Meet the 13-year-old Ridhima Pandey who’s in BBC’s List of Top 100 Inspiring and Influential Women!

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100 Inspiring and Influential Women

Setting up a benchmark for the young women, Ridhima Pandey is a 13 year old Uttrakhand based climate activist who is now named amongst the Indians featured in BBC’s 2020 list of 100 inspiring and influential women across the globe. According to BBC, this list predominantly includes personalities who are, “Leading change and making a difference during these turbulent times” .

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How did Ridhima Pandey Make to the List of 100 Inspiring and Influential Women Across the Globe? 

Applauding Ridhima for immense hard work at a very young age, the BBC website describes her as, ” Ridhima Pandey is a climate activist who at the age of 9 filed a petition against the Government of India in response to its inaction to mitigate climate change. In 2019, along with 15 other child petitioners, Ridhima filed a lawsuit against five countries at the UN.” 

As stated in a Hindustan Times report, Ridhima mentioned that she did not expect to grab a feature in such an esteemed list. She is now motivated to pursue this path and fight for the valuable cause of climate change and environmental degradation. 

In an interview with the same, she mentioned, “It is a pleasant surprise and international recognition of the work I have been carrying out for the cause of environment and climate change. This recognition will encourage me further to keep working and fighting for the cause of the environment and climate change, which are the two most important issues the world is facing today and will face in the coming days.” 

Ridhima was a part of a group of 16 children along with Greta Thunberg who filed a complaint against a few nations during the United Nations Climate Action Summit regarding inactions in the field of climate change crisis. She had also started an online campaign in December 2019, wherein she urged the Prime Minister to awaken the people of the nation about degrading quality of air in India through his podcast Mann ki Baat

Requesting the PM more about the same, she sent a handwritten letter to him mentioning that her worst nightmare would be leaving for school carrying an oxygen cylinder. She had stated, “An oxygen cylinder does not become an essential part of the life of children, which we may have to carry on your shoulders everywhere in future.” 

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What’s the Next Stop for Ridhima?

Bearing the pressure of conserving the environment at such a young age, Ridhima is now openly seen participating in international conferences to enlighten everyone about the same cost and how they can fight for preserving the biodiversity of the world. 

Other Indian Names in 100 Inspiring and Influential Women Across the Globe

Along with Ridhima, other 3 women of the country have also been entitled with a spot in the list. Bilkis Bano, 82-year-old woman has been recognised as she protested peacefully towards the Citizenship Amendment Act, Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. Manasi Joshi who even lost one of her legs in a road accident in the year 2011, has been awarded as a “change-maker“. She is also ranked at the second position in the world in SL3 by the Badminton World Federation. Last but not the least, Isaivani, a singer from Gaana has also been featured in the list. She is a renowned part of the country’s largest ensemble political band – The Casteless Collective.

Congratulations to all the winners. Leverage Edu wishes Ridhima Pandey the 13-year-old girl in the list of 100 Inspiring and Influential Women Across the Globe, all the very best for her career! Stay tuned with us for such interesting and inspiring content!

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