What are the Benefits of IELTS Exam?

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what are the benefits of ielts exam?

The IELTS exam in full form is the International English Language Testing System. IELTS is owned by the British Council, IDP Education Australia, as well as by the Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is the world’s most recognized test for accessing the English language skills of individuals who need it. Mostly the IELTS exam is taken to check the eligibility of students who want to pursue their higher studies in an English-speaking country, to get a visa to work or live in an English-speaking country. It has a range of exams such as the Academic exam for college entrance, the General Training exam for career, and Life skill options for immigration.  Keep reading to know more about the IELTS exam importance, the benefits of the IELTS exam in India, IELTS exam fees, and the IELTS exam pattern.


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Why Take the IELTS Exam?

The IELTS exam can be taken by anyone who wants to study, work, or immigrate abroad. It is a standardized test for the English language. The importance of the IELTS exam is for the following reasons.

  • English proficiency test for study abroad– All reputable universities around the world accept the IELTS results as evidence of the English proficiency of the candidate who is applying. The score accepted by Universities varies from country to country and from college to college.
  • English proficiency test for professionals–  For employment purposes, IELTS is required. Several professional registration bodies such as Accounting, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Teaching bodies accept the IELTS score as the English proficiency of the candidate applying for the test.
  • English proficiency test for migration purposes.- IELTS score is accepted for permanent residence eligibility in countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. For example, in New Zealand, the IELTS score required for immigration is 6.5.

The main difference between the academic test, and the general training test is the content, context, and purpose of the test. The rest is the same. That is, the timing, allocation, length of the written answers, and score reporting. 

Benefits of the IELTS Exam

IELTS is an Internationally recognized English language test. There are several benefits of taking the test. Below are the benefits of IELTS in India. 

It is an Internationally Recognized Test 

IELTS is one of the most popular English language tests in the world because it is globally recognized. More than 10,000 organizations in 140 counties have recognized the test results.  The exam is also taken by more than 3 million students looking to study abroad. Most importantly, it is recognized by all immigration authorities and is the preferred English language test in countries such as the UK, Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand.

The exam is held in high regard because of the structure and the framework used to test English language skills. Communication ability is thoroughly tested as well as speaking skills. The speaking test is conducted in a face-to-face interview round. Hence, it provides a more accurate judgment of language skills.

Benefits of the IELTS Exam: It is Widely Accessible 

There are more than 1,200 centres for the IELTS examination. Hence, the IELTS examination centres are easy to find. It is also easy to secure a test booking. Students can also get the benefit of listening, writing, and reading components online.  Plenty of preparation materials are also available for free on the IELTS website. 

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University Admission 

IELTS exam result is accepted by all universities in UK and Australia.  In America, almost 3,500 institutions accept IELTS results. These universities use it as an entry criterion for admission to International students. The exam is often used as a benchmark for other English language tests as well.

The main reason why universities use the IELTS score as the criterion for admission is due to the integrity and the security of the examination conducted. The test protocols include standardized marking, scoring, biometrics, timing conditions, and post-examination security. The test is also considered secure because it is evaluated by migration and law enforcement agencies.

Academic Preparation and Language Skills

Preparing for the IELTS exam also helps students to meet the academic requirements of the degree study. Improved English skills can help the student to easily communicate with professors. The interaction also helps the students to ask questions and understand what is being asked.

The IELTS test also prepares a student to deal with everyday situations when living and studying abroad. It can be as simple as asking for directions. Better communication skills also help students to meet new people and make friends. Language skills will also be useful when a student wants to join a new student society.

Ideal for Career Progression 

IELTS exam score will help students to get visas, work permits, and residency applications in a new country. The IELTS exam is known for reliability and consistency. The test results are also valid for a period of 2 years. As a result, you can utilize the score for career progression. 

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Benefits of IELTS Exam: Test Pattern

The IELTS exam test duration is for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The examination pattern is as follows

Section Number of QuestionsDuration
Listening skills4 sections and 40 questions30 minutes
Speaking skillsInterview 15 minutes 
Reading 3 sections and 40 questions 60 minutes
Writing 2 pieces of writing 60 minutes 

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What happens if I pass the IELTS exam?

Clearing the IELTS exam will open a variety of career opportunities for individuals in English-speaking countries.  For example, in professions such as teaching, medicine, law, and engineering. It will also help students to clear the eligibility criteria for studying abroad.

Is IELTS useful for a job?

Taking the IELTS exam and getting a score of more than 6 points out of 10 will help in improving work prospects. Hence, IELTS is considered extremely useful for jobs.

How much is IELTS fees in India?

The IELTS test fees in India are around INR 15,500. 

IELTS exam is a standardized English language test accepted by several universities abroad. The benefits of the IELTS exam include clearing the  English eligibility criteria for studying, working, and living abroad. Apart from that the exam helps students in academic preparation and language proficiency. Need help with study abroad admissions? Call us at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30-minute counselling session today.

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