which is now celebrated as France’s national day. Bastille Day is the common name given in English-speaking countries to the national day of France, which is celebrated on 14 July each year.
  • 1853: World Fair
    The US President Franklin Pierce opened the World Fair – an Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations in New York on1853. The Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations was a World’s Fair held in 1853 in what is now Bryant Park in New York City, in the wake of the highly successful 1851 Great Exhibition in London.
  • 1914: Patent for liquid- fueled rocket design
    American engineer Robert Goddard was granted the first patent for liquid-fueled rocket design on this day in 1914. Robert Hutchings Goddard was an American engineer, professor, physicist, and inventor. Goddard’s work as both theorist and engineer anticipated many of the developments that would make spaceflight possible.
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  • 1938: Manifesto of Race
    Benito Mussolini published the anti-Jewish African manifesto on this day in 1938. Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian politician and journalist who founded and led the National Fascist Party. 
  • 1946: Dr Benjamin Spock’s book was published 
    Dr Benjamin Spock’s book called the Common Sense Book of Baby & Child Care was published on July 14, 1946. The book’s premise to mothers is that “you know more than you think you do.”Spock was the first paediatrician to study psychoanalysis to try to understand children’s needs and family dynamics.
  • 1953: First National Monument for African American Scientist
    On July 14, 1953, The First US national monument was dedicated to a black American, to preserve the boyhood home of agricultural scientist and inventor George Washington Carver was in Newton County, Missouri.
  • 1986: US Open Women’s Golf
    Jane Geddes won by 2 strokes in an 18-hole playoff with South African born Sally Little on July 14, 1986. 
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  • 2018: Wimbledon Women’s Tennis
    Angelique Kerber became the first German since Steffi Graf (1996) to win Wimbledon after beating Serena Williams 6-3, 6-3 on July 14, 2018. 

Famous Birthdays

  • 1868: Gertrude Bell
    Gertrude Bell, a British archaeologist was born in Washington Hall, County Durham, England on July 14, 1868.
July 14
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  • 1889: Ante Pavelić
    Ante Pavelic, the Croatian leader of Nazi Germany puppet Independent State of Croatia was born in Bradina, Austria-Hungary on July 14, 1889.
  • 1910: William Hanna
    William Hanna, an American animator of Hanna-Barbera, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, etc. was born in Melrose, New Mexico.
July 14
Source: Britannica
  • 1913: Gerald Ford
    Gerald Ford, who was the 38th US President and 41st US Vice President was born in Omaha, Nebraska on this glorious day.
  • 1917: Ben Enwonwu
    Ben Enwonwu, the Nigerian painter was born in Onitsha, Nigeria on this day in history in 1917.
Source: Times of India
  • 1985: Phoebe Waller-Bridge
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the famous English actress, writer and director was born in London, England. She is an actress who rose to fame for her character Fleabag.
  • 1987: Dan Reynolds
    Dan Reynolds is an American singer and songwriter of Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 14, 1987.

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