21 December: IELTS Speaking Topic- Describe an item on which you spent more than expected.

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Q- Describe an item on which you spent more than expected.

A- I must admit that I am a thrifty consumer and do not support squandering money or spending it on useless items.

But recently, I found myself overspending on my best friend’s wedding. I was supposed to serve as the best man at this ceremony and was quite excited about it. Naturally, I wanted to search for something special on this particular day. I went to the renowned store at the neighbourhood mall so I could purchase some party attire for the same.

I was able to discover what I was genuinely seeking in this business. It was a black pant coat with an attractive design; nevertheless, the price tag of Rs 12,000 was just too exorbitant.

But I ended up buying it since I was so much into it. In fact, the salesman forced me to buy a red silk shirt by demonstrating to me how perfectly it would match this pant coat. Finally, I spent Rs 20,000 at this shop and left with these two items. Later that night, I tried this clothing to assess my appearance.

At this point, I realized that I needed a new pair of tassel loafers to wear with this outfit, which would have cost another 9,000 rupees. And I couldn’t help going to the store to buy them.

I finally believed that everything was finished and that I was prepared for this wedding. However, my friend said that this outfit would be lacking without some accessories. For me to appear more refined and stylish, I must wear a tie, bow, or both. Since it was now the marriage evening, I had to pay a few more hundred rupees to purchase all of these items.

I must admit that I looked stunning and had a tonne of compliments for how handsome I looked in this dress from my family and friends, so I knew it was worthwhile to spend this much money on my outfit.

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