This Day in History – May 16

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May 16

16th May 2021 might just be a relaxing self-care pampering session day for you or the day you binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix but have you ever wondered what happened on this date 300- 400 years ago? Every day has some rich history attached to it, it can be a major breakthrough in the field of science or law passed in the court that changed the lives of millions of people. Here are some of the major events that happened on this day in history- May 16

What Happened in India on May 16?

  • 1975 – Sikkim was added as the state of India.
  • 1932 – Hundreds of people lost their lives during riots between the Hindu and Muslim community in Bombay.
  • 1996 – Atal Bihari Vajpayee was elected as the 10th Prime Minister of India.
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2014 – 16th Lok Sabha Elections vote count started on this day. 

What Happened Around the World on May 16? 

  • 1792 – Slave trade was abolished by Denmark
  • 1866 – Hires Root Beer was invented by Charles E. Hires
  • 1939 – In New York, the first US food stamps were issued.
  • 1940 –  Winston Churchill was British Premier returned back to London from Paris on May 16
  • 1947 – Billie Holiday who was accused of possession of narcotics was arrested in her New York apartment
  • 1948 –  1st President of Israel was announced and Chaim Weizmann was elected.
  • 1948 – George Polk who was CBS news correspondent was murdered and his body found in Greece
  • 1968 – 47 people lost their lives due to earthquake in Japan
  • 1971 – Owen Wingrave opera by Benjamin Britten premiered in London
  • 1977 – 5 lost their lives when the NY Airway helicopter crashes on the Pan Am building in New York.
  • 1977 –  Muhammad Ali becomes the winner of 15 for heavyweight boxing title beating Alfredo Evangelist.
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  • 1980 – McCartney II album released by Paul McCartney.
  • 1983 – Peace accord accepted by Lebanese parliament with Israel
  • 1985 – Michael Jordan won the NBA Rookie of Year Award.
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1986 –  Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and directed by Tony Scott was premiered today.

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1988 – Trash or Garbage can be searched without a warrant was ruled by US Supreme Court.

Famous Birthdays on May 16

  • 1928 – WHO Director-General, 1988-98 Hiroshi Nakajima doctor from Japan was born on this day.
  • 1931 – Indian politician Natwar Singh was born on May 16.
  • 1938 – Pioneer of computer graphics and American computer scientist Ivan Sutherland was born in Hastings, Nebraska
  • 1966 – Sister of Michal Jackson, Janet Jackson who is also an American singer was born in Gary, Indiana
  • 1980 – American ice hockey player and later the coach of Springfield Thunderbirds Michael Ryan was born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1986 – American actress Megan Fox popular for her role in Transformers was born on May 16 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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