This Day in History- February 22

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February 22

History has always played an essential role in all our lives. It is because of history only that we are what we are today. Our past has always made a significant impact on our present. Each day in itself has some significance of its own. Here in this blog, we have enlisted some of the major events that happened on this day in history- February 22.

Historic Events in India That Happened on February 22

February 22
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1854: First Cotton Mill
On this day in history, in 1854, Cowasji Nanabhai Davar established and started the first cotton mill in India and named it ‘The Bombay Spinning Mills’. 
1958: Death of Abul Kalam Azad
On February 22nd, 1958, Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyuddin, commonly recognised as Maulana Azad, died. He was the first education minister of independent India and hence played an important role in shaping the country’s educational policy.

What Happened Around the World on February 22?

What Happened Around the World
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1349: Expelling of Jews
In 1349, Jews were expelled from Zurich, Switzerland.
1630: Thanksgiving
In 1630, the Native American Indians introduced the pilgrims to the popcorn on the day of thanksgiving.
1784: Empress of China
Empress of China was the 1st US ship that was used to trade from China and on February 22, it sailed from New York. 
1632: Galileo’s Publishing
In 1632 the ‘ Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was published on this day.
1797: Lat Invasion of Britain
The French launched the last invasion of Britain during the revolutionary wars and it began near the Fishguard, Wales. 
1825: Alaska-Canada boundary
On February 22, 1825, Russia and Britain established the Alaska Canada Boundary.
1865: Abolition of Slavery
In 1865, Tennesse adopted a new constitution which resulted at the end of slavery. 
1876: John Hopkins University
On February 22, 1876, John Hopkins University was established. 
1967: Operation Junction City
On February 22, 1967, about 25,000 US and South Vietnamese troops started the operation junction city against the Vietnamese Congress, which is considered one of the largest US airborne assaults since world war II.

List of Important Birthdays

1732: George Washington
George Washington was born on this in Westmoreland and became the 1st president of the United States of America.

1796: Adolphe Quetelet
Adolphe Quetelet was a Belgian Astronomerwho. He was also highly recognized as a mathematician and a sociologist. He was born in Ghent, French Republic, on February 22.

1918: Charlie Finley
Charlie Finley was a highly recognised individual as an American sports entrepreneur.

1929: James Hong
James Hong was an American- Chinese actor and was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 22 1929.

1930: James McGarrell
He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and he was an American painter.

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