Cost of Living in Groningen for International Students in 2024

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Known as the capital of the Northern Netherlands, Groningen city is also referred to as a university city. It houses institutes like University of Groningen, which ranks among the world’s top universities, making it a popular study abroad option for students worldwide. So if you are looking at this Dutch city as your destination for higher studies, here’s a complete guide on the cost of living in Groningen. We will cover all the essential costs such as living quarters, food, entertainment, utilities, and transportation. What’s more, this blog will also discuss the average tuition fees and cultural changes you can expect as an international student in Groningen. Let’s get started!


Why Choose Groningen to Study Abroad?

We all know the freedom that the Dutch bring with them, which also applies to cost of living in Groningen! Compared to other student cities like Amsterdam, it’s much more affordable, making it a budget-friendly choice. Here are some other reasons that make the capital city of Netherlands an attractive higher education option for international students:

  1. Groningen is home to the prestigious University of Groningen, second-oldest university in the Netherlands that ranks 139 in QS World Rankings 2024. It’s also ground to Hanze University of Applied Sciences, offering diverse and globally recognized academic programs.
  2. Groningen’s vibrant student population ensures a buzzing social scene. From street festivals and live music to cosy cafes and bustling pubs, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Groningen is famously bicycle-friendly, making exploring the city and its surroundings a breeze.

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Cost of Living in Groningen

The cost of living in Groningen is EUR 1,869/month, which’s 3.06% lower than Amsterdam. Given below are some crucial expenses that this overall living cost covers:

ExpenseAverage Monthly Cost (EUR)
Accommodation€400 – €700
Food€150 – €250
Entertainment€50 – €100
Utilities and Bills€75 – €125
Transportation€30 – €50

Let’s delve deeper into each category:

Living Accommodation

The cost of renting accommodation in Groningen costs EUR 600-1600/month, varying with the type of living quarters you choose. The average rental price in the city is 38% lower than that in Amsterdam. Given below are some options available along with their monthly rents that can help you keep the cost of living in Groningen under your budget:

Accommodation TypeAverage Monthly Rent (EUR)
Shared student room€300 – €400
Studio apartment€450 – €600
One-bedroom apartment€550 – €700


As an international student, the best way to reduce the cost of living in Groningen is to cook at home, as eating out daily is pricey. So here’s a list of groceries with their individual prices to cut the unnecessary costs:

Grocery ItemPrice
Whole fat milk (1 L)€1.10
Eggs (1 dozen)€3.49
Boneless chicken breast€5.15
Tomatoes (1 kg)€3.04
Local Cheese (500 g)€4.92
Apples (1 kg)€2.21
Potatoes (1 kg)€1.73
Domestic beer (0.5 L)€1.26
Red table wine, good quality (1 bottle)€6
Coca Cola (2 L)€2.36
Bread (for 2)€1.40

Even though having outside meals will only add to your living expenses in the city, here’s how much it costs:

Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district€14
Combo meal in fast food restaurant (big mac meal or similar)€9

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Looking to blow off some steam after a long day of classes? Here’s a list of activities and their average monthly costs during your stay in this mesmerizing Dutch city:

ActivityAverage Monthly Cost (EUR)
Museum entrance€10 – €20
Cinema ticket€12 – €15
Concert ticket€20 – €30
Club entry€5 – €10
Fitness center membership€25 – €40
Basic dinner out for 2 in neighborhood pub€42
Dinner (for 2) at an Italian restaurant in the expat area (with appetisers, main course, wine and dessert)€60
1 cocktail drink in downtown club€5.85
Cappuccino in expat area of the city€3.11
1 beer in neighbourhood pub (500ml)€4.68

Utilities and Bills

This cost of living in Groningen comes around EUR 97-294/month, depending on the type of living quarters and number of students living in it. Given below are some essential utilities and their average monthly cost that students can expect to pay:

UtilityAverage Monthly Cost (EUR)
Internet€30 – €40
Electricity€50 – €70
Gas€30 – €50
Water€15 – €20


While you can explore most of Groningen on foot or on a bicycle, here’s how much it will cost if you do decide to use different modes of transport available in the city:

Mode of TransportCost
Monthly ticket public transport€63
Monthly bike pass€10 – €15
Public transport pass€40 – €50
Taxi ride (short distance)€10 – €15
1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas€1.62

Cost of Living in Groningen: Average Tuition Fees

Since the cost of living in Groningen stems from a student’s choice to live and study there, we have also included the average tuition fees one can expect. This academic cost depends on the program and university you choose to study in. Here’s how much different program levels cost to international students in Groningen:

Program LevelAverage Tuition Fees
Bachelor’s programs€3,000 – €9,000 per year
Master’s programs€12,000 – €20,000 per year

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Things to Consider/Keep in Mind Before Moving to Groningen

Besides the cost of living in Groningen, there are some other things as well that you need to think about moving to this Dutch city, such as:

  1. Finding student accommodation can be competitive. Start your search early!
  2. Embrace the coziness, bring vitamin D supplements, and explore daylight savings!
  3. Dutch is the primary language, but English is widely spoken. Take language courses if possible.
  4. Be prepared for the direct Dutch communication style and adjust your expectations.

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Q1. I’m on a tight budget. Are there any ways to save money on accommodation in Groningen?

Ans: Yes, definitely! Shared student rooms offer the most affordable option, starting around €300 per month. Consider joining Facebook groups or university platforms specifically for finding roommates. Also, exploring neighborhoods farther from the city center can result in lower rents. 

Q2. I love trying new cuisines! How much should I budget for groceries in Groningen?

Ans: The good news is, Groningen offers various options to fit different budgets. Budget-friendly grocery stores like Aldi and Lidl can help you keep monthly expenses around €150. Supermarkets like Albert Heijn or Jumbo offer wider selections and higher quality, but also slightly higher prices. 

Q3. I’m an outdoorsy person. Are there any cost-effective ways to explore Groningen and the surrounding area?

Ans: Absolutely! Groningen is a cyclist’s paradise! Investing in a used bike or utilizing the shared bike system, OV Fiets, unlocks the city and beyond at minimal cost. Explore the canals, historic landmarks, and vibrant neighborhoods on two wheels. 

We hope that this blog gave you a complete overview of the cost of living in Groningen for international students in 2024. Want to get regular updates on student life abroad? Then tune in to Leverage Edu today. Thank you for reading!

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