This Day in History – March 15

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March 15

Each day is replete with the richness of history. Some events are a celebration of valour, inventions and former glory, others, mourning of what was lost and what should not have been. If you are fascinated by history and are curious as to what might have happened on this day several years ago, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog brings you a list of all the important events in history that happened on March 15.

What Events Happened in India and Around the World on March 15

Assassination of Julius Caesar
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44 BC – Assassination of Julius Caesar
Roman dictator Julius Caesar was assassinated by the nobles including Brutus and Cassius.

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1493 – Return of Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his voyage to the western hemisphere.

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1783 – George Washington’s emotional speech in Newburgh
In an intense speech, George Washington asked his supporters to not support the Newburgh conspiracy which led to the aversion of a coup.

1913 – 1st presidential press conference in the USA
Meeting 100 reporters, president Woodrow Wilson held the first-ever American Presidential press conference.

1917 – Abdication of Nicholas II
After abdicating his throne, Russian Tsar Nicholas II nominated his brother Duke Micheal to succeed him.

1928 – Benito Mussolini’s order to abolition the right to choose
Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini modified the electoral system of Italy, which was the abolition of the right to choose.

1939 – Annexation of Czechoslovakia
Revoking the Munich agreement, Adolf Hitler annexed and occupied Czechoslovakia.

1946 – Clement Atlee’s agreement
British Prime Minister Clement Atlee agreed with India’s right to Independence.

1968 – Resignation of foreign secretary George Brown
After a drunken row with Prime Minister Harold Wilson, foreign secretary George Brown resigned from his post.

Clare Waight Keller
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2017 – Claire Waight Keller joins Givenchy
French fashion house Givenchy appointed its first female designer, Claire Waight Keller.

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2019 – Climate strikes led by Greta Thunberg across schools
Inspired by climate activist Greta Thunberg, climate change strikes are held by schools around the world.

List of Important Birthdays

Here are the important birthdays on this day, March 15 across history:

  • Saint Nicholas, Early Christian Bishop from Greece who inspired Santa Claus
  • Andrew Jackson, 7th USA president and general
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg, American Jurist and USA supreme court justice
  • Kanshi Ram, Indian politician and founder of Bahujan Samaj Party
  • Eva Longria, American actress
  • Alia Bhatt, Indian actress
  • Connor Ball, Bassist in the British band, The Vamps

This was all about the events that took place on 15th March. For more interesting content, follow us at Leverage Edu!

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