Study abroad: How the new Changes in the IELTS test will benefit the candidates?

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Due to the newest change in the exam pattern, the candidates who are appearing for the IELTS test can retake one section from the four modules. If candidates think that they haven’t received the desired marks, they will be allowed to retake one section.

The IELTS, also known as the International English Language Testing System, often a mandatory requirement for study abroad programs, has come up with a brand new feature called One Skill Retake (OSR). This feature will not only help the Indian students but also people who are planning to migrate and work abroad

The OSR will allow the IELTS candidates to retake one test from their four-course modules in either writing, reading, listening, or speaking. If the candidates somehow failed to score the mandatory requirement marks, they will be able to retake just one section of the course module. 

Previously, before the introduction of the OSR, candidates needed to take the entire test in cases they had failed to score the marks they were hoping for. This specific rule was undoubtedly overwhelming as well as time-consuming for the candidates. 

The IELTS authority of Australia has recently introduced thus OSR project for some specific IELTS candidates. Keep in mind that the OSR feature of the IELTS is available in some specific test centers in the capital cities of Australia

As per the information provided by the Department of Home Affairs website, the DHA will start accepting the test results of the IELTS exam which also includes OSR. But the application exceptions for subclasses will be 485, 482, and 476, which will be considered as a mandatory score from a single sitting. 

The IELTS Senior Manager of Leverage Edu, Purti Chawla said,“I am sure the One Skill Retake will be a welcome move. With it, test-takers can get their study or migration applications processed without much delay. Many candidates get anxious and make inadvertent errors so this feature comes as some assurance and takes a lot of pressure off.”. 

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