This Day in History – May 5

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Every passing moment, every incident will become a chapter of history in someone’s life. Even the ongoing pandemic situation around the globe will one day turn into a major history subject. History is not as boring as it sounds, there are always some fascinating facts you get to explore. Do I share my birthdate with a popular celebrity from around the world or what are the historical events that happened on this day. Here are some surprising facts that occurred on May 5!

What Happened in India on May 5?

  • 1887 –  Infantry regiment of the Indian Army, Garhwal Rifles was formed.
  • 1955 – Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha to remove leprosy as a ground for divorce in Hindu Marriage.
  • 1977 –  Chandra Sekhar was selected to be President of the Janata Party

What Happened Around the World on May 5?

  • 1891 – The Music hall in New York was opened named Carnegie Hall and a concert by Walter Damrosch and composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was organized.
  • 1924 – 38 pirates were killed by the Chinese authorities that have been capturing cargo in Hong Kong.
  • 1955 – UK received its dose of Polio vaccine and no longer a threat to children.
  • 1954 – Japanese bombed killed Minister’s wife and five children in the USA.
  • 1960 – British princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong Jones in the Westminster Abbey
  • 1967- The first British satellite was launched into space from the Unites states named Ariel 3.  
  • 1981 – Bobby Sands from North Ireland dies after a hunger strike of 66 days in prison.
  • 2000 – The final episode was aired on ABC of Boy meets World
Credits – ABC
  • 2002 – Jacques Chirac was re-elected as the president of France
  • 2007 – Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45- day jail after violating her probation rules.
Credits – AP News
  • 2009 – Author of The Women’s Room and global feminist icon  Marilyn French died because of cardiac arrest.
  • 2010 – Cuba government grants permission to foreign investors to set up in tourism department for better facilities for tourists.
  • 2012 – Boris Johnson was elected as London mayor for the second time by defeating Ken Livingstone by 3% votes.

Famous Birthdays on May 5

  • 1818 – Karl Marx was a german philosopher, economist, historian and  authored the famous Marxist theory 
  • 1956 – Indian Businessman and founder of T-Series Gulshan Kumar and now a movie producer too was born on this day.
Courtesy: T Series
  • 1959 – The American journalist and NBC News network’s chief anchor Brian Williams was born in the USA.
  • 1981 – Re-rewind singer that is also a dancer, rapper, and songwriter Craig David was born on May 5
  • 1989 – American singer, songwriter, actor, rapper, dancer Chris Brown was born on May 5.
  • 1988 –  One of the popular singers and songwriters of this generation, Adele was born on this day.

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