This Day in History – September 18

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September 18

Did you know that September 18 is celebrated as World Bamboo Day? On the same day, Uri Attack took place in Jammu and Kashmir in 2016. There are several significant events that occur on a particular day. Some of these events are to be celebrated and others are a reminder of the loss. In this blog, we have combined all the important things that happened on September 18.

What Happened in India on September 18?

  • 1891- Harriet Maxwell, 1st white woman as an Indian chief
    On September 18 2021, Harriet Maxwell Converse became the 1st white woman to become an Indian chief.
  • 2016 – Uri Attack
    September 18 is known for the infamous Uri Attack that occurred in Jammu and Kashmir. This attack caused severe casualties
Source : NDTV
  • 2019- Ban on e-cigarettes
    On September 18 2021, the Indian government proposed a ban on e-cigarettes.
Source : TheWire

Important Events that Happened Across the Globe on September 18

  • 1837 – Tiffany & Co was established
    Tiffany  & Co was established by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York.
  • 1882 – The Pacific Stock Exchange Established
    On September 18, the Pacific Stock Exchange was established.
  • 1906 – Hong Kong Typhoon
    On this day in 1906, Hong Kong witnessed a typhoon that killed nearly 10,000 inhabitants.
  • 1934 – Admission of Soviet Union to the League of Nations
    The Soviet Union was admitted to the League of Nations in 1934.
  • 1948 – First Woman Elected to the US Senate without completing another Senator’s term
    Margaret Chase Smith of Maine became the First Woman Elected to the US Senate without completing another Senator’s term.
Source : NBC News
  • 1981 – Votes in favour of abolishment of capital punishment in France
    The Assemblee Nationale voted to abolish the capital punishment in France on this day.
  • 1990 – Liechtenstein, a member of UN
    In 1990, Liechtenstein became a member of the United Nations,
  • 2014 – Scotland voted against Independence from the UK
    Scotland in 2014 voted against independence from the UK, by 55% to 45%.
  • 2015 – Peshawar Attack
    Two security personnel, 17 worshippers in a mosque, and 13 militants were killed during a Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan attack.

Famous Birthdays

  1. 1950 -Shabana Azmi
    Shabana Azmi is an Indian actress known for tremendous contributions to Hindi films, television and theatre. 
Shabana Azmi
Source : BoxOffice.Com
  1. 1970 – Aisha Tyler
    Aisha Tyler is an American actress, comedian, director, and talk show host.

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