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The popularity of the internet has led to the transformation of the education sector in leaps and bounds. Not only universities, but independent companies are also moving ahead with exciting educational ventures for students, integrating technology and learning to take modern education to newer heights. Many leading universities now directly provide online classes to the students. Further, there is a wide range of online platforms offering short-term certificate courses across an array of specialisations and fields. Adding to the vast and dynamic world of online education, a pathbreaking educational program, UniSmarter by Navitas is here with a vision to transform higher education as we know it. From an all-new dimension to pathway courses and online learning, here’s all you need to know about UniSmarter which is bringing new and exciting academic opportunities to students around the world.

About the UniSmarter Program

UniSmarter Program is a one-of-its-kind initiative led by Navitas, partnering with leading global universities. The program has a key objective of providing easy access to popular courses to students around the world remotely, translating into a convenient educational process in the comfort of one’s home. Integrating the features of online courses, together with their partnership with prominent universities around the world, UniSmarter offers students an appealing alternative to gain access to their dream university.

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How Does It Work?

For those who want to understand how it works, here is a point-wise description of how your journey with UniSmarter would go:

  • The program offers several undergraduate and graduate courses online Each module is 7-weeks long, comprehensively covering a wide range of topics of a given degree course.
  • Undergraduate students can pursue up to a maximum of four modules with UniSmarter, learning all the concepts associated with it. Completion of online modules with UniSmarter makes the students eligible to move onshore, and continue their education with Navitas Pathway Program College, or partner universities for another 4 modules. The second year of the course is then pursued traditionally at multiple universities.
  • For masters courses, UniSmarter offers two pre-masters qualifying modules, which can be coupled with two more on-shore pathway modules. The subsequent year of study can be pursued at multiple universities.

Fee Structure

UniSmarter offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional degree programmes, cutting back on the tuition fees, offering affordable modules to students. Students can further choose to pay for one or more modules at once as per their pocket. Here’s a fee summary on UniSmarter modules:

  • At Unismarter, an undergraduate module costs about INR 81,000, whereas a master’s module costs approximately INR 99,000 (GST excluded).
  • Students can avail a discount of up to 10% is they pay the total amount for 4 modules upfront, bringing down the total cost of undergraduate and masters programs to 2,92,000 and 3,60,000 respectively.

Note: In the present plight of the educational industry owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the utility of the UniSmarter program is highlighted even further. Students who choose the program can pursue their academic endeavours without any halt remotely, completing the course contents within the duration of the present international movement restrictions. This additional time can be the deciding factor in a student’s career, giving them an edge over their peers who would still be facing uncertainty over the completion of their degree course.

Benefits of Online Education Programs

To give you a context of what UniSmarter brings to the table, it is important to understand the benefits offered by online courses in the contemporary world. Here are some of the key benefits of pursuing an online course:

No Physical Constraints

As long as you have a suitable device and a reliable internet connection, you are all set to pursue an online course in the domain of your choice. While students may face certain boundaries of distance and cultural disparity in the real world, these things are non-existent online. You can explore any concept as per your preferences and interests when you are learning on the internet, as all material is available online.


An online class leads to saving a lot of financial resources for students. While the practical aspects of subjects may miss out on online courses, theoretical subjects can be understood to the same level of detail, if not better, in an online class. Other than the difference in tuition fees, the students end up saving a lot of money on transportation, accommodation and other expenses.

1:1 Teacher-student interaction

While a four-walled classroom has the benefit of the physical presence of a tutor, online classes can trump them in this field too. A real class may be too intimidating for certain students who refrain from speaking up in public. At UniSmarter, students are constantly accompanied by a tutor who can provide 1:1 support in case of any discrepancies or difficulties in the learning process. If students encounter any doubts, they can put it up in query boxes or refer to forums dedicated to that subject.


Key features of the UniSmarter program

Apart from the above-stated benefits of an online program, UniSmarter has an edge like no other in the business. Here are some of the key features that set UniSmarter apart from the rest of the programs available online:

Facilitates Entry to Reputed Foreign Universities

Most online courses on popular websites have limited scope as the student’s learning journey concludes upon the end of their course. However, at UniSmarter, that is just the beginning of the process. Upon the successful completion of a seven-week module with UniSmarter, students can progress onto a range of available programs at a University of their choice. This opportunity is further accentuated by the fact that these universities are world leaders in the academic programs they provide online at UniSmarter.

Course flexibility

The core benefit of UniSmarter’s pathway programs lies in the fact that it provides a sneak-peek of the course they aspire to pursue. In case students are dissatisfied with the course content or curriculum of a particular module, they can easily discontinue or modify their module accordingly. This process is far more practical and easier than physically going to a foreign university and going through the arduous process of cancellation, transfer, visa legality and other admission proceedings.

Viable admission pathway

As opposed to the traditional merit and aptitude tests and a cumbersome admission process which can be quite hectic for a student, UniSmarter brings an all-new admission pathway for the students. Here, students don’t have to worry about the hectic and redundant enrollment process.Successful completion allows students admission into University via a Navitas pathway college program.

Convenience and accessibility

UniSmarter programs come with all the benefits associated with pursuing online courses. Students can choose their own timings to cover the course modules at their own pace. Along with this, the UniSmarter subject experts are available 7 days a week over mail, telephonic call or other means of communication to solve the student’s doubts instantly. This ensures that the student is never stuck at any point and the learning process is as smooth as possible

Prepares students for globalised education

One of the most important perks of pursuing courses with UniSmarter is the opportunity to experience the global way of learning. It prepares students who are aiming for education abroad for the shift in educational conduct and processes. The program imparts first-hand knowledge of their chosen course offered by a particular university, making them better equipped to handle the changes when they move abroad for completion of the course.

Cost efficiency

UniSmarter Programs don’t just have the virtue of being economical because of their remote availability. The course module you complete remotely, with the help of UniSmarter, ensures that you are acquainted with the conceptual and foundational understanding of your chosen specialisation. When you are eligible to finally apply for admission at your chosen university, you can pick up right where you left off, thus shortening your stay in the foreign country. This leads to a substantial reduction in the accommodation cost, as well as tuition fee, making the whole experience much better than a traditional enrollment process.

About Navitas

UniSmarter is an initiative led by Navitas, a premier educational institution designed to bring students a step closer to foreign education. Starting their journey with the renowned Edith Cowan University in Australia, the brand has today grown beyond international borders. Navitas is an ever-growing centre of quality higher education that partners with top universities across the globe and provides academic access to aspiring students. The company’s highlight is its pathway programs which provide an insight into the international programs to students. At Navitas, students can explore the top courses offered by prominent universities and get an insight into the courses like never before.

Key Partner Universities

UniSmarter is currently associated with numerous colleges and universities in multiple countries,  with prominent connections in the UK, Australia and Sri Lanka. Here are some of the top universities which offer course modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students, over a wide selection of commerce and business-related disciplines:


Thus, UniSmarter offers a golden opportunity for those looking for an exciting academic career and global exposure. The program is much needed in today’s volatile environment, along with the fact that it brings global education to the students on a scale like never before. For students who wish to explore the contents of a course before fully enrolling, this program is a perfect match. UniSmarter plans on expanding its pool of universities and network of students exponentially in the future, and it is highly likely to bring a change in global education which may transform the way we perceive higher education forever.

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