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Medicine is still one of the most competitive courses on the planet. The reason is self-evident, it has to do with life and the ongoing attempt to better. The nature of the subject, universities are careful about the students who choose to enroll. An admission examination for medical schools is an acknowledged norm in India and around the world to distinguish the candidates. One such entrance exam is the GAMSAT taken at medical colleges in the UK. This blog will discuss GAMSAT, its eligibility criteria, the admission process, the selection process, and the examination fees.


GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Examination) is a selection test used to assess a candidate’s aptitude and understanding for medical studies. This exam is available to students applying to medical institutions for various programs, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary sciences. The test is recognized by Australian medical schools as well as universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Name of the examination GAMSAT
Application Mode Online
Examination conducted by Proctor-U
Admission Ticket Mode Online
Selection Criteria GAMSAT & Interview
Official Website

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GAMSAT Important Dates 2023

Students can appear for the GAMSAT exam in March and September of every year. Below are the quick updates on the important dates:

Events March 2023 September 2023
Testing Window Dates 18–22 March 2022 8–12 September 2023
Registrations Starting From November 2022 May 2023
Registrations Closing On 10 February 2023
10 AM (GMT )and 9 PM (AEDT)
21 July 2023
1 pm (BST,) 10 pm (AEST)
Late Registrations Closing On Wednesday 10 February 2023
10 am (GMT) OR 9 pm (AEDT)
21July 2023
1 pm (BST) OR 10 pm (AEST)
Results Date Late May 2023 Mid-November 2023

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Which Medical Schools Require GAMSAT for Graduate Entry?

Some medical schools that use GAMSAT for their Graduate Entry courses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia:

United Kingdom Ireland Australia
Cardiff University Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Australian National University
Keele University University College Cork Deakin University
Plymouth University University College Dublin Flinders University
University of Liverpool University of Limerick Griffith University
St George’s University of London RCSI University of Medicine &Health Sciences   Macquarie University
The University of Queensland

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Candidates must check the eligibility guidelines set forth by the officials before proceeding with the application procedure. The following are the criteria: –

1. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree with honors or be in their final year of an undergraduate program
2. Applicants with a first degree in a non-scientific field of study can still take the GAMSAT and be accepted into one of the graduate-entry programs
3. The GAMSAT exam is available twice a year, in March and September. A candidate must be a genuine prospective applicant to a program for which GAMSAT is a prerequisite to take GAMSAT

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Application Process

The application forms will be made available online by the officials. Here are the basic methods to apply for the GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) in the United Kingdom:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the GAMSAT (
Step 2: Register your account for further steps
Step 3: Candidates must provide their Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Password to create an account
Step 4: add all the required documents like the statement of marks, photograph, etc
Step 5: Re-check the information provided, they should be error-less
Step 6: Submit the application by making the application fees

GAMSAT Application Form 2021

Exam Structure

GAMSAT was created to test a candidate’s capacity to comprehend and analyze material, think critically about topics, and explain and articulate his or her opinions logically. To assess candidates, the following exam structure is being followed:

Section 1-  Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences 
Section 2- Written Communication 
Section 3-  Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences 

Basis Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Number of questions 75 2 110
Reading Time 10 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes
Writing Time 100 minutes 60 minutes 170 minutes

Scoring Criteria

The GAMSAT sections are given a 1:1:2 weighting, and the following way determines the overall score:

Sections Marks 
1 1 mark each
2 1 mark each
3 1 mark each

On a scale of 0 to 100, each section is individually marked and scored. The candidate receives the results via e-mail and does not receive a tangible scorecard. However, by logging on to the website, the student can view his or her results.

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The exams take place once a year, and the dates may be found on the official website. Registrations for the following year’s class begin in November for Australia and Ireland, and tests are held in March for admission to the following year’s class. GAMSAT registration opens in late May in the United Kingdom, and the tests are held in September for the next academic term.

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GAMSAT Preparation

GAMSAT sees a lot of applicants, making competition fierce. As a result, any applicant must have an appropriate training plan in place in order to outperform their rivals in the exam. Here are some tips that can be used to prepare for the GAMSAT Exam.

  1. A Well-planned Schedule is a Key to Success
    Setting a timetable and sticking to it is essential when you begin to plan for GAMSAT. This timetable enables an applicant to review the entire syllabus while still revising at frequent intervals. It is important to provide revision after a certain amount of time and it will aid an aspirant in remembering previously completed topics and principles.
  1. Know Your Syllabus
    A syllabus serves as a guide for a candidate’s training. To understand the importance of any subject, a student must closely examine the syllabus. It will assist them in prioritizing the important topics.
  1. Prioritize the sections
    The test is divided into three sections: Humanities and Social Sciences Reasoning, Written Communication, and Biological and Physical Sciences Reasoning. The third portion concerns most candidates since it requires a specific degree of knowledge (comparable to first-year university chemistry and biology, as well as A-level/Leaving Certificate/Year 12 physics).
  1. Sample Tests & Mock Tests
    It helps candidates in becoming familiar with the GAMSAT Exam Pattern. Simultaneously, working through GAMSAT prior question papers can validate what candidates have learned, develop their problem-solving abilities, and help in identifying problem areas that need more attention. 

Will GMSAT 2023 be Online?

In the year 2020 GMSAT was turned into a digital exam to follow the covid-19 protocol. The exam continued to be in the digital format in 2022. However, it switched to running tests in-person at a venue. Later on, it was confirmed that all future GMSAT test will be conducted online. Hence, the 2023 exam will be online as well. To prepare for the digital format examination you can familiarize yourself with computer usage, use digital methods while preparing for the exam, increase typing speed and accuracy, and be familiar with the layout of the exam.

Note: If you wish to have preparation material for the GAMSAT Exam, you can visit the official website and purchase the books as per your needs. Follow the link given below:

GAMSAT Practice Test


When is the best time to take the GAMSAT?

The GAMSAT exam is usually given twice a year, in March and September. If you wish to take the GAMSAT in March, your options are limited to two locations: Liverpool and London. However, taking this exam early allows you to retake it later in the year if necessary. In November, registration for the March session opens.

When will I receive my GAMSAT scores?

Once the testing period has ended, you will receive your GAMSAT score by email. The results for the September sitting will be available in late November. The results for the March sitting are normally sent out in early July.

Is it possible to retake the GAMSAT?

There is no limit to how many times you can take GAMSAT. This means you might take it in March, retake it in September, and retake it the following year if necessary. If you take the GAMSAT more than once, you can pick which scores to include in your Graduate Entry Medicine application.

What should I do to prepare for the GAMSAT?

Reading widely is the best method to prepare for sections 1 and 2. It’s a good idea to keep up with the newest medical news, but reading novels and poems, as well as journals, is also a good idea. It’s a good idea to check over the preparation materials available online to prepare for section 3. You can improve your test skills by practicing answers with example questions.

This was all about GAMSAT. If the medicine is your dream job and the UK, Australia, or Ireland attracts you, we recommend you start studying for the GAMSAT now. For more updates, connect with the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. We wishes you all the best for all your future endeavours. 

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