Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate for International Students

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Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate for Overseas Students

Founded in 1911, Tsinghua University stands as one of Beijing’s premier research institutions. It holds membership in the esteemed C9 League of Chinese Universities, a group endorsed by a government initiative to advance higher education in the nation.


Offering a diverse array of academic pursuits, Tsinghua University boasts 81 undergraduate majors and 17-second bachelor’s degree options across fields such as art, economics, engineering, history, law, literature, management, medicine, philosophy, and science.

In this blog, we will delve into Tsinghua University’s acceptance rate.

Name of the University Tsinghua University
Establishment Year1911
Official Website https://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/en/ 

Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate

After acquainting yourself with the introduction to this esteemed university, you might be wondering about your chances of gaining admission. Well, the answer hinges on both your nationality and your chosen field of study.

International students pursuing majors unrelated to the Chinese language or culture have a more favourable outlook, with an estimated acceptance rate of around 30%. While exceptional academic performance, a strong GPA, involvement in extracurricular activities, and impressive test scores are important, the competition doesn’t reach the levels of Ivy League institutions.

On the other hand, for international students focusing on the Chinese language or culture, Tsinghua University’s acceptance rate is significantly higher, hovering around 80%. 

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Tsinghua University Courses Offered

Tsinghua University boasts an impressively diverse community. In 2019, the institution welcomed over 4,000 international students hailing from more than 130 different countries. Among them, over 3,200 pursued degree programs, while over 700 engaged in non-degree courses.

To foster global collaboration, Tsinghua has established over 100 exchange programs and 50 dual and double-degree initiatives in collaboration with renowned educational institutions worldwide. Furthermore, it has forged partnerships with over 290 universities and research institutes across the globe.

If we talk about the Tsinghua University courses, some of the most popular postgraduate courses are mentioned below:

Postgraduate Courses

Here are some popular postgraduate courses available at the Tsinghua University. 

CourseDurationExam Scores
MBA in Global Management 21 MonthsIELTS: 6.5
MS in International Public Administration Management1 yearIELTS: 6.5
MA in Global Business Journalism2 yearsIELTS: 6.5
MS in Advanced Computing2 years IELTS: 6.5
MA in International Public Health (IMPH) Management2 years IELTS: 6.5
MS in Mechanical Engineering2 yearsIELTS: 6.5
MS in Architecture2 yearsIELTS: 6.5
MS in General Management3 yearsIELTS: 6.5
MS in International Environmental Engineering2 yearsIELTS: 6.5
MS in Environmental Engineering and management2 yearsIELTS: 6.5
MA in Public Administration in International Management2 years IELTS: 6.5

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Why Choose Tsinghua University?

The university’s academic structure encompasses 20 schools and 57 departments, encompassing a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from science and engineering to arts, literature, social sciences, and medicine. 

Tsinghua University maintains a consistent position among the world’s leading educational institutions. Its demanding academic programs and distinguished faculty underscore its commitment to delivering a top-tier education.

The university has forged over 100 exchange programs and collaborations with more than 290 universities and research institutes worldwide, providing abundant opportunities for international cooperation and study-abroad experiences.

The campus is furnished with contemporary amenities, including cutting-edge research facilities, well-appointed libraries, and comfortable study areas, creating an environment conducive to learning.

With a steadfast emphasis on global engagement, Tsinghua University empowers students to excel in an interconnected world, equipping them with the skills and perspectives necessary to navigate an increasingly interdependent society.

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Tsinghua University Admission Requirements 

The admission process for prospective TSU students is straightforward and involves three key steps for undergraduate international applicants. These steps include confirming eligibility, submitting an application with necessary supporting documents, and accepting any offered university admission.

  • To initiate the online application process, aspiring students must first create an account.
  • Following this, they will need to complete the application form, upload requisite supporting documents, and pay an application fee of RMB 800 to formally submit their application.
  • The specific documents needed may vary depending on the chosen course and level of study, but typically include academic transcripts, certificates, proof of language proficiency, academic letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and proof of identity (such as a valid passport).
  • Throughout the admission process, applicants are advised to carefully consider the tuition costs and assess whether they are financially prepared to cover their fees.
    • For undergraduate students, annual tuition fees range from RMB 26,000 to 40,000, while postgraduate fees range from RMB 28,000 to 68,000.
    • These figures may vary based on the specific course and the student’s enrollment status (full-time or part-time).

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Q1. What is the overall acceptance rate at Tsinghua University?

Ans. Tsinghua’s acceptance rate for domestic Chinese students is less than 1%, while the acceptance rate for international students ranges from around 30% for non-language or culture-related majors to approximately 80% for those focusing on Chinese language or culture.

Q2. Is gaining admission to Tsinghua University a challenging process? 

Ans. For international students recommended through China Admissions’ services, the acceptance rate stands impressively at over 95%.

Q3. How hard is it to get into Tsinghua University?

Ans. Securing admission to Tsinghua University in China can be a competitive endeavour. However, for qualified international students recommended through China Admissions Services, the acceptance rate exceeds an impressive 95%.

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