22 December: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics – Music has been and will continue to be the universal language of mankind.

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Music has been and will continue to be the universal language of mankind.

Question appeared in IELTS exam held on 3rd December 2022 in the Morning Slot.

Q- Music has been and will continue to be the universal language of mankind. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A- Some people hold the opinion that music transcends all linguistic and cultural barriers. I wholeheartedly concur that music is a universal language that can be understood by people of all languages. Many people believe that music, regardless of when it was created or when it will be, should be referred to as a universal language. To the best of my knowledge, the following arguments support this point of view.

It is noteworthy that music and languages are inextricably linked in some way. Numerous studies nowadays have demonstrated that, although intangible, music serves an indispensable purpose in transmitting ideas and sentiments that are difficult to put into words. For instance, a higher pitch, changes in melody, and a rapid tempo can all indicate happiness, while a languid rhythm can convey grief, according to a study by BBC News. This image serves to show how music can affect listeners’ range of emotions.

However, many who disagree with this retort that music is not a common language because various ethnicities favour different kinds of music. Although this argument is lacking, it might be true to a certain extent. What they overlook is the fact that historically each nation had its own musical genre that was influenced by its culture; but, as a result of cultural globalisation, people are more likely to live music from dominating cultures that are similar to their own. For instance, the growing popularity of US-UK music coincided with English’s emergence as a global language.

In conclusion, music serves as a universal language that unites people from all different cultures and emotional states.

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