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Chinese Language Course

With the immense impact of globalisation, our cultures, societies and economies have been integrated at an international level which has resulted in flourishment of trade, transportation and communication across the globe. Foreign Languages have become an integral part of academic curriculums around the world to help children gain dexterity in languages other than their country’s official ones. There are several perks of learning a foreign language, from psychological to personal. It brings you confidence, helps you explore a new culture and immensely benefits your career. Referred to as the most widely spoken language in the world, Chinese has a total of about 1.2 billion speakers out of which 800 million are native speakers. Even renowned world leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama opted for Chinese as a second language elective in their high school. In no time, China has become a leader in manufacturing and production over the world, giving a sudden rise to the number of Chinese language speakers over the globe. If you are planning to pursue a Chinese Language course, this blog aims to provide you with the reasons why you should definitely consider learning Mandarin as well as the list of courses offered around the world.

Why You Should Pursue Chinese Language Courses?

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Apart from being spoken widely in the Republic of China, Mandarin Chinese is widely spoken in Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, and Thailand. Further, Chinese is amongst the highest paid languages in the whole world as per a study conducted by Adzuna which stated that the job opportunities in this language have increased over 80% in 2018 with more job ads demanding candidates with fluency in Chinese.

Becoming the world’s second-largest economy, China has businesses and ventures spread across the globe bringing colossal wave of career opportunities for individuals with Chinese proficiency.

For the lovers of art and culture, pursuing a Chinese language course would open doors to limitless literature ranging from the times of Zhou dynasty to the present ones. You will get to read about the rich heritage, poetry, drama, short stories and novels of the Chinese literature. 

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Study Abroad Opportunities 

For students aiming to pursue study in China, it will be extremely helpful if you have a good command over the Chinese language. China is home to renowned world-class universities that offer excellent courses in a varied range of streams from Chinese Medicine to Information Technology. Most of the students who plan to study in China for MBBS or any other popular course can also apply for a Chinese language course that will help them settle easily in the country while pursuing higher education.

Learn Chinese with MandarinX

MandarinX, our exclusive partner, is a uniquely crafted platform for students willing to learn the Chinese language in a short duration. With a record of teaching Chinese to near about 3 lakh students worldwide, MandarinX comprises of well-known linguistic experts and teachers that will guide you throughout the process of grasping this complex language. Offering a wide range of Chinese language courses, here are the key reasons why MandarinX can help you learn Chinese from the most basic level to attaining an expert proficiency thus adding shining stars to your career journey: 

  • Students can learn the basic concepts of the language through ‘Survival Chinese’ which includes basic communication, grammar, pronunciations and tenses covered under short-term Chinese Language courses. 
  • The course material for each level is designed with effective live sessions and video lessons to help every individual learn the language at their own speed.
  • Specialized classes are conducted under the supervision of language experts with an aim to simplify the learning process and make it easier.
  • A one to one online session with Chinese language experts is conducted by the MandarinX in order to encourage students to convey their problems to well-trained teachers for better guidance. 
  • For every individual opting a Chinese language course, MandarinX provides an expert mentor in order to facilitate personalised teaching and learning.

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Moreover, a wide range of Chinese language courses is offered by the MandarinX at discounted prices in collaboration with Leverage Edu. The course fee set for a full-fledged Chinese language programme is Rs 9000, plus added discounts. Applicants enrolling for the course will also get a free counselling session focusing on the varied study programs available in China by Leverage Edu

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you gain clarity about why you should pursue a Chinese language course and how it can incredibly benefit your career. Knowing Mandarin has much more to offer than just an extra bullet point in the resume. You will get to discover the immensely vibrant culture of China along with opportunities offered by this rapidly emerging economy. If you are curious about how you can learn Chinese with MandarinX, get in touch with us at Leverage Edu at +91-9999190104 and we’ll help you connect with the right mentors that can guide you towards gaining an excellent proficiency in Chinese.

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