75% Of Indian Gen Z students are flocking away to Study Abroad

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75% Of Indian Gen Z students are flocking away to Study Abroad

Indian Gen Z has migration in mind that is leading the one-third of them to choose their study destinations based on the post-study work opportunities. According to a survey conducted by INTO University Partnerships reveals that 75% of Indian Gen Z students are looking to study abroad and settle overseas after completing their international degree.

Indian students are leading a strong resurgence in demand for international education right after the pandemic cases dropped down. The survey also revealed that the aspirants are not only choosing their study abroad destinations based on post-study work opportunities but also the quality of education.

The survey also shows that 41% of Indian students will still prefer to Study Abroad even if the same quality of education was offered by Universities in India. It is mostly because of the idea of getting experience of living in another country that has a higher quality education and better job opportunity in comparison to the home country. An international degree is a top motivation for Indian Gen Z students to study abroad. However, there are also a significant number of Gen Z Indian students who want to gain critical skills and knowledge in universities abroad that will help them to apply for jobs in their home country. Their primary objective is to help their home country to advance and prosper.

According to a study conducted by UNESCO, India has seen a steady increase in the outflow of students who want to pursue higher education abroad. In the current scenario where the international borders are open after the pandemic, this trend is likely to grow further in future. 

However, the pandemic has also put some doubts in the minds of the students. 8 out of 10 Gen Z Indian students feel that the pandemic has impacted their study abroad process. Also, 40% of the students believe that the pandemic is making travelling too difficult and 31% say that visas have become much harder to obtain.

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