Best Books by Joyce Meyer

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Best Books by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer’s books are a delight to read. She is a no.1 New York best-selling author, speaker, president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, and a proud mother of four. If you are thinking of reading Joyce Meyer Books but wondering where to start? Well, below are listed down a few of her best-selling & essential books for those who want to lead a peaceful and happy life. In this blog, we have covered the 5 Best Books by Joyce Meyer.

About Joyce Meyer

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Pauline Joyce Meyer is a no. 1 New York best-selling author, president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, a proud mother of four, and is married to her beloved husband, Dave. She lives in the outskirts of Saint Louis, Missouri, United States. She is also a leading bible teacher and has helped millions of people around the world in making their lives leading in the right way. Joyce has written over 100 books, translated into more than 100 languages & sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

“Happiness is not a feeling, it’s a choice. To be happy, one must choose to be happy, not respond to a circumstance that now controls your happiness”

Joyce Meyer. 

Best Books by Joyce Meyer

Here are the top books by Joyce Meyer that you must read:

How to Succeed at Being Yourself

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“When you learn to succeed at being yourself, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying life more fully”

As the title of the book suggests, be yourself! It’s tough to enjoy when you don’t like yourself or are constantly rooted in shame, guilt, rejection, etc, the fruit of your relationships would definitely suffer. Meyer is a strong woman packed in confidence so her words are also inspiring & thought-provoking to the readers. She is trying to teach us through this book how to recognize that emotional and spiritual energy that will help in transforming yourself into a new you. People must learn to accept themselves and move forward in getting along with others to not face any difficulties in life. Yet the Bible repeatedly says, “love your neighbor as yourself”.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

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“We can choose what we talk about. Instead of feeding ourselves a steady diet of “Bad News” we should choose to read, watch and talk about good things”

Words do have power. There’s a saying, “you are going to eat those words”. You might have a common reaction to it that it is just a mere phrase but in reality, we do eat our words. What we say not only affects others, but it also affects us. Words are wonderful when used in the right way. They can encourage or diminish the level of happiness if falsely used. This book is a great reminder to choose the right words when talking to yourself or others. In this book, Meyer describes the Impact of words & teaches how to tame your language. It’s important to know when to talk, but it’s wiser to know when not to talk.

Living Beyond Your Feelings

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“We have to learn how to live beyond our feelings and do what’s right even we feel wrong”

A human has the ability to run his mind around 70,000 thoughts every day, mostly related to emotions. This is why, most of the time, we feel our emotions control us. People live by their feelings more than anything else much of the time. If you listen closely, people tend to share things and they will let you know how they feel more than just about anything else. In this book, Joyce explores those feelings that a person goes through in his everyday life. She explains the way our brain processes and stores memories and thoughts. Most Importantly, Our all emotions. This book also has many references to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the scriptures.

Battlefield Of The Mind Devotional

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“There’s a war going on, and your mind is the battlefield. But the good news is that God is fighting on your side.”

Your mind is your best friend and worst enemy. Negative thoughts often lead to harmful bad attitudes. Do you ever feel like struggling with your negative thoughts which makes you feel hopeless? In this book, Meyer presents the battle occurring in our minds every day. At some point, we lose ourselves. Sometimes, we don’t even understand what’s happening, like autopilot mode. The author reveals if you ever dealt with things like worry, confusion, fear, etc you’ve experienced firsthand the attacks in your mind. Don’t let those thoughts’ defeat you, you can win this over with God’s help!

Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive

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“I want to encourage you to do yourself a favor and make the right choice”

Forgiving someone isn’t easy. But there’s nothing impossible in it. The word forgiveness is the most important tool to win people over. All of us should work on forgiveness and at the same time, be grateful for the one who knows the most divine mercy ever. Under the term Forgiveness, you must understand what the author has tried to reveal. This book helps to deal with broken or challenging relationships. Do you think it is only meant for those in a relationship? It’s not that, it is for those who desire to lead a peaceful & burden-free life. This is one of the essential Joyce Meyer books for everyone.

Me and My Big Mouth

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“Remember what’s in our hearts and minds will come out of our mouths.”

Sometimes we just can’t stop complaining about life and it seems that our mouth has no control over the things it says. This book describes the great effects of words on our lives and how they can determine our fate as well. How we can have to control our mouths and how we have said things that help us accomplish our life goals.

The Word, The Name, The Blood

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The facts about our past are powerless against the blood of Jesus and the truth of his word”

This book holds dark secrets and is an overview of the weapons of God who has provided us to defeat the weapon. It is yet again a Chrisitan-inspired book that talks about the power of God and Satan. The author does a pretty good job in awakening the audience’s spiritual beliefs as well as increasing your spiritual knowledge of the subject. You are going to learn many factual things about the war with Satan and how much blood has been shed in the fight.

Life Without Strife

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“Make sure you are affecting the people you spend time with instead of letting them affect you”

Another masterpiece by Joyce Meyer that one should definitely read. The book reveals troubled relationships and ruining of marriages, friendships, churches, and personal connection with God. The author did a fantastic job and describes how spiritual power can save our relationships with people and god.

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Thus, we come to end with our blog on Best Books by Joyce Meyer. Joyce Meyer’s books are inspiring, appealing, and a gateway to how to lead a peaceful and happy life. If this is something that fascinates you, then you must be an English book lover & making your passion become a profession is the best choice. Want to know how to pursue your career? We at Leverage Edu, provide expert advice & career counseling at its best. Connect today with us at Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook.

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