50+ Teaching Jobs in Delhi 2023

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Teaching Jobs in Delhi

No one enters the teaching profession with the goal of becoming a millionaire; however, despite the hard work required to become a teacher, we often hear that teachers are underpaid and overworked. Even the best careers in education are still far from the average CEO salary. Nevertheless, a love of learning, compassion, and the desire to improve the lives of children, adolescents, and adults pull educators to the field. Continue reading this blog article to learn more about teaching jobs in Delhi.

Educational QualificationMust have passed B.Ed degree
Job RolesElementary, Primary School Teachers, Special Educators
Teaching JobsNTT, PRT, TGT, PGT

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Why Do People Choose Teaching Jobs in Delhi?

One of the most popular careers in the world is teaching because it helps people develop their careers and instils moral values. There are many different types of instructors, from general education teachers to special education teachers, who work with kids who have learning challenges as well as mental, emotional, and other physical impairments. They modify general education classes and instruct children with mild to moderate disabilities in a variety of topics, including reading, writing, and math.

What is Teaching Job?

Teachers also instruct kids with significant disabilities in fundamental subjects like literacy and communication skills. More so than the parents, who not only help children with their academics but also nurture them and aid in their whole growth. Other types of teachers, such as nursery, primary, and high school teachers, are prepared to instruct at various grade levels in classrooms. Subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Yoga, Physical Education, and others are taught by specialised teachers. However, in order to pursue a career as a teacher, one needed a passion for both teaching and students. Some teachers specialise as special educators for teaching handicapped or disabled learners.

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Educational Qualifications for Teaching Jobs in Delhi

You must earn a bachelor’s in education (B.Ed.) degree in addition to your graduation (in any field) in order to teach at the secondary school level. 

  • Depending on when you want to start working and the classes you want to apply to teach, you can also pursue B.Ed after earning a master’s degree in your selected field. 
  • You can enhance your credentials by pursuing a Master in Education (M.Ed.) and applying for positions at higher levels. 
  • Enrolling in training and credential programmes can you in your search for rewarding employment. Check out the list of certifications in the following table.
  • A minimum GPA of 55% and a B.Ed degree (Bachelor of Education) are requirements for becoming a teacher. The required passing score differs from one school to another.
  • In order to teach higher levels, several schools may require master’s degrees in the pertinent subjects in addition to a B.Ed.
  • A number of state- and national-level tests are necessary for enrollment in B.Ed programmes.

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Types of Teaching Job Roles in Delhi

According to one’s academic background and areas of interest, India offers a wide variety of career profiles for teachers. The following are some popular teaching jobs in Delhi:

Elementary School Teachers

Teachers in elementary schools The preparation of instructional materials and the creation of engaging activities for young minds are the primary responsibilities of elementary school instructors. As these relationships are the most important and aid in establishing a foundation, they are also in frequent contact with the parents of the students to address their problems.

Primary School Teachers

Teachers in primary schools often cover all courses and focus on pupils in grades six through eight. Making lesson plans, pursuing professional development, and organising extracurricular activities are all part of their duties.

High School and Secondary School Teachers

Teachers in high school and secondary schools typically work with students in grades 9 through 12 and have a focus area, such as math or biology. In order to teach a particular subject in high school, teachers are typically required to get a master’s degree. They have a significant impact on students’ life because it is via them that they learn and make their most significant academic decisions.

Special Educators

Teachers specialising in working with kids with a variety of learning, physical, mental, or emotional challenges are known as special educators or teachers. Making general education lessons and teaching subjects like reading and writing in a simpler way for the kids to understand is part of their job description. In addition, they instruct individuals with severe disabilities in fundamental skills.

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Teaching Jobs in Delhi

Below mentioned are the top teaching jobs in Delhi:

  • NTT Teacher
  • Special Educator
  • PRT Teacher
  • Pre Primary Teacher
  • School Counsellor
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Pre Nursery Teacher
  • Sports Coach
  • PGT 
  • High School Teacher
  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • Dance Teacher
  • TGT
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Health Educator 
  • Education Coordinator
  • Art and Craft Teacher
  • Pre School Teacher

Teaching Jobs in Delhi: Growth Prospects

But just like everyone else, educators are constantly seeking opportunities for growth, increased salaries, and better working conditions. Some teachers advance to more specialised positions; some of the highest-paying teaching positions are in the fields of special education and gifted education. Others take on managerial positions and pursue higher education to become principals and college administrators. Whatever the route, obtaining the higher degrees required for more prestigious positions is a wise investment because the best careers in teaching are constantly in demand.

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Benefits of Working as a Teacher 

Here are some of the benefits of teaching jobs in Delhi:

  • Being a teacher is a really fulfilling career because you can see the results of your work in the students. 
  • As the person who moulds the minds of the next generation, teaching is a very respectable profession. 
  • Holidays are plentiful for teachers, and working hours are moderate. 
  • As they aid in raising morally upright individuals, teachers hold one of the most respectable professions in society.

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Cons of a Teaching Career 

Below mentioned are some of the cons of teaching jobs in Delhi:

  • Because every child is unique and you need to attempt various teaching methods, which may be very exhausting sometimes, teaching demands a lot of enthusiasm, patience, and calm. 
  • The teaching profession is very demanding because you must continually update your knowledge and skills in order to share them with your students. Teachers also have many moral obligations, which occasionally interfere with their personal lives. 
  • When compared to other professions, teaching pays relatively less.


Q1. Which teachers are in the highest demand?

Ans. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are fields that are constantly in demand, however, exact needs differ for each institution.

Q2. Which position in education is the highest?

Ans. A school’s teaching and learning are under the direction of the school principal. They establish a welcoming environment for students, analyse department performance, and develop the curriculum.

Q3. What position as a government instructor is best?

Ans. The highest title for any government teaching position in colleges and universities is Head of the Department or HOD.

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