This Day in History – February 15

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February 15

From time unknown, humans have sought to forge an identity for themselves through their history. It provides us with a sense of context while telling us where we come from. Not to mention the fact that history also serves as a cautionary tale, guiding us on how we may approach the future. With passing time, we add to the chapter of history and simultaneously reinterpret what has already been written. This blog gives you a list of all the significant events that happened on February 15.

“ A people without the knowledge of their past, history and culture is like a tree without its roots.”

-Marcus  Garvey

399 BC – Socrates sentenced to death
Greek philosopher Socrates was sentenced to death by the city of Athens for allegedly corrupting the minds of the youth and for impiety.

590 – Coronation of King Khosrau ll
The great Sasanian King Khosrau II was crowned the King of Persia on February 15 590.

1539 – Reception of Cardinal Pole 
Emperor Charles received the Cardinal Pole in Toledo.

1637 – Succession of Ferdinand lll
Ferdinand III succeeded Ferdinand  II, as the Holy Roman Emperor. 

1676 – Newton’s infamous note to Robert Hooke
Sir Isaac Newton wrote to Robert Hooke, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

1677 – The anti – French Covenant 
King of England Charles II reported anti- French covenant with the Netherlands on February 15 1677.

1763 – The Treaty of Hubertsburg
Marking the end of the French and Indian war and of the seven years war, Austria, Prussia and Saxony signed the treaty of Hubertusburg.

1764 – Founding of French Trading post
Pierre Laclede, founded St Louis Missouri as the French Trading post on February 15 1764.

1775 – The VIth Pope
Angelo Braschi was chosen as Pope Pius VI.

1798 – The conquest and proclamation of the Roman Republic
On this day, Louis Alexander Berthier proclaimed a Roman Republic after conquering Rome.

 1799 – The inception of printed ballots
First printed ballots were authorized in the USA in Pennsylvania.

1804 – Abolition of slavery
New Jersey became the last Northern state to abolish slavery on February 15 1805.

1902 – The Founding of the U-Bahn
 Berlin U-Bahn was founded on this day.

1906 – Founding of the British Labour Party
British Labour party was founded on this day by Keir Hardie on February 15, 1906.

1918 – Adoption of the Georgian Calendar
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania adopt Georgian calendar.

1933 – Near Escape of President Roosevelt
President elect Franklin Roosevelt survived an assasination attempt but Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak was mortally wounded.

1942 – Singapore’s transfer to Japanese
 British ruled Singapore was surrendered to the Japanese on February 15, 1942.

1948 – Occupation of Yemen
Mao Zedond’s army occupied Yemen.

1952 – Burial of King George VI
King George VI was buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor castle, England on February 15 1952.

1959 – Formation of Italian Government
Antonio Segni formed the Italian Government.

1965 – Adoption of the Canadian Flag
Red Maple Leaf Flag becomes the official flag of Canada.

1989 – Retreating of Soviet Military
Soviet military occupation of Afghanistan ended after 10 years. 

2001 – The Human Genome Project
First draft of the complete human genome is published in the journal “Nature” on February 15 2001.

2011 – Maya Angelou’s President Award
Writer and activist Maya Angelou wins presidential award of Freedom by President Barrack Obama. 

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