Top 6-Months Short-Term Courses in Canada to Pursue in 2023

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6 months short term courses in canada

Over the last couple of years, Canada has established itself as one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for international students, thanks to its unique appeal as well as its magnetic hub. Unlike other popular countries such as USA and UK, the educational courses offered by Canada are more cost-effective. In addition, the non-complicated visa process also motivated international students to choose Canada as their ultimate study-abroad destination
However, most Canadian educational institutions offer 3-year courses. If students don’t need that type of extensive courses, they can choose 6 months of short courses in Canada. If you have plans to study in Canada for a short time, these 6 months courses would undoubtedly prove extremely beneficial. Here are the top 6 months of short-term courses in Canada that you can choose in 2023. 

Communication Courses – MacEwan University of Continuing Studies 

The MacEwan University of Continuing Studies, which is one of the most popular educational institutions in Canada, offers short-term courses to both domestic as well as international students. If you’re a student who doesn’t have prior educational experience in the relevant field, you can choose this course in the Edmonton region. 

This specific 6-month short-term course in Canada will help students gain essential skills and knowledge regarding interpersonal communication and interrelations. Some of the most popular things that will be covered in this course are:

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Business Planning 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Evaluation of Solutions 
  • Project Management

You need to pay CAD 16,285 (INR 9.9 Lakh) if you have plans to complete this specific course at MacEwan University of Continuing Studies. 

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Human Resource Management Certificate – York University

The human resource management course is one of the most popular 6-month courses short-term in Canada that students can choose as per their professional careers. York University in Canada offers this course to international students. Keep in mind that you need to relocate to Toronto if you want to pursue this course. You also need to have a bachelor’s degree if you want to pursue this short-term course as it will work as a PG certificate. The cost of studying this short-term course at York University is CAD 17,247 (INR 10.5 Lakh). 

With the help of this course, you will be able to enhance your skills at managing different types of resources of a company effectively.

The topics that will be covered by this course are:

Global Logistics Management – MacEwan School of Continuing Studies 

Another great 6-month short-term course in Canada offered by the MacEwan School of Continuing Studies is global logistics management. Even though this course is slightly longer than the other ones, the demand for this course is undoubtedly higher. This course will help the students know more crucial pieces of information about the logistics industry. 

If you want to apply for this course, you need to have a post-secondary degree or diploma as well as one year of experience in the relevant field. This course will cost you CAD 16,285 (INR 9.9 Lakh). If you’re looking for a student education loan to complete your 6-month short-term course in Canada, make sure you choose Fly Finance

Some of the common subjects that will be covered in this course are:

  • Risk management 
  • Infrastructure of Logistics 
  • International Trade 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Control 
  • International Logistics

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Software Engineering – The University of British Columbia

If you’re looking for a short-term course in the IT field, the University of British Columbia offers a 42-day software engineering course to international students. However, if you’re applying for this specific course, you need to make sure you have basic knowledge as well as an understanding of computers. The topics that will be covered by this short-term course are:

  • Testing and designing of the software system 
  • Functions of a software system 
  • Building a non-trivial software system 
  • Refactoring and building a quality system 
Source: UBC Prospective Undergraduates

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Digital Marketing and Social Media – Trebas Institute 

This 6-month short-term course in Canada is offered by the Trebas Institute. This specific course will undoubtedly prove extremely beneficial for students who have plans to pursue a career in digital marketing and social media. With the help of this short-term on-campus program, you will be able to gain massive chunks of knowledge in Google Analytics, SEO, social media campaign, social media strategy, and many more. 

Students who choose this program will be able to develop as well as execute digital marketing strategies. However, the applicants need to pass their class 12th exam. 


Q1. Which intake is best for Canada 2023?

Ans. The fall or September intake is undoubtedly the best you can choose if you have plans to study in Canada in 2023. 

Q2. Can I get PR after 6 months of study in Canada?

Ans. Even though there are numerous processes involved, receiving a PR in Canada after completing 6 months of an educational program might not be possible as the nation requires 12 months of full-time work experience. 

Q3. Which short course is best for Canada?

Ans. Some of the most famous short-term courses in Canada are Project Management, Global Logistics Management, and International Business Management.

These are the top 6 months of short-term courses in Canada that you can pursue in 2023. Make sure you contact Leverage Edu if you want to complete your study abroad dream. Don’t forget to contact 1800 57 2000 for 30-minute free counseling. 

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