STEM MBA: Best Universities Abroad, Eligibility and More

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) MBA curriculum prepares students for management positions in technology and analytics-related domains. STEM MBA is a data-informed curriculum that guides students to analyse and reach technology-enabled solutions for any situation. The amalgamation of technology and business will enable students to acquire technical expertise and management skills. To know more about the field of STEM MBA, keep reading this blog.

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What are STEM MBA Programs?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are referred to as STEM. A program is categorized as a STEM program if it falls within one of the four disciplines mentioned. Academically speaking, the STEM MBA program combines an MS with a regular MBA. With the data processing and analytical abilities expected of MS degree holders, a STEM MBA USA graduate can carry out the business objectives of an MBA function. MBA programs in STEM are accessible worldwide and fall under many categories. such as tech MBA in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, etc.

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STEM MBA Universities Abroad

This program is an ideal management program for engineering students and professionals with a science and technology background. This program is usually a 24-monthly program in universities and business schools abroad. International students can apply for this program at different universities. 

Universities/B-SchoolsQS World University Rankings
Harvard Business School, Harvard University5
Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester147
Mendoza College of Business, The University of Notre Dame 243
Booth School of Business, University of Chicago10
Ross Business School
Columbia Business School, Columbia University22
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California134
Terry College of Business, University of Georgia601-605
Foisei Business School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute801-1000
The University of Connecticut 350
Kelly School of Business, Indiana University339
Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts (UMass) Dartmouth
Anderson School of Management, University of California Los Angeles44
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University
Haas School of Business, The University of California Berkeley (UCB)27
Carnegie Mellon Tepper, Tepper School of Business
MIT Management Sloan School 

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STEM MBA Eligibility

It is an ideal course for students with science and engineering backgrounds. People with technical backgrounds prefer STEM MBA over traditional MBA due to the distinct curriculum of this course which is an amalgamation of STEM subjects and MBA modules. Students applying for this graduate course must have completed a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree from an accredited university or college. Students must have scored the required GMAT or GRE score for certain institutions. Applicant must secure the minimum score in English proficiency testIELTS or TOEFL or PTE, according to the requirements of the universities or B-schools. Students are also required to have work experience before applying to any of the B-schools abroad. 

STEM MBA Admission Process

Students are advised to follow these steps to secure admission to this management course in a foreign institution:

Step 1: Visit the official website of B-schools and fill out the application form and application fee.

Step 2: Upload the required documents.

Step 3: Share the IELTS or TOEFL or PTE scores, whichever is accepted by the concerned university or college. Check out the minimum required score.

Step 4: Share the GRE/GMAT score, if applicable.

Step 4: Submit English transcripts and other supporting documents. 

Step 5: Submit proof of finance after receiving the confirmation letter from the applied universities.

Step 6: Apply for a student visa.

The table below consists of acceptable English proficiency tests and the acceptability of GRE/GMAT scores of certain B-Schools abroad. 

B-SchoolsEnglish Proficiency Test ScoresGRE/GMAT
Harvard Business SchoolTOEFL iBT: 100None
Booth School of BusinessTOEFL PBT: 600; TOEFL iBT: 104GMAT
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessTOEFL: 109GMAT or GRE
Tepper School of Business TOEFL: 25 in each sectionGMAT
Kellogg School of ManagementTOEFL PBT: 600; TOEFL iBT: 100GMAT or GRE

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STEM MBA Abroad Fees

The fee structure and the tuition fee of each B-school are dynamic and distinct. Both particulars are subject to change in each academic year, depending on the education policy of the concerned country and the institution. The below-mentioned table displays the approximate tuition fee of each institution. For clarity and the entire fee structure, students must check out the brochure of the academic year in which they are seeking admission. 

B-SchoolsTuition Fee (approximate)
Harvard Business School$150,000 for two years
Mendoza College of Business$220,000 for two years
Ross Business School$150,000 for two years
Booth School of Business$150,000 for two years
Columbia Business School$150,000 for two years
Simon Graduate School of Business$98,000 for two years
Foisei Business School$94,000 for two years
Johnson School of Management$111,450 for two years
Kelley School of Business$107,500 for two years
MIT Sloan$154,550 for two years
Tepper School of Business$70,000 per annum
Kellog School of Management$119,926 per annum

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Areas of Study

This two-year MBA specialisation course focuses on technology and business acumen. This course imparts knowledge about business and finance in domains related to analytics and technology. Key areas of study include

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STEM MBA Career Options

Completion of this course opens a plethora of employment opportunities for these professionals. This programme enables MBA professionals to carve a niche for themselves in technical and non-technical fields. These graduates demonstrate exceptional work ethics and often reach leadership positions in their enterprises. Skills acquired in these two years will empower graduates to attain the below-mentioned job titles.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary (Approximate)
Operations ManagerINR 88 lakh
Investment BankerINR 75 lakh
Human Resource (HR) ManagerINR 64 lakh
Business AnalystINR 64 lakh
Product ManagerINR 70 lakh
Administrative ManagerINR 67 lakh
Financial AdvisorINR 71 lakh


Q1. Which colleges have a STEM MBA?

Ans. This course is available at Harvard Business School, Mendoza College of Business, Simon Graduate School of Business, Columbia Business School, Booth School of Business, and Ross Business School. 

Q2. What is the advantage of a STEM MBA?

Ans. Enrolment in this graduate program enables students to gain employment in managerial roles in technical and non-technical enterprises. 

Q3. Is MBA considered in STEM?

Ans. MBA is not a major in any graduate STEM degree, however, certain MBA programs are designed to include STEM-based management subjects.

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