Top 10 Dussehra Decoration Ideas 2023

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Dussehra Decoration Ideas

Are you seeking some innovative decoration ideas for Dussehra? Here you are at the right destination. Dussehra is the festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama killed the evil demon Ravan who was very arrogant. The entire Nation celebrates this day with utmost happiness and enthusiasm. People decorate their houses, temples, neighbourhoods, etc. Schools conduct activities for students on Dussehra so that students can explore their creativity and simultaneously learn about the significance of this Festival. Here are some Dussehra Decoration Ideas for you!

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Dussehra Decoration Ideas for Your Home

The commencement of Dussehra also marks the beginning of preparing for the greatest Indian Festival, Diwali. people decorate their homes and celebrate Dussehra by burning the effigies of Ravan.

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A lot of accessories and decoration items can be used to decorate your home for Dusshera. Here are some suggestions for you:

Entrance Decoration

You can decorate your entry gate or the entrance of the hall with flowers and beautify the entrance to express your happiness.

Dussehra entrance decoration
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Temple Decoration

You can try decorating your temple at home to conduct “Puja”. People in India used to worship weapons, Goddess Durga, and Lord Rama on Dussehra.

Dussehra Temple Decoration ideas
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You can decorate the premises of your house or offices with Dussehra theme-based Rangoli. Colors add diversity and a vibrant element to the festivals.

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Diya Decoration

Create something beautiful out of diyas and light them all over your home and temple to spread light and positivity everywhere.

Diya Decoration ideas for Dussehra
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Make a Floating Floral Arrangement

Bring out your traditional brass urlis and arrange some lovely floating candles with blossoms as one of the easiest yet most elegant Dussehra décor ideas for your home. To create a beautiful space, you might put this on your balcony, in the puja room, or close by.

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Pretty Wall Decorations

One of the ideal times to paint your walls is during Dussehra. Get gorgeous jhumka hangings for your walls that work well as backdrops if you recently did that and would want to give your walls a little extra something. One can also make use of them both in the puja room or designate a spot for family portraits.

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Decorate the place with candles

Most of us decorate our homes for Dussehra with lovely lights all over. To dress up nooks and crannies in your room, get festive tea lights and set them in lovely votives and tea-light holders. Additionally, terracotta diyas from your neighbourhood vendor are a must-have for the holiday season.

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Decorating the Puja Room

During the festive season, when it is time to worship the god and goddesses, it goes without saying that we must clean our puja room and keep brass oil lamps. When decorating the puja rooom, one must also invest in an intricately carved brass incense burner for your Puja room to go with the brass oil lamps.

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Dussehra Decoration with DIY Ideas

The greatest way to celebrate and decorate for Dussehra is with these eye-catching DIY Dussehra décor ideas for your home and workplace. You can hand-paint the kulhads and even use them to make Lord Rama’s statue in addition to making paper chandeliers, wall hangings, and lanterns.

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Hanging Oil Lamps

Oil lamps suspended from hooks are a unique and secure way to illuminate your home this Dussehra. You can choose these, the mildly scented wax, or traditional oil lamps to decorate your home. They come in a variety of colours. Additionally, it is the ideal choice of ornamentation for your prayer room, entryway, or even balconies.

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How can I decorate my house on Dussehra?

You can decorate your entrance, and add some wall hangings, lanterns, diyas, etc to decorate your house on Dussehra.

How to Decorate for Navarathri?

Navrathri is the festival of prayers and its decoration could be best done with colors by making rangoli, or using dandiya and flowers for the decoration to showcase the theme of Navarathri.

What is the theme for Dussehra?

The theme for Dussehra is based on the defeat of the ten-headed evil demon Ravan. Lord Rama killed him and won the battle. His victory marks the triumph of good over evil.

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