SAT Score for Cornell University: Average SAT Score & Score Analysis 

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Sat Score for Cornell University 

Sat Score for Cornell University: Cornell University accepts SAT scores for admission. Those aspiring to pursue their higher education at this prestigious Ivy League university, located in New York, can submit their best SAT scores to enhance their chances of admission. The required SAT score range for Cornell University is 1420-1540. A strong SAT score for Cornell University would be between 1500 and 1540. The average SAT score for Cornell University is 1480. Cornell University utilizes standardized test score reports, such as SAT scores, to assess applicants’ academic abilities, aptitude, and preparedness for the rigorous academic environment of the university.


In this blog, we will discuss the SAT score for Cornell Univeristy.  

Name of the University Cornell University 
SAT Requirement 1420-1540
Rank # 13 (QS World Ranking 2024) 
Acceptance Rate 9%
Minimum GPA 3.05 or above 

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What is the Average SAT Score for Cornell University? 

While achieving an average SAT score can undoubtedly play a significant role in your application’s success, aiming for a score significantly higher than Cornell University’s average SAT score of 1480 will undoubtedly make a stronger impression on the admissions committee. For instance, an SAT score between 1500 and 1540 will place you in a higher percentile range than the average, thereby enhancing your chances of admission to the university. 

Is 1500 SAT good for Cornell?

Cornell University’s SAT score range is 1420 to 1540. A score of 1500 places you well above the average percentile, significantly enhancing your chances of admission. Achieving a score of 1540 elevates your percentile to the 75th range, indicating that you have outperformed 75% of your competitors. This can be a significant advantage for your application and candidacy, drawing the attention of examiners and increasing your likelihood of acceptance.

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Cornell University SAT Score Analysis: Score Vs Percentile 

The required SAT score for admission into Cornell University is 1420-1540. A score of 1420 will place you in the 25th percentile range, while an SAT score of 1540 will put you in the 75th percentile range. A 25th percentile in an SAT exam means that you have outperformed 25% of the competition, while the same goes for a 75th percentile. A score of 1420, or being in the 25th percentile, can definitely give you a chance of getting considered for selection. However, a solid SAT score of 1540, or a percentile range of 75, will ensure that your candidacy is highlighted in front of authorities, thus bolstering your chances of getting selected for the university.

Therefore, securing an SAT score within the percentile range of 70-75 is advisable to improve the likelihood of getting admitted into the university. Refer to the following table to understand the correlation between  SAT scores and the percentile range of Cornell University. 

SectionAverage SAT Score75th Percentile 25th Percentile 
Reading + Writing 720760680
Maths 760800720
Composite 148015401420

How to Send Your SAT Score to Cornell University? 

Individuals can refer to the steps outlined below to send their SAT scores to Cornell University 

  1. To send their SAT scores to their chosen universities, students must first log in to their College Board accounts using their registered credentials.
  2. Next, they should navigate to the “SAT Score Sending” section of the College Board website.
  3. Once there, they can select their preferred university by entering the designated university code. This step ensures that their SAT scores are sent directly to the selected institution.

Students aspiring to pursue undergraduate courses at the esteemed Cornell University should strive for SAT scores from 1420 to 1540. The average SAT score for Cornell University is 1480. Achieving an SAT score above the average range can incrementally increase a student’s chances of being selected for admission to the university.

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Q1. What is the average SAT score for Cornell University? 

Ans. The average SAT score for Cornell University is 1480. 

Q2. What is the minimum SAT score for Cornell University?

Ans. The minimum SAT score for Cornell University admission is 1420-1540. 

Q3. What is the acceptance rate at Cornell University? 

Ans. The acceptance rate at Cornell University is 9%. 

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