This Day in History – January 26

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January 26

Every day there’s an aged past tied to it. This brings us a new day, a new date and an ancient but important past. We think a typical day really has a couple of significant and enthralling occurrences and relevant events associated with it. From the innovations that have transformed the lives to the nations that have provided a new ruler, let us go through the significant events of that day and memory, January 26.

1482: First Jewish Bible Printed
“Pentateuch” the Jewish Bible was first printed as a book in Bologna, Italy.

1564: Differentiation between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism
In the Tridentine, the Council of Trent published its opinions on the differentiation among Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. 

1788: Australia Day
On this day, Arthur Phillip shipped from what is now Sydney Cove, with some prisoners, lifted the British flag and founded the first-lasting European settlement on the continent of Australia. He hoisted the Union Flag in Sydney Cove, New South Wales, today is known as Australia Day.

1790: Debut of Cosi Fan Tutte
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart debuted the opera “Cosi Fan Tutte” in Vienna. 

1871: First Rugby Union 
The establishment of the very first Rugby Union was held and discussed at the Pall Mall Restaurant in London, England on January 26, 1871.

1880: Birth of Douglas MacArthur
Douglas MacArthur, the U.S. general who commanded the Southwest Pacific Theatre in World War II, was born on this day. 

1905: The largest diamond in the world was discovered in South Africa
The Cullinan Diamond measuring approximately 3106,75 carats (621,35 g or 1,37 lb) and believed to have a value of USD 2 billion was found today. 

1925: Paul Newman’s Birthday
American actor Paul Newman, whose physical attributes and charm managed to build him a permanent movie figure in the latter half of the 20th century, was born on this day. 

1926: First Demo of TV
John Logie Baird gave the very first demonstration of television in his lab which was present in London. 

1942: USA Invaded Force in Ireland
The first U.S. invading force arrived in Europe and entered Ireland after the Second World War on January 26, 1942.

1945: Auschwitz 
Soviet soldiers reached Auschwitz, Poland and released 7,000 starved ghetto inmates from the death camp system. They exposed the depths of the atrocities committed there to the rest of the world. 

1946: Lucky Luciano passed away
Lucky Luciano, who had been America’s most influential international crime boss in the early 1930s, passed away at the age of 65.

1950: India became a Republic
India was officially no more a nation under British control. The then-current President, Dr Rajendra Prasad, had taken the oath to the Constitution. 

1952: Anti-British Protests held in Cairo
Anti-British protests were held in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. The protests reportedly caused the death of 17 British people or burned to death in distress.

1958: Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday
Ellen DeGeneres, an American actress and television personality who is well renowned for her eccentric satirical humour, was born on this day, January 26, 1958.

1965: Hindi became the Official Language
On this day, Hindi became the official language of India. 

1968: Avalanche in Switzerland 
Hundreds of gallons of ice and wet snow fell quickly from the tops of the Swiss Alps. Fatalities and destruction happened in the region of more than 120 miles in the centre of Central Europe. 

1982: United Kingdom Unemployment 
The rate of unemployment in the United Kingdom had grown more than three million for the first time since before the 1930s.

1988: The Phantom of the Opera Released
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, a popular adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s overdramatic book, premiered in New York City and became the longest-running performance in Broadway tradition. 

1995: Flight of Norway Missile 
Unexpected rocket launches were observed near Norway by the Russian emergency alert radio signal. This unexpected missile launch took place a few minutes away from Moscow on January 26, 1995.

2001: Earthquake in Gujarat
A major earthquake occurred near Bhuj, Gujarat, India, claiming the lives of more than 20,000 people and creating widespread destruction. 

2006: The Final Telegram
Western Union confirmed the closure of Telegram Services on 31 January 2006 and sent the very last telegram on the following day. 

2020: Kobe Bryant passed away
American basketball star Kobe Bryant who was regarded as the best sports star. He had won five NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash at the age of 41.

Famous Birthdays on January 26

  • Paul Newman, an Actor
  • Wayne Gretzky, a Hockey Player
  • Ellen DeGeneres, a Television Host
  • Eddie Van Halen, a Musician 
  • Sasha Banks, a Wrestler

Hence, you are all caught up with the most historical events and observances of January 26th! Keep watching this space at Leverage Edu for more such educational content and give us a follow on LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Quora and Instagram!

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