Class 10 ICSE Physics

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Class 10 ICSE Physics

The wave of the enormous technological invention has its roots deeply connected with Physics. With a diverse career in Physics, the subject is one of the most popular and interesting branches of Science. The marvellous inventions by some of the famous physicists like Issac Newton, CV Raman and Albert Einstein have proved out to be life-changing. Being a class 10 student, you will be aware of a lot of essential concepts and principles of Physics that have contributed to making human lives easier. Here’s a blog which aims to elucidate about the class 10 ICSE Physics syllabus.

ICSE Physics Exam Pattern

The class 10 ICSE Physics exam is for a total of 100 marks and students are given a maximum of 2 hours to complete the paper. However, the exam is divided into a written exam for 80 marks and an internal assessment of 20 marks. Furthermore, the written exam is bifurcated into 2 sections, each of 40 marks. Take a look at the internal specifications of each section:

  • Section I has Short Answer Questions from the entire syllabus.
  • Section II consists of 6 questions in total out of which students have to attend 4 questions.

Class 10 ICSE Physics Syllabus

The intricate syllabus of Physics for class 10th is meticulously put together to impart the students with high-end knowledge of the subject. Also, the basic knowledge of the subject accumulated in class 9 will be scaled to advanced levels through higher-level modules of class 10 ICSE Physics. 

The latest ICSE class 10 Physics syllabus along with chapters and topics have been discussed below:

Force, Work, Power and Energy

Some important concepts of this unit are Moment of a Force; Forces in Equilibrium; Centre of Gravity; Translational and Rotational Motions; Torque; Clockwise and Anti-clockwise; Principle of Moment and its Verification; Example and Numerical Problems of Centre of Gravity; Uniform Circular Motion; Relation of Force with Work; Power and Energy; Various Types of Energy; Principles of Conservation of Energy.

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Through this unit of class 10 ICSE Physics students will get to know about the concepts like the Refraction of Light through Glass Block and Triangular Prism; Real and Apparent Depth of Objects; Refraction of Light and its Application; Laws of Reflection and Refraction; Lateral Displacement; Total Internal Reflection; Transmission of Light from Denser Medium to Rarer Medium; Deviation Produced by Triangular Prism.


Natural Vibrations; Damped Vibrations; Reflection of Sound Waves, Echoes and its Numerical Problems; Resonance and Forced Vibrations; Loudness, Pitch and Quality of Sound; Objective Nature and Properties of Sound; Interdependence of Pitch and Frequency; Quality and Waveforms, etc. are some essential topics of this section under the class 10 ICSE Physics. 

Electricity and Magnetism 

The major topics covered under this unit of class 10 ICSE Physics are Ohm’s Law; Potential Difference; Resistance in Series, Parallel and Internal Resistance; Electromotive Force; Derivation of Expression for the Equivalent Resistance; Electrical Power and Energy; Power Rating of Common Appliance; Calculation of Total Energy Consumed by Appliances; Household Circuits – Switch, Main Circuit; Circuit Diagram; Magnetic Effects of Electric Current; Electromagnetic Induction and Transformer; Right-hand Thumb Rule; Fleming’s Left-hand Thumb Rule; Frequency of AC in Houses; AC Generator.

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Being a student of 10th standard, you will get familiar with the concept of class 10 ICSE Physics like Calorimeter; Principles of Methods of Mixture; Specific Heat Capacity; Numerical Problems of Specific Heat Capacity; Mutual Relation between Heat Capacity and Specific Heat; Latent Heat; Gain and Loss Left-hand; Natural Phenomenon involving Specific Heat; Change of State for Fusion; Natural Phenomenon involving Specific Heat.

Modern Physics 

Here are the mandatory inclusions of this unit of class 10 ICSE Physics – Radioactivity and Changes in the Nucleus; Radiations of the Background and Safety Precautions; Introductions of Nuclear Structure, Nucleus, Mass Number, Atomic Number; Radioactivity as Spontaneous Disintegration, Radiations – X Rays; Nuclear Energy and Safety Measures, etc.

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Thus, we hope that this blog about class 10 ICSE Physics has helped you by providing essential information about the same. Are you bewildered in choosing the right stream after class 10th? Contact us at Leverage Edu and our experts here will help you select the best suitable stream for you. 

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