What are the Different Types of Energy?

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Types of Energy

Do you have any idea how many different types of energy exist? Aspirants of Science and Technology must definitely know the answer to this question. One of the basic property of energy is that it can neither be created nor be destroyed, it just changes from one form to another. This conversion of energy to different forms has led to the evolution of various careers and research objectives. Thus, if you want to make a career in the world of technology, then you must begin the journey by learning about the types of energy. 

What is Energy?

Simply, Energy can be defined as the ability to perform some work. It is inevitably present in a variety of things and in various forms. Majorly, there are only two types of energy- Potential and Kinetic Energy. All the common forms of energy which we encounter in day-to-day life such as Electrical Energy, Heat Energy, Gravitational Energy etc can be categorized into these two main types. Let us move forward and explore various forms of energy which constitute to be an important topic of popular competitive exams! Now that you are familiar with what two major types of energy are, let us have a look at various forms of energy which fall under these categories.

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Types of Energy – Kinetic Energy 

The energy an object possesses due to its motion is called Kinetic Energy. Usually, this type of energy is transferred from one source to another. Here are the major types of energy under the Kinetic Energy:

Electrical Energy 

The energy produced due to the movement of electrons in an electric conductor is called electrical energy. Commonly, this energy is widely used in our day to day practices. 

For Example: The batteries we often use in remotes, toys, wall, clocks etc 

Sound Energy 

The energy produced due to a movement of substances in waves. It is usually produced when force strikes an object or substance and they tend to vibrate. Sound has comparatively less energy than other forms of energy.

For Example: An aeroplane taking off or a working air conditioner, etc

Radiant Energy 

Also regarded as Electromagnetic or Light energy, radiant energy travels in waves like radio waves, X-rays etc. 

For Example: Home-heating units, X-rays etc.

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Thermal/ Heat Energy

The energy which an object, substance or system has due to its temperature by the vibration of atoms or molecules. The temperature of the body will increase when the heat energy will increase. 

For Example: The excessive energy released by Sun, the toaster used to cook bread gas stoves, etc. 

Mechanical Energy 

When a substance possesses energy because of its motion it is called  Mechanical Energy. It is dependent on the velocity as well as the mass of the body or substance. It is one of the most common types of energy. 

For Example: The hammer we use to insert a nail in a wall, Windmill, Hydropower plant etc.

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Potential Energy – Types of Energy

Potential Energy is the stored energy of an object or a system. This energy is based on the relative position, state or arrangement of the object. Whenever there is a change in position, arrangement or the state of the object, the energy stored is released. Following are the main types of energy that fall under potential energy:

Nuclear Energy

The nuclear energy stored in the nuclei of an atom is known as nuclear energy. This type of energy is released from the nuclei of the Uranium atoms either through nuclear fission or through nuclear fusion. 

For Example: Nuclear Fusion or Fission reactions taking place in power plants.

Chemical Energy 

Varied chemical bonds consisting of chemical compounds which possess the energy called chemical energy. The chemical energy is often released via chemical reactions in the form of heat. 

For Example: Combustion reaction of coal or wood, etc. 

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Elastic Energy

We often come across substances which can be easily moulded into various shapes and figures easily. Such substances require energy to be applied to them to do so and hence store some energy from that force. 

Example: Springs or rubber bands, etc. 

Gravitational Energy 

Objects possessing the gravitational energy or pull with that of the gravitational field of the earth will always fall towards the earth. Amongst all the types of energy, Gravitational Energy will increase with the increasing height with respect to the surface of the earth. 

For Example: Humans walking on the earth, vehicles moving on the surface of the earth. 


What are the 3 main energy types?

The three main energy types are chemical energy, potential energy, and kinetic energy.

What are all 10 types of energy?

The ten types of energy are mechanical energy, nuclear energy,chemical energy, gravitational energy, light energy, radiant energy, motion energy, thermal energy,electrical energy, and , sound energy.

What is the SI unit for energy?

The SI unit for energy is Joule (J).

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