Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024: Complete Guide

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government of Ireland postgraduate scholarship

Get excited, international students who want to study abroad and have great academic scores. Individuals can now apply for the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships 2024. Students can get a EUR 19,000 stipend, help with their higher education fees, and money to pay for higher studies if they want to get a Master’s or PhD in any field at a well-known Irish university. The last day to apply for Government of Ireland Postgraduate scholarships is October 26, 2024. By starting the academic year you can take advantage of the chance to live, learn, and do effective research in Ireland, which is a rapidly developing country.

Scholarship Name Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship
Host Country Ireland
Funded by  The Department of Education and skills
Managed by Council Government of Ireland
Location Ireland
Scholarships For  Research Master’s and Doctoral Program
Program Duration 1 to 4 years

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List For Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships

Calling all bright students from across the world. Dive into the world-class research landscape of Ireland with the fully-funded Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships 2024. Not only is this prestigious program designed for those who are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree or a Ph.D, but it also provides access to any field of study that is suitable at prominent Irish universities. Listed below is the most important information about the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024.

Particular Details
Scholarship Amount Up to EUR 28,000 annually
Breakdown Stipend- EUR 19,000, Tuition Support- Up to EUR 5,750, Research expenses- Up to EUR 3,250
Eligible Fields All disciplines
Degree Level Master’s and PhD Programs
University Location Any Eligible Irish university
Application deadline October 2024

Eligibility Criteria For Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024

The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships 2024 will pay for all of your expenses while you do progressive research at a top Irish university. This research program scholarship is open to international students, but before you are ready to study in Ireland, let’s look at the eligibility requirements.

  • Non-EU citizens, excluding Switzerland and the UK.
  • First class honors bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification for Master’s applicants.
  • Master’s degree with merit for PhD applicants.
  • Full-time postgraduate program(Master’s or PhD) at an eligible Irish university.
  • Meet the specific entry requirements of your chosen research program.
  • Possess strong English language proficiency(written and spoken).

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Application Process For Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 

The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships 2024 are a great chance to follow your academic goals in Ireland, which has a lot of research programs going on. But before you start your study, look out for the steps on how to apply for scholarships.

  • Create an Account for the Irish Research Council official portal at
  • Register for an account, providing your personal information as well as contact information.
  • Carefully fill out the application form, highlighting your academic performance, research interests, and career goals.
  • Ensure accurately enter all the information about your chosen research program and university.
  • Double-check all information and related documents.
  • Track your application progress status through the online portal.

Documents Requirements

Benefits of Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024

Through the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024, international students in Ireland who want to get a study Master’s or PhD can take advantage of a lot of great benefits. Here is a list of the most important benefits.

  • Students will receive EUR 19,000 per year to cover their living costs.
  • The scholarship contributes to your tuition fees, including non-EU fees, up to a maximum of EUR 5,750 per year. 
  • Students will get EUR 3,250 per year to cover eligible direct research expenses.
  • The scholarship is awarded in your name, recognizing your outstanding research potential and academic achievements.
  • The selection process is rigorous and based on independent expert peer review, ensuring fairness and merit-based selection.
  • Students will have the chance to pursue their research at renowned universities across Ireland, known for their excellence in various fields.
  • The scholarship fosters a supportive research environment and helps you hone your research skills under the guidance of experienced academics.
  • Students will gain access to a network of researchers, academics, and professionals in Ireland, broadening their career prospects.
  • Studying in Ireland allows you to experience a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and a welcoming community.

Factors Affecting Selection for Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024

Here are some of the factors that affect for selection of the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships 2024.

  • Your academic record, including grades, transcripts, research experience, and publications, will be carefully looked over.
  • The clarity, originality, and feasibility of your proposed research project are crucial. 
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to your research field, clear career aspirations, and how the Government of Ireland Postgraduate scholarship contributes to them is essential.
  • Strong letters of recommendation from respected academics who can attest to your abilities and potential play a significant role.
  • The number of scholarships awarded each year varies depending on funding availability and specific program allocations.
  • Certain fields may have more Government of Ireland Postgraduate scholarship opportunities due to strategic priorities or research strengths in Ireland.
  • Different universities may have specific selection criteria or research areas they prioritize.
  • The scholarship receives applications from highly qualified candidates worldwide.
  • While open to all nationalities, competition might be stronger for non-EU applicants due to tuition fee coverage.
  • English proficiency is mandatory, and fluency in Gaelic Irish might be an advantage for specific programs.
  • Ensure your application form is complete, adheres to formatting guidelines, and presents your qualifications effectively.

Application Deadlines For Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024

The next chance to apply for the scholarships is expected to start in September 2024, and the date could be in October 2024. Still, the exact times haven’t been made public yet. If you want to apply for the 2025 scholarship program, you should check the Irish Research Council official portal for the latest updates.

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Q1. Who is eligible for the Government of Ireland postgraduate scholarship?

Ans. Those who want to apply must have degrees with first-class honors or upper second-class degrees. Students who want to get a research master’s degree or doctoral degree cannot have had an Irish Research Council scholarship in the past.

Q2. How competitive is the Government of Ireland scholarship?

Ans. Students who want to study in new areas that follow creative innovation are strongly urged to apply for the GOI-IES program 2024. In Europe, getting a scholarship is very competitive. In fact, only 18% of students who applied have been successful over the last five years.

Q3. Who can study for free in Ireland?

Ans. Full-time college Irish and EU students do not have to pay tuition fees because the Government of Ireland decided to do so.

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