4 February: IELTS Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Advice (Follow-up Questions)

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Speaking Part 3: Advice (Follow-up Questions)

Q- Do you think it’s better to take advice from family or from friends?

ANSWER: I believe it is generally wiser to heed family advice, especially from parents. It’s possible that your parents have more knowledge and experience than your pals. Sometimes, even peer assistance can also be helpful in situations you have in common with them. For example, your classmates can provide you with useful insights when it comes to assignments and academic matters. 

Q- What are some situations where you feel it’s especially important to ask others for advice?

ANSWER: I believe it’s crucial to listen to advice when making decisions that could have an impact on other people. For instance, it’s necessary to take your spouse’s advice in situations involving them. Another instance can be while making a career-related decisions. When picking a career route, we should, in my opinion, contact an expert. This consultation should be based on our preferences, interests, and skills on the one hand, and the expert’s expertise on the other. I believe this is the driving force behind the widespread use of career consultation by both public and private organisations around the world. However, if a situation involves just you, then you should be the one taking the call. 

Q- Do you think you give particularly good advice?

ANSWER- Yes, I believe my advice is usually correct. But one of the essential parts of giving appropriate advice is being aware of when you should refrain from doing so. If I am unsure of the value of my recommendations, I will either refrain from making them or make it clear to friends and family that they are merely my personal thoughts.

Q- What do you think are the characteristics of a good adviser? 

Answer- Okay, so to start, a good adviser ought to be a great listener who spends time getting to know a problem before making recommendations. Next, a counsellor should make an effort to remain impartial and abstain from passing judgement on the client. Finally, the capacity to ask the correct questions and motivate others to come to their own conclusions is another quality I believe the finest advisors possess.

Q- What kind of advice do friends give each other?

It seems that friends share their experiences and give each other advice from numerous walks of life. For instance, if I’ve tried a restaurant, I’d like to recommend it to my friends. Similarly to this, other people discuss their experiences arriving in a city, running into difficulties, and other things.

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