Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships 2024: Complete Details

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Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships

Dreaming of a world-class education in the vibrant city of Dubai (UAE)? In addition to providing a great educational experience, Murdoch University Dubai also provides a wide range of scholarships that may assist you in accomplishing your objectives when you enrol in Murdoch University Dubai. Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships provide the ideal chance to smooth out your higher education academic journey and bridge the financial gap, regardless of whether you are a high-achieving student looking for recognition or you are beginning a new career path. This blog delves into the exciting Murdoch University Dubai Scholarship options available at Murdoch University Dubai, guiding you through the list of scholarships, eligibility criteria, and important information.

Institution NameMurdoch University Dubai
Established on2007
Acceptance Rate51%
LocationDubai (UAE)
Scholarships For Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Pathways Courses

List of Top Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships 2024

Choosing the further your higher education at Murdoch University Dubai may be an exciting and enlightening experience, but financial factors often play a big part in the decision-making process. To address this, Murdoch University Dubai offers a diverse selection of scholarships, that can help you reach your academic goals. This table will help you find Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships that will help you reach your goals and open up a world of opportunities.

Scholarship Name Coverage Deadlines
Academic Merit ScholarshipsVaries, typically 10-25% of tuition feesVaries depending on the program
Pathway Programs Scholarships50% reduction in tuition fees for Pathway programs.Varies depending on the program
MBA Scholarship20% reduction in tuition fees for the MBA program.Varies depending on the program
Early Bird Discount5% discount on tuition fees for full upfront payment.Typically before semester commencement
Alumni Bursary20% bursary on tuition fees for chosen postgraduate programsVaries depending on the program
Refer a Friend/Family BursaryAED 1,000 bursary each for you and a referred friend/family member who gets accepted to any programOngoing

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Top 5 Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships 2024

According to Murdoch University Dubai, money problems shouldn’t stop you from going to university. To help students from a wide range of Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships to support students from various programs and backgrounds. Here are the top 5 scholarships to consider.

Academic Merit Scholarships

In recognition of exceptional academic performance, these Academic Merit Scholarships provide discounts on tuition fees of varied percentages throughout all levels of education, including Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs. This scholarship is open to new students who have exhibited extraordinary academic performance, which may often be proved by high school grades or transcripts from prior universities. It covers a significant portion of tuition fees, making your higher education more affordable.

Coverage10-25% of tuition fees
EligibilityExceptional academic record in previous studies (high school grades/university transcripts)
Application DeadlineVaries

Pathway Programs Scholarships

The Pathway Programs Scholarships is tailored specifically for students who are enrolled in Murdoch’s pathway programs, and it provides a saving of 50% in the tuition costs for these foundation and diploma programs. It’s available to students who have been accepted into any of the Pathway programs offered by Murdoch University Dubai. It enhances the accessibility of the Pathway program, allowing seamless access to Undergraduate studies.

Coverage50% reduction in tuition fees for Pathway programs
EligibilityEnrolled in a Murdoch Dubai Pathway program
Application DeadlineVaries

MBA Scholarship

Aspiring business leaders who are now enrolled in the Murdoch Dubai MBA program are the applicants for this Murdoch University Dubai Scholarship, which provides a discount of 20% on tuition costs. Open to students who have been accepted into the MBA degree program and other considerations, such as previous work experience and leadership potential, are also taken into consideration. It reduces the financial burden of pursuing a prestigious MBA degree program, enhancing your career prospects.

Coverage20% reduction in tuition fees
EligibilityEnrolled in the Murdoch Dubai MBA program, with additional factors like work experience and leadership potential considered
Application DeadlineVaries

Early Bird Discount

Although it is not strictly a Murdoch University Dubai scholarship, this Early Bird Discount program encourages students to enrol early by providing a 5% discount on tuition costs those students who pay their full tuition costs by the early bird deadline are eligible to apply for this offer. It offers instant financial savings, which enables students to dedicate funds to other areas of their lives.

Coverage5% discount on tuition fees for full upfront payment
EligibilityOpen to all new students who pay their full tuition fees by the set deadline
Application DeadlineTypically before the semester start date

Refer a Friend/Family Bursary

This one-of-a-kind unique program rewards both you and a referred friend/family member who gets accepted to any program at Murdoch University Dubai. Each receives an AED 1,000 bursary. It’s open to current Murdoch University Dubai students who refer a friend or family member who gets accepted to a program. In addition to providing you with financial rewards, it also encourages you to share your experience with Murdoch University Dubai.

CoverageAED 1,000 bursary Each
EligibilityCurrent Murdoch Dubai student referring a friend/family member who gets accepted to a program
Application DeadlineOngoing

How to Apply For Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships?

Thank you for thinking about Murdoch University Dubai. You can get the best education and a lot of funding amount scholarships. If you are an Indian or International student, here is everything you need to know to apply for Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships.

  • First, go to the Murdoch University Dubai official website at www.murdochuniversitydubai.com.
  • Some scholarships can only be used for specific programs or study levels. Pick the ones that are related to your chosen program like Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or MBA degree programs, and nationality.
  • Gather required all relevant documents like academic transcripts, standardized test scores, proof of English Language proficiency tests, a statement of purpose, and sometimes a letter of recommendation.
  • Ensure all documents are translated into English and if needed, verified.
  • Highlights your academic grades, relevant skills, and experiences, financial needs, and why you deserve the scholarship.
  • Follow the instructions on the Murdoch Dubai Website and submit your scholarship application along with all required documents.
  • Before submitting your application, make sure it is complete, correct, and free of mistakes.

Factors Affecting Selection For Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships 2024

Several factors can affect your chances of getting Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships. Here are some important factors that one to think about.

  • There are Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships like the Academic Merit and Pathway scholarships program, depending on how well you do in prior education.
  • Most of the time getting better grades in related disciplines will help your chances.
  • Standardized test results like SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS may be looked at depending on the program.
  • Some scholarships may only be available for certain levels or types of programs like Bachelor’s, Master’s, or MBA degree programs. 
  • There are different types of Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships for each program and semester.
  • Some scholarships look at financial need, so showing that you having a hard time with money can help your scholarship application process.
  • Murdoch University Dubai Scholarships may look at things like leadership skills, involvement in the community, or relevant academic achievements.
  • Some scholarships may be only for students from specific countries or who live in the UAE.
  • A well-written scholarship essay that shows you care about the program and understand what the scholarship is for can make a big difference.

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Is Murdoch University good for international students?

According to the Times Higher Education Excellent 100 Most International Universities in the Globe, Murdoch University is rated number 33. This indicates that Murdoch University Dubai has a well-rounded student and staff community, as well as excellent academic staff members who have been chosen from a pool of candidates from all over the world.

Why do international students choose Murdoch University?

Murdoch University Dubai is proud of its reputation for teaching quality and world-class research facilities. At this institution, they appreciate the variety of their student body, pioneering educational initiatives, and providing a supportive learning atmosphere.

Is Murdoch University accepting Indian students?

Scores from a variety of English proficiency examinations, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TOEFL), Cambridge English Language Examination (CAE), and Pearson Test of English (PTE), are accepted by Murdoch University.

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