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What is a Good Score for ACT?

American College Testing or ACT is a standardized entrance test taken by students to get admission into undergraduate courses in a university. The examination is usually taken by students studying in the USA or Canada. For those planning to study abroad a good ACT can be extremely beneficial. For this reason, securing a good score for the ACT is mandatory. The ACT examination assesses the science, mathematics, and verbal skills of a candidate. Knowing the good ACT score required for admission will help a student aim for the same. Keep reading to learn more about a good score for ACT.

Exam NameSAT
Exam Sections Reading Writing, and Mathematics
Exam Duration2 hours and 14 minutes
Exam Website https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/sat/registration

What is a Good ACT Score Overall?

Any composite score above the 50th percentile (19-20) is considered a decent score. However, the score might not be enough to get into the best colleges. Therefore, it is best for the student to aim higher. That is around 25% or a composite score of 24.

Each section of the ACT is measured on a scale (1-36). The overall score would be the average score of the student in all the sections. Therefore, to get a good score it is important to secure a minimum score of 24 in each section. A common range of good ACT scores on the basis of percentile is provided below. It is important to note that the percentile can change each year.

Good score (75)2424242424
Median score (50)19-2019182020

What is a Good ACT Score Based on Your Colleges?

Universities and colleges have different ACT Score requirements. Therefore, whether a score is good or not depends solely on the university score requirement. Several schools respect the median score (50) secured by students. However, it is best that a student secures a score close to the 75th percentile ACT score of the school. For example, As per the students enrolled in Emory University, the ACT score requirement in the middle 50% is 33-35. It means a student securing 35 on the ACT can have a chance of admission

Here we have listed the middle 50% of the 1st year students in popular colleges. The data provided below is for the class of 2025.

University75th Percentile ACT Score25th Percentile ACT Score
Bowdoin College3432
Boston University3533
Colgate University3431
Columbia University3534
Colorado College3329
Indiana University Bloomington3227
Pennsylvania State University3329
Miami University3125
Rice University3534
University of Connecticut3328
Tulane University3431
University of Maryland, College Park3434
University of Georgia3431
University of Richmond3532
University of Minnesota Twin Cities3322
Villanova University3432
Wesleyan University3533
Washington University in St. Louis3533
University of Connecticut3328
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1. Is a 12 good for ACT?

No. 12 score is a below-average score for the ACT. It means the student who has secured this score has a really low chance of getting into a college

2. What is a good average score for the ACT?

We’ve already noted that a 19 is an average ACT score, at the 50th percentile. A score of 24 means you’ve scored better than about 76% of students 30-May-2023

3. Is 27 a good ACT?

ACT score 27 comes under the 87th percentile. It means the student can get admission in a few colleges.

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