TOEFL Speaking Topic: Some people prefer to go to the movie theatre; others prefer to rent a movie.

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Some people prefer to go to the movie theatre; others prefer to rent a movie.

Q- Some people prefer to go to the movie theatre; others prefer to rent a movie, which do you think is better and why? Include reasons and details to support your explanation. 

Ans: I have always preferred and will continue to support going to the movies rather than renting it to watch at home. For me, watching films is more of a festivity that must be shared with a large group of people. The hoots, the screams, and the collective energy of people in cinemas sharing a similar experience are something else entirely. For some, watching films at home is a more intimate experience, but for me, it’s always been about the theatres, the lights, the popcorn, and the energy of the room. 


Another reason I feel like watching films in cinemas rather than streaming or renting them is the financial side of filmmaking. As a filmmaking student, I understand how important the overall footfall at movie theatres can be to the success of a film. So much so that filmmakers long for moviegoers to consume their content on the big screen. The importance of theatres and watching films on the big screen was recently demonstrated by the Hindi film industry, which was on the verge of imploding due to films not making enough money as a result of the COVID pandemic.  However, the industry has recently begun to recover from the financial damage it has incurred over the years as cinephiles return to cinemas to watch films again.  

In essence, I feel that films have always been intended for the big screens. The magic of cinema, in all its glory, may, in my opinion, be experienced in theatres rather than on little screens at home. 

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