50 Interesting History Facts

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History Facts

The whole world and our country is rich in interesting facts about history and the time that has gone past. If you are curious about knowing exciting history facts, about what happened in the past even before your grandparents were born, then you are at the right place. Here in this blog, we will be sharing with you the most interesting information about human history and mind boggling facts from the whole world. So are you ready to know and be amazed by the 50 interesting history facts you never knew before, then read on!

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  1. For 36 years, in the year 1912, medals were awarded to winners of Fine Arts in the Olympic Games. The art created was themed on the Olympic Games.
  2. Tug of war also used to be a famous Olympic game. Britain has won 5 gold medals.
  3. The earliest school of medicine was Ayurveda. Charaka is the Father of Ayurveda and after 2500 years, ayurveda is again one of the most famous medications in our civilization.
  4. The French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once fought a war against bunnies. A hunting game of rabbits was issued and when the rabbits were released they attacked the Emperor and his men.
  5. One of the famous Indian history facts is that India has not been invaded any country in the last ten thousand years.
  6. Alexander the Great was buried alive. Alexander’s body was paralysed and unresponsive. His body did not decay even after 5 days of his so assumed death. He was thought to be dead and got buried alive.
  7. The Sixteenth President of the USA, Abraham Lincoln was declared as a wrestling champ. He had concurred one loss among 300 matches.
  8. Grigori Rasputin was a famous holy man of Russia and had deep influence in the royal family. Other jealous nobles got him drunk with wine laced with cyanide but it showed no effect. Then they shot him in the chest but Rasputin survived. They then shot him again and once in the head and left him to drown in a frozen river. 
  9. Until the 19th century in Asia, elephants were trained to execute and torture prisoners and traitors.
  10. The Indian railways employs more than a million employees

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  1. During 1991 the French made a fake Paris to fool German bomber pilots.
  2. Turkeys were once worshipped as Gods by Mayans. 
  3. Albert Einstein was once offered the post of Presidency of Israel. He politely refrained.
  4. Pope Gregory the IX said cats were followers of the devil and released a statement to execute them.
  5. It is a well known fact that Yoga was founded in India. But it is really astonishing to know that it has been practiced since the past 5,000 years.
  6. Nordlingen is a German town built inside a 14 million year old meteor crater.
  7. Egyptians used slabs of stones as pillows. 
  8. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was never upright. Due to its construction on unstable ground, it was leaning and the construction was carried on while it was leaning.
  9. The world’s oldest parliament is from Iceland and is called Althing. It was built in 930.
  10. George Washington did not have wooden teeth but he had dentures made of lead, ivory and gold.
  11. In the battle of Pelusium, the Persians knew that Egyptians worshipped cats and were forbidden to kill them. So the Persians used them as shields.
  12. Marie Curie, the famous nobel prize winning physicist’s notebook still can not be handled safely as it is still radioactive.
  13. The earliest irrigation dam was built in Saurashtra.
  14. Another one of bizarre history facts is that the shortest war ever fought was by Britain and Zanzibar on twenty seventh of August, 1896. It lasted for 38 minutes.
  15. Over the course of time, 79 percent of history was never recorded. Not good news for history facts enthusiasts.  

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  1. The great fire of London in 1966 which burned over 13000 houses killed only 6 people. It was considered a miracle.
  2. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used their workers as fly catchers by covering them with honey so the flies got attached to them
  3. Adolf Hitler’s nephew William Patrick Hitler fought against the Nazi in World War II.
  4. Ketchup was known to treat diarrhea and was used as medicine. Even made into pills.
  5. Before alarm clocks were invented, knocker-uppers was a profession where he had to go and wake up by knocking on the doors of the townsman’s houses.
  6. Lord Byron was an animal lover. He had a pet bear in his dormitory when he was pursuing his studies at Cambridge.
  7. Vikings discovered America first, long before Columbus did,
  8. The sweat of gladiators was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Some ladies even added them into their makeup products. 
  9. Joseph Stalin would remove the people he did not like from the photos. This was pre-photoshop times. 
  10. Charlie Chaplin enrolled in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition and he came 20th in rank.
  11. The Greeks did not eat beans as they believed beans contained the souls of the dead.
  12.  The Germans and British soldiers paused the war for a day during Christmas Day 1914. They sang, drank and celebrated together. They even had a match of football.
  13. Charles Darwin invented his own office armchair with wheels.
  14.  The Dutch declared a war against the Royalists but no battles happened or deaths caused. It went on for 335 years
  15. Adolf Hitler designed the Volkswagen Beetle.
  16. Tablecloths were actually large napkins. Guests used to wipe their hands and faces on them.
  17. Vladimir Pravik was the first of the few firefighters who reached the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and after the contact to radiation his eyes turned from brown to blue.
  18. Cleopatra was fluent in 9 languages. They were Ancient Greek, Ancient Iranian, Ancient Parthian, Syriac, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Arabic and Troglodyte.
  19.  France was part of the Roman Empire.
  20. Fidel Castro survived 600 assassination attempts.

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  1. Genghis Khan did not force the poor, teachers, artists, and lawyers from paying tax.
  2. The first one GB harddrive was made in 1980 and had a price of forty thousand USD.
  3. Adolf Hitler was the first to initiate the ban on human zoos
  4. A typing error of a single hyphen in the coding of the Mariner I rocket, caused it to blast before take off and cost NASA $630 million dollars
  5. Ferrets were one of the most popular pets in Rome.

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