This Day in History – October 23

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This Day in History - October 23

“History does not belong to us, we belong to it”. This quote by Hans Georg Gademer essentially captures the importance of knowing history in each of our lives. Every day as we live, we create history for the future generations to follow. These events are responsible for deciding the course of our lives ahead. October 23 is one such day that is remembered for the events that have taken place on this day in history. To know more about these important events of October 23, read through the blog.

Important Events that Happened Across the Globe on October 23

1850 – First National Women’s Right Convention
The First National Women’s Right Convention began in Worcester, Massachusetts.

1912 – First Balkan War
The Battle of Kumanovo began between the Serbian and Ottoman armies.
1958 – Springhill Mining Disaster
The Springhill Mining Disaster took place in Canada that killed nearly 75 miners.
1983 – Lebanese Civil War
The US Marines barracks in Beirut was hit by a truck bomb.
1989 – Hungarian People’s Republic replaced
The Hungarian People’s Republic was replaced by the Hungarian Republic.
1991 – Paris Peace Accord Signed
The Paris Peace Accord was signed which ended the Cambodian Vietnamese War.

Source : US Institute of Peace

2011 – Libyan Civil War deemed to be over
The Libyan National Transition council deemed the Libyan Civil War over.

Source : DW News

2015 – Lowest sea level pressure in the Western Hemisphere
The lowest sea-level pressure in the Western Hemisphere, and the highest reliably-measured non-tornadic sustained winds, were recorded in Hurricane Patricia. 

Famous Birthdays

1973-Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora is a renowned Indian actress, dancer, model, VJ, and television personality.

1979- Prabhas
Prabhas is a famous Indian actor who works in Telugu films.

2000- Zaira Wasim
Zaira Wasim is a former Indian actress who worked in Hindi films.

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