Study Abroad Scholarships for PG Programs

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Are you curious about the Scholarships that can support you? Studying abroad is an expensive endeavour. However, there are a variety of financial aid programmes that can lower your tuition costs if you’re an international student. Numerous business schools provide students with scholarships. To find out what kind of financial aid you might qualify for, continue reading this blog.


Why are Financial Aids Beneficial for Study Abroad?

International students who wish to study abroad are in the millions. The majority pursue Postgraduate Degrees abroad, but some pursue Undergraduate Degrees. Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it is also one of the most expensive endeavours. The annual expense of studying abroad can be anything between $30,000 and $70,000, (INR 24,80,796 to INR 57,88,524) Considering that expense, obtaining scholarships for international students could significantly lighten the burden of tuition fees.

Before leaving their home country, overseas students must make financial arrangements for their Studies Abroad. Most institutions in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia provide significant financial aid to their students. To find out what kind of financial aid you might qualify for, continue reading this blog.

Why Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships?

Let’s quickly review some of the prominent advantages of study abroad scholarships:

Financial Assistance

The main goal of a scholarship is to help students with their financial needs. These days, both the cost of education and the scope of education are expanding. There are “n” number of courses that universities and institutions provide, which range from short-term to long-term courses, and this makes it challenging for a student or his parents to afford their child’s education. Therefore, scholarships do not add to the student’s financial burdens while enabling them to follow their goals and aspirations.

Numerous prestigious universities are on the lookout for exceptionally brilliant candidates to join their universities. For the same purpose, they hold numerous exams, and those who do well in exams are awarded scholarships.  The university also succeeds in the area of research and development, and the scholarship recipient also has access to enough funding to do the same. These students raise the college’s standards and support the development of current students. 

Easy to get into a Job

Finding a Job after completing your studies is a very difficult challenge these days because the population is increasing and so are the job chances, although the latter are growing more slowly. Candidates who have received scholarships in the past are given preference over other candidates since they are seen as more diligent and educated. The students who receive a scholarship will have little trouble finding employment. 

Enhance your Resume

Is it challenging for you to stand out on your resume apart from the hundreds of others that were submitted? Getting a scholarship can make it simple to stand out on your resume. Sometimes getting praise from others for your accomplishments is enough to land you an interview with a potential employer. While looking for a job can be difficult, it becomes much simpler when you have a long list of accomplishments and credentials, Just like if you’ve been awarded scholarships.

Before even scheduling an interview, an interviewer will look over your resume. The addition of a scholarship to a student’s resume and the favorable impression it makes on the interviewer are both benefits.

Additionally, a candidate like this will be in a better position than the other candidates. Such a candidate will appear to be qualified, diligent, and well-equipped for the position in question, according to their resume.

Types of Study Abroad Scholarships for PG Programs

One of the main barriers keeping students from studying abroad is the cost of studying. 

We are here to advise you not to let your financial situation limit you! How? International students are eligible for several substantial scholarships.

Make sure you’re applying for the proper scholarship when you submit a postgraduate scholarship application. If you don’t, your prospects of being accepted can be lost. Make sure to concentrate on the following:

Merit Scholarships

Students will be awarded this scholarship based on how well they perform in school. Students who have achieved excellent marks are eligible for this grant.

Government-Funded Scholarships

The United States of America government will grant this scholarship.

Privately Funded Scholarships

This scholarship will be provided by a few private American funds.

Country-Based Scholarships

Universities or particular nations offer scholarships to students from particular countries.

Need-Based Scholarships

These scholarships are given to students who don’t have the necessary finances to attend college.

School-Specific Scholarships

Depending on the university, the faculty may offer you scholarships that are exclusive to your school.

List of Study Abroad Scholarships for PG Programs

We have covered a list of scholarships along with the amount they grant and the deadline to apply for scholarships. Have a look below at the list:

Scholarship NameAmount AwardedDeadline
University of Bologna (UNIBO)
Study Grant
INR 9,65,206
March, April, May
Critical Language ScholarshipINR 12,41,466
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation ScholarshipINR 16,55,288
Generation Google ScholarshipINR 827615 (for study in the USA)
INR 3,06,457 (for study in Canada)
15 June
Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship GrantsINR 24,82,965
30 June
Golden Key ScholarshipsINR 2,00,00015 December
Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global ProfessionalsINR 86,603

16 January
Chevening ScholarshipsFull Funded November
Australia Awards ScholarshipINR 13,90,602
Monash International Merit ScholarshipUp to INR 41,38,275

March, April, June, October, November
Japanese Government ScholarshipsINR 84,61,051
The NextGen ScholarshipINR 82,765
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) ScholarshipINR 1,05,321

15 July
Holland ScholarshipINR 4,38,730February or May
Erasmus Mundus ScholarshipsINR 10,53,219
Shanghai Government ScholarshipsINR 42,089


Indian Government Scholarships to Study Abroad

The Indian government is giving plenty of scholarships to students to study abroad. These scholarships can only be availed by Indian citizens. The top Indian government scholarships to study abroad are as follows:

Scholarship NameBenefits
Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research FellowshipsJ-1 visa support, accident and sickness coverage, monthly stipend, air travel allowance (round-trip economy class)
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipsTuition fees, living costs, J-1 visa support,  travel allowance, accidents, sickness coverage
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master DegreeTuition fees, living costs, J-1 visa support,  travel allowance, and accidents, sickness coverage
National Overseas Scholarship 15,400 USD one time. Also covers tuition fees, cost of books, airfare, living costs, medical insurance, and visa fees
Agatha Harrison Memorial FellowshipApprox 30,000 EUR is given., and compensation for airfare

How to apply for Study Abroad Scholarships?

Once you’ve identified a scholarship for study abroad that you can apply for, now start working on your application requirements. This is what an application procedure looks like:

  • Apply for the scholarship, by filling out an online form.
  • To make sure you’ve received the confirmation email, check your Inbox.
  • Write a Statement Of Purpose (SOP). There are plenty of models available online, but be original and make an impression with your own distinctive experiences and viewpoints.
  • Obtain certification of your accomplishments in art, sports, and academics. In most cases, it is required to translate the documents.
  • Obtain official documentation of your nationality or low income (for region-based scholarships). Once more, a translation could be required.
  • Send the documents to the scholarship provider after thoroughly checking them for faults.
  • Submit the university’s Letter of Acceptance (or another official document from the university attesting to your acceptance). Without stating that you will actually start your studies, you will not be awarded the scholarship.
  • “Await the outcome” Congratulations if you were chosen; you won! Throw a celebration, but don’t blow the entire scholarship budget on it. Just kidding, your tuition fees are paid straight to the university or college (or a part of it).


You should be aware before submitting a scholarship application that there are no set criteria for eligibility. Even though some colleges may simply require the application form, others may also require Letter of Recommendation, copies of your Diplomas Certificates and Academic Transcripts, and a Resume. Consider contacting the university if you find a scholarship that you believe is ideal for your particular subject of study. You may be qualified for the scholarship or may not, depending on a few prerequisites.

Documents Required

Get ready with the aforementioned documents that are required to apply for Scholarships:


Which country provides the lowest cost for study?

Norway provides the lowest cost for study.

Can a middle-class person study abroad?

Your financial status will not be a limiting factor if you have an excellent academic record and you meet all other entry requirements for the course.

Can I get a 100% study abroad scholarship?

There are a lot of fully-funded scholarships for international students but these scholarships only cover the entire tuition fee most of the times.

Since admission to top universities is highly competitive, you’ll need to submit an application that is immaculate in addition to having strong academics. The Leverage Edu – study abroad experts can help you with the application process so that you may accomplish your objectives. Contact us right away at 1800 57 2000 for a complimentary 30-minute counseling consultation.

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