Performance Arts Courses

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Performance Arts Courses

Performance art course entails subjects related to Dance, Drama and Music where students get to learn about the entertainment and its related techniques. Students can specialize in areas like acting, dance, vocal music, physical theatre, sound design and digital video. There are both Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses for Performance Arts. The teaching of this course involves giving students both practical and theoretical knowledge. Therefore, along with lectures, there are practical workshops conducted that help students to do practical work along with the analysis of the background of the subjects. This helps the students gain skills that help them further in their professional careers.


Why Should You Pursue Performance Arts Courses?

If you are someone who likes being involved in creativity then Performance Arts courses are all you need in your life to enter the beautiful world of art. It provides you with the opportunity to present your craft in front of a camera or live audience. One gets the opportunity to modify his / her art according to his / her own perceptions and ideas. The other major benefits include feeling the excitement of performing, frequently getting to work on new projects, and so much more. 

Course Curriculum of Performance Arts

No two universities have exact course curricula as they differ from each other due to the different interest areas of faculty members. Though the entire Performance Arts courses are based on the following fundamentals –

  • Theatre, History and Culture 
  • Stage design 
  • Modes of acting
  • Music Theory
  • Musical performance 
  • Dance techniques 
  • Choreography 
  • Introduction to directing 

Level of the Course

Performance Arts courses are taught with a combination of lectures, practical classes, seminars and workshops. The duration of the course is based on the degree level. Following is the general time frame of Performance Arts courses –

  • Diploma in Performance Arts – around 1 year
  • Bachelor’s in Performance Arts – around 3 – 4 years 
  • Master’s in Performance Arts – around 2 years 

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The following table represents the top universities that offer degrees in performance arts.

QS Rankings 2022 in Performance ArtsName of the University LocationAcceptance rate Fees for International Students 
1Royal college of musicLondon, UK10%25,990 GBP (25,87,000 INR) / year
2Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst WienVienna, Austria35%727 EUR (64,000 INR) / semester
3The Juilliard SchoolNew york city, USA4.9%51,230 USD (41,9300 INR) / year
4Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris (CNSMDP)Paris, France3%Ranges b/w 0 – 42,500 EUR (0 – 37,38,000 INR) / year
5Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Formerly Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama)Glasgow, UK43%19,314 Pound (19,23,000 INR) / year
6Guildhall School of Music and DramaLondon, UK10%20,800 GBP (21,71,000 INR) / year
7Royal Academy of MusicLondon, UK10%24,100 Pound (24,00,000 INR) / year
8Norwegian Academy of MusicNorway5%1,000 USD (82,000 INR) / year
9Curtis Institute of MusicPhiladelphia, USA2%5,000 USD (4,10,000 INR) / year
10Hong Kong Academy for Performing ArtsHong Kong, Hong Kong SARNA12,940 USD (10,60,000) / year


For undergraduate courses in Performance Arts, a candidate needs to complete a 10+2 education. Eligibility criteria differ from university to university and therefore, some universities may have personal interviews, and entrance exams along with minimum marks criteria as a part of their admission process. To check the eligibility criteria of the university that you want to apply to, go to their official website to keep yourself updated with the relevant information. 

For postgraduate courses in Performing Arts, a candidate needs to complete an undergraduate degree. In this case, also eligibility criteria differ from university to university and therefore, some may have other prerequisites like video essays, personal interviews, minimum marks criteria and entrance exams as a part of their admission process. To check a particular university’s eligibility criteria go to its official website to get all the relevant details. 

Application Process

Application process generally involves some basic steps that a candidate needs to follow in order to increase his / her chances of admission and ensure that he/she timely submits everything required for admission.

  1. Shortlisting universities – First and foremost you need to select universities you want to apply to. Make this decision based on reviews of alumni available on the internet. Also, look out for the ratings given by students about their Performance Arts courses.
  1. Communicating with the shortlisted universities – Send emails and try to connect with the universities that you have shortlisted in order to get all of your queries resolved. This will ensure that there are no lapses in your application. 
  1. Get yourself updated with important information regarding the application process – Visit the university’s official website to read all the important information and requirements for admission to that university. Make sure you prepare a Google doc about it so that you don’t skip out on anything important. 
  1. Preparing and taking the standardized tests – While planning to study abroad it is very important to plan ahead and prepare well. Therefore, make sure you block out at least 6 months for the preparation of the standardized tests like IELTS/ SAT/ PTE. These are English proficiency tests whose scores many universities ask for as part of their admission process.
  1. Preparing essays for the application – Writing an impressive and creative SOP is very important as this gives an insight to the selection committee about a candidate’s personality, background, interest areas and passion to succeed. Make sure after writing it, you get it reviewed by people so that there are no mistakes left. 
  1. Filling out the application form – At this step, you need to apply for admission by filling out an individual university form. You may need to pay a processing fee for the same. Also, make sure you have already given your standardized tests. If you have applied for scholarships, enclose the form with the application form.
  1. Acceptance letter– When you have filled and submitted your application form you need to wait for the acceptance letter. If your application is impressive without any mistakes or lapses you will surely get an acceptance letter. Some universities send acceptance letters as soon as they receive adequate documents while some may take some time to revert to the students. 
  1. Submitting the fees – After a student gets an offer letter he/she is required to submit the fees. It is advisable to pay as soon as possible so that one doesn’t miss the deadline.
  1. Apply for a student visa – This is the last and very important step in a student’s study abroad dream. The student is required to fill out the required form for the visa, pay the fee, book a slot for the interview and be ready with all the documents.

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Documents Required

To get enrolled in Performance arts courses in abroad following are the basic documents required-

  1. Academic transcripts / Marksheets from previous education institutions.
  2. Statement of Purpose (SOPs)
  3. Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  4. CV / Resume
  5. English language proficiency tests – IELTS / SAT / PTE
  6. Application form 
  7. Visa

Scholarships to Study at the Top Performing Arts Universities

When planning to study abroad finance is the biggest hurdle that many students face. To make sure students get the best education, many institutes and governments provide various scholarships.

Scholarship Name University / Foundation offering the scholarship Amount offered
Artist Development FellowshipHarvard University NA
The Phyllis Lamhut Tisch Dance Scholarship Fund New York University Covers the cost of a Master’s at The Tisch’s School of the Arts
Tuition fee waiver scholarships offering 50-100% fee waiverSibelius Academy 50-100% tuition fee waiver
Jame McAvoy Drama ScholarshipRoyal Conservatoire of Scotland Tuition fee waiver 
Cameron Impact Scholarship Bryan Cameron Education Foundation $100,000
Austin College Theater Scholarship Austin College $16,000
College of Wooster Theater and Dance Scholarship College of Wooster$32,000

Career Options and Average Salaries

A degree in performance arts can help one to kickstart his/her career in the following fields-

Career optionAverage salary / basic pay (According to US standards)
ActorRanges between $49,429 – $73,725(INR 40,41,000 – INR 60,28,000)
Community arts worker$43,425 / year(INR 35,50,000)
Choreographer$40,800 / year(INR 33,36,000)
Dancer$68,869 / year(INR 56,31,000)
DramatherapistRanges between $44,275 – $55,013(INR 36,56,000 – INR 44,98,000)
Music producer $53,963 / year(INR 44,12,000)
Music Therapist$47,940 / year(INR 39,19,000)
Theater director$60,130 / year(INR 49,16,000)
Arts administratorRanges between $47,320 – $172,900(INR 38,69,000 – INR 1,41,37,000)
Broadcast presenter$58,230 / year (INR 47,60,000)
Film director $75,595 / year (INR 61,80,000)
Further education teacher$55,530 / year (INR 45,40,000)
Higher education teacher$62,870 / year (INR 51,40,000)
Secondary school teacher Ranges between $50,949 – $78,270
(INR 41,66,000 – INR 64,00,000)
Special effects technicianRanges between $36,930 – $113,600(INR 30,19,000 – INR 92,89,000)
Talent Agent $57,088 / year (INR 46,68,000)
Theater stage manager$52,166 / year (INR 42,66,000)


What is the meaning of Performance Arts?

Artistic work is created by an artist or group of artists through delivering a performance or actions which generally involve live performance in front of an audience to entertain them.

What are the 5 major types of Performance Arts?

Music, opera, dance, drama and spoken words are the 5 major types of performing arts.

How many years, of course, is Performing Arts?

If a student is opting for a bachelor’s program in performing arts then the course is going to be of around 3-4 years whereas if a student is going for a master’s in performing arts then the course duration is usually 2 years.

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