Top Exchange Student Scholarships for International Students 2023

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International student exchange programs are a great way for students to travel internationally. It also helps students to pursue their education at a foreign university. Nevertheless, exchange programs can be expensive. As a result, international student exchange scholarships are extremely beneficial. From partial scholarships to fully funded ones, there are plenty of exchange student scholarships available.  Keep reading to know about the best exchange student scholarships available in popular study-abroad destinations.


Top Exchange Student Scholarship 2023

Every country provides exchange student scholarships for international students. Some of the popular exchange student scholarships that are available are listed below:

Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for Exchange Students

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is a scholarship offered to international exchange students from around the world. Only incoming exchange students from developing countries are eligible for these scholarships. The National Institute of International Education (NIEE) is responsible for announcing the number of scholarships granted each year to universities. The scholarship would cover the living expenses of the student, a one-time settlement aid of 200,000, medical insurance, and one round trip airfare cost coverage.

Rotary International Exchange Student Scholarship

Rotary International and International Canada/USA district scholarship 5020 is providing scholarships to Rotary Youth Exchange Scholars. The scholarship is provided for a duration of 1 year. The Youth exchange scholar has to live a year with host families and attend school in a different country.  Similarly, the host club (the club that is sending the student out) will receive students coming from students from 25 partner countries. The scholarship benefits would include tuition fees, room and board, a monthly stipend, in-country orientation, and a certified administered program.

Student Exchange Support Program (Japan)

The Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO) is offering exchange student scholarships for international students. The scholarships are available to students who are accepted into a Japanese university/junior college/graduate school/college of technology/professional training course. The scholarship offers a monthly stipend of 80,000 JPY. The tenure of the scholarship is from 8 days to a year between the Japanese school and the student’s higher educational institution. Mainly, this scholarship is provided to students belonging to a country that has diplomatic ties with Japan, is eligible for student visas, and students who don’t have the financial means to study in Japan.

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Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Program

The Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange is an exchange student scholarship offered to students to study in Germany. The scholarship is meant to encourage international students to learn about the political life of each country. The scholarship is fully funded and provides an opportunity for students to meet the German Bundestag Members and the US congressional representatives. Thus, the students are free to discuss issues related to the exchange year with the representative members. The scholarship is granted based on the financial need and academic merit of the student.

Charpak Exchange Student Scholarship (France)

The Charpak Exchange Student Scholarship is meant for Indian students enrolled for Bachelor’s/Master’s in an Indian institution. The scholarships are meant to assist these students to undertake an exchange semester program for a duration of 1-4 months. The scholarship beneficiaries will receive a monthly allowance of EUR 860, a student visa and Etudes en France fee waiver, social security coverage, and assistance in finding affordable student housing. The knowledge of the French language is an asset during the selection process. However, it is not mandatory.

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Destination Australia Cheung Kong Exchange Program Grants

The destination Australia Cheung Kong Exchange program is an initiative of the Australian government and the Cheung Kong Group.  The scholarship is meant to assist students from Australia and identified Asian countries for short-term mobility opportunities. For example, students from India, Japan, China, Laos, Singapore, and Vietnam, among others. Eligible students are considered for the grant as a part of the application process. Mobility types include short-term study, research, or clinical placements.

ETH Zurich Exchange Student Scholarship

The ETH Zurich University is offering a Special needs scholarship by Swiss-​European Mobility Programme (SEMP). The scholarship participants with special needs can apply to Movetia through their respective universities. Consequently, the scholarship would cover the additional costs that may incur due to their impairment. However, to be eligible for the scholarship students must submit an application form for the same. That too, 4 months prior to the exchange program.

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Q1. Can I get a 100 percent scholarship to study abroad?

A. Yes. Students can get a 100% scholarship to study abroad. However, to get the scholarship students must meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarship.

Q2. How to apply for exchange student program?

A. Select the exchange program, research the course, check the eligibility criteria, and gather the required documents. Finally, you can apply for the student exchange program. Students can also consult their study abroad advisor for more information.

Q3. How much does an exchange student cost?

A. An exchange student can expect to spend between $1,500 and $2,000 for an American Summer Program. However, the exact amount incurred depends on the country, university, and exchange program.


International student exchange scholarships are a great way to fund your education abroad. The exchange program scholarship generally covers the travel expenses, living expenses, tuition fees, and other expenses of the student. However, the benefits vary depending on the exchange program. Some of the best exchange student scholarships include Rotary International Scholarship, and Global Korea Scholarship (GKS). To discover more articles like this one visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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