Leverage Edu’s GMAT Success Stories

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GMAT Success Stories

Every one of the greatest leaders in the world suffered failures before being popular. While we all applaud their achievements, the journey that brought them there is what’s missed. What leads to achievement is ambition and dedication, and these inspirational success stories show just that. Discover Leverage Edu’s GMAT Success Stories with this blog  

Quick Overview of GMAT Exam

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a study performed by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) that assesses the logic, verbal, logical, and quantitative abilities of the applicant to award acceptance to some of the world’s best MBA colleges. GMAT is among the most crucial exams when it comes to seeking an MBA from overseas, offering MBA applicants a forum for entry to an array of management courses.

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About Leverage Live

Leverage Live, powered by Leverage Edu, is a one-stop-shop that provides online class and  preparatory courses for common competitive examinations like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, and SAT. Expert guidance, personalised study plan, comprehensive study and practice material along with mock tests make your entire leverage live journey a successful one. Most of our students manage to score more than what they initially aimed. 

GMAT Success Stories

Have a look at the motivational journeys of these Leverage Edu GMAT rockstars:

Meet Nishtha, who score a 740 in the GMAT exam with the help of Leverage Live classes!

GMAT Success Stories

This is Pranjal, who aimed for a 700 but managed to get a 730 in the GMAT exam!

GMAT Success Stories

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Want to prepare for GMAT from home? By choosing Leverage Live, you will be able to benefit from the leading names on the market. Leverage Live will inspire you with the complexities of the industry with our knowledgeable faculty and brainstorming online workshops, giving you the edge over others. 

The Live Pedagogy of Leverage 

  • Personalized Analysis Diagnosis Test With 
  • Building Concept of Immersive Sessions 
  • Application Review helmed by Accredited Professional Facility 
  • Research Plans and Mentorship 

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We hope these GMAT success stories motivated you to pursue your dream career as well. If you want any career-related guidance or test preparation tips, Leverage Edu is your one-stop solution. Register or call for a FREE online session with our experts!

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