Top Scholarships for Indians To Study Abroad After 10th: Types & Process

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There are numerous opportunities for the students after completion of class 10th in India. One of the best ways to leverage the potential of pursuing studies in developing countries is by going abroad as it is a way through which students get the golden opportunity to build the right base from initial stage. In addition to this many countries offer students with numerous top scholarship for 10th passed students to pursue studies abroad. However the process of getting a scholarship is quite difficult. While getting required score is a must, you are also required to follow the process. If you want to know more about top scholarships for Indians to study abroad after 10th, list of top scholarships for 10th passed students and much more. Then Keep Reading!

List of Scholarships for 10th Passed Students 

Some of the best scholarship for 10th passed students to ease the financial burden are as follows; 

National Overseas Scholarship

Another scholarships for 10th passed students is National Overseas Scholarship. Some of the important details are as follows; 

  • Provided by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment which means it is run by the Indian Government. 
  • These scholarships are majorly for SC, denotified tribes, semi-nomadic tribes, traditional artisans and landless agriculturists. 
  • 100 students can avail this scholarships which awards $15,400 as a maintenance allowance and other expenses

Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship

Some of the important details about Fullbright-Nehru Master’s scholarship for 10th passed students are as follows; 

  • Provided by United States-India Educational Foundation
  • The eligibility for getting this scholarship is to opt USA as study destination. 
  • This scholarships is a fully-funded scholarship

Smooth Movers International Scholarships

Some of the important details are as follows; 

  • Provided by Smooth Movers Smooth Movers
  • This scholarship grants an award of $1000 scholarship for Indian students. 

Commonwealth Scholarships

  • Provided by British Council 
  • This scholarships is awarded to the students from commonwealth nations pursuing higher education in UK
  • Only 800 students are awarded this scholarship 
  • The eligibility criteria to avail this scholarship is to prove that the student cannot afford to study in UK.

Tata Scholarship for Cornell University

  • Provided by Tata Education and Development Trust
  • Tata scholarship is for Indian underprivileged students enrolled at undergraduate courses at Cornell University. 
  • Tata foundation grants $25 million as scholarships for students at University.

Scholarships by Council on International Educational Exchange

  • Provided by CIEE
  • This scholarship is need and merit based. 
  • The grant varies depending upon the courses as well as the university. 

Future of Change India Scholarship 

DLD Executive

Some of the important details about DLD executive scholarship is as follows; 

Here is a table of all these scholarships for you to give a quick look!

Name of the Scholarship Awarded by Awarded Amount Expenses Included Deadline 
National Overseas Scholarship Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment$15400 (INR 1252611.36)Tuition fees, Contingency allowance, Poll fee, Visa fees, Local travel expenses, Equipment allowance, Air tickets for economy class, Medical insurance premium31st march 
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipUnited States-India Educational Foundation Varies tuition fees, living expenses, J-1 visa support, accident and sickness, and round-trip ticket expenses from the US to India.
Smooth Movers International ScholarshipsSmooth Movers Smooth Movers$1000 (INR 81338.40)31st December
Commonwealth ScholarshipsBritish CouncilVaries tuition fees, air ticket expenses, and living allowance
Tata Scholarship for Cornell UniversityTata Education and Development$25 million per University (INR 2,03,50,16,250)
Scholarships by Council on International Educational ExchangeCIEEVaries tuition fees, round-trip airfare, and a fixed stipend for one semester or a full study year.
Future of Change India Scholarship University of New South Wales $10,000 (INR 814006.50)
DLD ExecutiveBerlin School of Creative Leadership €23,000 (INR 2025477.55) 

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Application Process 

If you want to get scholarships then one of the main step that you are required to follow is to finalize the scholarships you are willing to apply for. After making a list of scholarships that you are willing to apply for you are required to prioritize the scholarships on the basis of amount granted as well as the deadline. Then you are required to check the scholarship notification for latest updates and apply for these scholarships as per the instructions. However there are numerous scholarships which are granted by the committees made by the preferred universities. 

Eligibility Requirements

You must also fulfil the eligibility requirements to get the desired scholarships. The common eligibility requirements for getting a scholarship for 10th passed are as follows; 

  • For most scholarships, you are required to have academic excellence; however, it is not mandatory in some cases.
  • Another important eligibility is financial proof stating that you do not have enough funds to continue your studies at a preferred university. 

Documents Required 

As a part of application  process you are also required to submit a list of documents required. Some of the essential documents required are 

  • VISA for the eligible country
  • Academic Transcripts 
  • Financial proof 
  • Resume in some cases 
  • Additional documents 

Best Countries that Award Scholarships for 10th Passed Students

One of the major questions when planning to pursue higher education abroad is study destination. While there are more than 195 countries across the globe, however not every country is good for studying. Some of the countries that provide scholarships for 10th passed students. 


USA is home to nearly perfect education system that offer students relevant skills by providing excellence in education as well as teaching. Further, USA provides plethora of job opportunities to the students. 


Canada is the second best study destination after USA. In addition to this, Canada offers better study environment as compared to USA. its education system is recognised globally and it also comprises some of the top universities across the globe. 

United Kingdom

Another popular study destination is UK offers students great quality of education that helps in broadening of career prospects. Universities in UK have a unique study system that helps in training mind as well as thought process to do better in chosen field of study. 


Land of opportunties, Australia apart from great education system offer numerous other advantages. Many international students globally pursue education in Australia after completion of 10th due to laid back environment as well as high standard of living. Further, Australia is nearest to India as compared to countries mentioned above.


What are the requirements for getting scholarships in USA?

There are numerous scholarships awarded by Universities in USA however the eligibility requirements for these scholarships varies depending upon the courses as well as universities. 

Is it possible to get scholarships for 10th passed students from India?

There is a array of top scholarship for 10th passed students from India who excel in academics. These scholarships include commonwealth scholarships, national overseas scholarships and much more. However, the majority of scholarships either completely or partially cover tuition costs.

Can I also get free education in another country?

Although it is not possible to study for free, there are a few Nordic nations (Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland) in which students of any nationality are exempt from paying tuition fees. However, there are additional costs that you must cover on your own. These include things like lodging, food, entertainment, transportation, etc.

These are the best places to study abroad after the tenth grade, and you should check for scholarships before applying to any of them. Indian students are welcome to study in nations like the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, among others. There is a lot of opportunity for education in these nations, but it can also be expensive. You can get financial assistance for this purpose by applying for scholarships from universities, governments, organizations at the national and international levels, and other institutions. When you apply to colleges and universities, be sure to check these and their deadlines. If you want to know more or to clarify your queries related to studying abroad connect with Leverage Edu – Your Trusted Study Abroad Expert.  

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  1. Know I am studying 10 th after finishing my 10th board exams in 2024 I want to study in america please help me with 100℅ scholarship

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  1. Know I am studying 10 th after finishing my 10th board exams in 2024 I want to study in america please help me with 100℅ scholarship