What ACT Score is Needed for LSU? Average and Good ACT Score for LSU. 

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Louisiana State University is one of the most prominent universities in the United States. Noted for its class-apart education, cutting-edge facilities, and lucrative scholarships, the university attracts hundreds of thousands of students from all over the globe. However, it is not an easy task for anyone to get into the university, owing to its strict acceptance rate and requirements. One must demonstrate exceptional academic prowess in order to be accepted into the university.


ACT test-takers can send their scores to the university for admission purposes. The university accepts ACT scores and uses them as a metric to gauge an individual’s aptitude, academic prowess, and preparedness for studying at LSU. The minimum ACT score for LSU is 23-29, and the average ACT score for LSU is 26. 

Name of the University Louisiana State University 
ACT Requirement 23-29
Rank 801-1000 (QS World Ranking 2024) 
Acceptance Rate 70%
Minimum GPA 3.0 or above 

What is an Average and a Good ACT Score for LSU?

The average ACT score for LSU is 26. However, if you want to make your application stand out to university officials, you should aim to score much higher than the average. A score of 30-31 is generally considered to be a good score for admission to LSU, and it will give you a high probability of having your application shortlisted. 

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Score Analysis for LSU 

LSU doesn’t have a set criteria for the ACT test, however, students must aim to score above the average ACT score to improve their chances of getting their preferred LSU UG course. The average ACT score required for LSU is 26. This is a competitive score to achieve for students, but it is possible with proper preparation and practice. Students intending to send their ACT scores to LSU must ensure that they do not score below the average ACT score range. For instance,  scoring below an ACT score of 24 will make your percentile drop far below the 25th percentile. On the other hand, an ACT score of 29 will place you at the 75th percentile. Scoring below the average ACT score range will make it more difficult for university authorities to consider your application.

How Can You Improve your ACT Score for LSU?

Scoring a good ACT score is necessary if you want to send your scores to LSU for admission purposes. The university is strict about its admissions and requires students to meet its academic requirements. An ACT score of 30-31 is considered a good score for admission to LSU. This may seem competitive and challenging for some, but you can definitely ace the exam with prior preparation and practice. Here are some of the best tips to help you improve your ACT scores for LSU:

  1. Study the ACT exam pattern and syllabus to understand the exam and its nuances. Furthermore, doing so will even help you understand the types of questions asked in the ACT exam, the time allotted for each question, and the difficulty level of the questions.
  2. Complete as many practice tests as you can. This will not only give you a thorough understanding of the exam, but it will also boost your confidence in dealing with difficult problems.
  3. Setting a timer while completing practice tests can help you improve your overall speed and accuracy. It will also help you improve your time management skills, which will be helpful during the actual test.
  4. Refer to the best available books to make yourself more adept at attempting challenging questions. 
  5. Hone your critical thinking and English proficiency skills to have a better chance of scoring more on the ACT exam. 

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Best Preparation Books to Score Better ACT Scores for LSU

Good ACT preparation books can be a godsend if you aim to excel on your ACT exam for LSU admission. Referring to such preparation guides will not only help you grasp the intricacies of the exam, but also make you thoroughly familiar with the test format, common question types, question difficulty levels, exam trends, and so forth. Given the extensive array of ACT preparation books available on the market, it is crucial for students to prioritize certain factors while making their purchasing decisions. 

Students must ensure that the books they select are authored by renowned experts, contain up-to-date information, have minimal or no inaccuracies, align with the latest curriculum, follow current trends, and come equipped with ample practice tests for thorough preparation. Refer to the following table to purchase the best available preparation books for the ACT exam. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
The Official ACT Prep Guide 2022-2023ACTINR 3,251Click Here 
ACT PREMIUM STUDY GUIDEBrain StewartINR 6,317Click Here 
Princeton Review ACT Premium PrepPrinceton Review INR 1,411Click Here 
The ACT Prep Black BookMike BarrettINR 5,001Click Here 
Up Your Score ACTChris ArpINR 1,500Click Here 
Barron’S Act 36 With Online TestAnn SummersINR 959Click Here 

Students intending to pursue their higher education at LSU should make their best effort to achieve an ACT score of 30-31. This will give them a very good chance of getting shortlisted for admission. The average ACT score for LSU is 26, while a good ACT score for LSU is 30-31. 

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Q1. What is the minimum ACT requirement for LSU? 

Ans. The minimum ACT requirement for LSU is an ACT score ranging from 23 to 29. 

Q2. What is the average ACT score for LSU? 

Ans. The average ACT score for LSU is 26. 

Q3. What percentile range on the ACT exam will qualify you for admission to LSU?

Ans. The required ACT scores for LSU are 23-29. A score of 23 will place you at the 25th percentile, while a score of 29 will place you at the 75th percentile. Both of these scores are eligible for admission, but a percentile range of 75-80 will increase your chances of being admitted.

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