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One of the prominent degrees opted for by the students nowadays is Adult Nursing, many prestigious institutions across the globe offer this popular degree. Adult Nursing Degree is a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, which majorly focuses on every part of the healthcare journey of the patient from diagnosis to treatment. The duration of the course is usually from 2 to 4 years. If you want to know more about this honour degree, eligibility requirements, top universities, top colleges, subjects and much more then Keep Reading!


Name of the Degree B.Sc Honours in Adult Nursing
Type of Degree Undergraduate degree
Duration  2-4 years 
Examination type  Semester System

Why Pursue an Adult Nursing Degree?

There are many benefits of pursuing a degree in Adult Nursing. Some of the basic reasons why you should opt for a career as an adult nurse are 

  • One of the main achievements while working as a nurse is serving humans in their bad stages. 
  • This degree offers you high flexibility.
  • Another greatest reason for the popularity of this course is the plethora of various job opportunities with high packages.
  • A degree in Adult Nursing offers you a chance to make a huge difference from day one.

Subjects Covered in Adult Nursing Degree

There are usually four years of duration for BSc honours in Adult Nursing. The syllabus may differ depending on different institutions, here is an overview of the syllabus

Year 1

Values-Based Nursing Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing Practice
Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Clinical Placement 2 (Year 1)
Collaborative Care Planning Clinical Placement 3 (Year 1)
Essential Skills for Nursing Practice 1

Year 2 

Palliative and End of Life Care Developing Nursing Knowledge & Skills
Delivering Harm Free Care in Infection prevention & Tissue Viability Applied Biosciences for Nursing Practice (Bioscience 2)
Principles of Adult Critical and Intensive Care Nursing Year 2 Clinical Placement 1
Dementia: Empowering and Creative Practice Year 2 Clinical Placement 2
Mental Health and Mental Ill Health in Children and Young People Year 2 Clinical Placement 3

Year 3

Nurse as a Facilitator of Learning Year 3 Clinical Placement 1
Nurse as a Leader, Manager and Coordinator of Care Nurse as an Inquirer of Clinical Evidence
Year 3 Clinical Placement 3 Nurse as a Leader, Manager and Coordinator of Care

Year 4

Year 4 Clinical Practice and Portfolio Leadership and Professional Practice
Shaping Nurse’s Recognition and Response to Serious Illness Advancing Care – The Social and Political Context of Health and Social Care
Research in Professional Practice (Major Project) Nurse Education in Practice

Eligibility Requirements 

If you want to pursue a career in Adult Nursing then you need to qualify for some eligibility requirements.

  • If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in adult nursing then you must know that the eligibility requirements for different universities may differ depending upon what and where you would like to pursue this course.
  • You are usually required to have a minimum of GCSEs (five) at grade 4/C or more in English language and literature mainly with science subjects.
  • Another main requirement is two A levels or equivalent level 3 from a recognized institution.

Top Universities for Adult Nursing Degree Abroad 

Adult Nursing degree is offered by some prestigious institutions across the globe. Some of these popular universities are

Name of the University  Location
John Hopkins University Baltimore, MD
Emory University Atlanta, GA
Duke University Durham, NC
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia 
Columbia University New York, NY
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill  Chapel Hill, NC
University of Washington Seattle, WA
Vanderbilt University  Nashville, TN
Ohio State University  Columbus, OH
University of California–San Francisco San Francisco, CA

Top 10 Colleges in India for Adult Nursing Degree

Name of the Colleges  Location 
Kings George Medical University Uttar Pradesh
Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Research and Education  Puducherry
Madras Medical College  Tamil Nadu
Chandigarh University Punjab and Haryana 
Armed Forces Medical College  Maharashtra 
NIMS University Rajasthan
Kasturba Medical College  Karnataka 
Acharya Institute of Health Science  Karnataka 
All India Institute of Medical Science  Delhi
Christian Medical College  Tamil Nadu

Job Prospects 

The salary of Nurses after completion of a Degree in Adult Nursing depends upon various factors including skills as well as experience. The graduates after completion of this degree are recruited by the top hospitals across the globe in the private as well as government sectors. The average salary of an Adult Nurse is approximately $30,720 which further increases with the sharpening of skills and increment of experience. There are a plethora of job opportunities after completion of an Adult Nursing Degree. Some of the famous job profiles after successful completion of a degree in Adult Nursing are 

  • Adult Nurse 
  • Medical Biller 
  • Health Writer 
  • Nutritionist 
  • Nurse consultant 
  • Medical Sales Executive 
  • Clinical Nurse Educator


What kind of nurses get paid mostly?

Well, all kinds of Nurses are mostly paid and these nurses are certified registered. However, a Nurse Anaesthetist is the highest-paid Nurse among all other nurses.

Which country pays nurses the most?

Currently, Luxembourg is the Western European country that tops the list of highest-paid countries in the world for nurses. However, this is due to the tiny size of the country and extreme difficulty in pursuing a job as a nurse.

Which county is better for nurses, Ireland or the UK?

Absolutely, Ireland no doubt is better for Nurses as compared to the United Kingdom due to its 3rd position in the list of the highest average salaries in the world.

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