MSc Psychiatry: Course Details, Eligibility, Career & More

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MSc Psychiatry

An intriguing and significant field of medicine is Psychiatry. A better understanding of psychiatry would be beneficial for professionals working in fields related to psychiatry and/or likely to regularly come into contact with psychiatric illness due to its nature, which may frequently be present/co-morbid with other conditions and/or affect the way people behave in a variety of situations.


Such professions, as well as medical practitioners pursuing training as psychiatrists or psychiatric specialists, will benefit from the curriculum. Students and professionals can get a better understanding of what this postgraduate degree program entails through this blog! 

Particulars Details
Course NameMSc Psychiatry
Course Duration2 years
Course TypePost Graduate
EligibilityBSc or Equivalent
Course fee INR 90,000 – 3,10,000

Advantages of MSc Psychiatry

Students receive the knowledge and abilities necessary to function as independent researchers as part of their MSc in Psychiatry. The university has a long history of producing top-notch research on issues related to mental health. To create cutting-edge treatments and services, its professionals collaborate directly with NHS partners. The MSc Psychiatry programme is also quite adaptable, giving students the freedom to select their particular fields of study and follow their interests.

The programme is intended to aid persons with mental problems. It fosters the growth of social and analytical abilities. Students also get environmentally conscious. The American Psychiatric Association has approved the M.Sc. in the psychiatry programme. It gives students the possibility to train to become the next wave of mental health professionals. Students will also have a solid foundation in psychology.

Further, the curriculum seeks to give students:

  • A thorough understanding of the fundamental science, traits, and symptoms of mental disease.
  • An awareness of the appropriateness of particular management strategies and how psychiatric illness is controlled.
  • The capacity to analyse, summarise and assess research on psychiatric disorders.
  • Establishing intellectual integrity and critical independence with a focus on psychiatry.

Numerous chances for advanced study are available through the MSc Psychiatry programme. The program’s main objectives are the treatment and avoidance of mental disease. Despite the name, alumni are not permitted to practise as psychiatrists. Instead, they will learn in-depth information about the subject and user research techniques. The MSc in Psychiatry will thereby prepare students for professions in the area of mental health research.

Focus of MSc in Psychiatry

The 2-year, full-time M.Sc. in Psychiatry programme is offered at the postgraduate level. Below are the specifics of this two-year mental health course:

  • The M.Sc. in Psychiatry programme aims to give students the necessary training for dealing with patients and treating those who have mental illnesses.
  • Human development, counselling, individual counselling, clinical evaluation, family therapy, and other topics are covered in this course’s curriculum.
  • Students who enrol in the M.Sc. in Psychiatry programme receive comprehensive training in areas such as career counselling, cultural and social foundation building, lifestyle development, and mental health counselling and research.
  • An M.Sc. student in psychiatry must deal with a variety of people who have mental disorders and attempt to restore their lives to normalcy.
  • This course has many different components, including career development, the study of ethics, counselling theories, diagnostic techniques, etc.
  • The M.Sc. in Psychiatry programme is the ideal setting for all students to hone their interpersonal skills through interaction with patients. By doing so, they can forge lasting bonds with the patients and work toward a common objective.

Check out these universities below offering MSc Psychiatry courses in India:

University NameCourse Fee
All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)INR 10,000 – 15,000
Amity University GurgaonINR 2,24,000 Lakh
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University, LucknowINR 3,40,000 Lakh
Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, JaipurINR 2,25,000 Lakh

Check out these universities below for psychiatry courses abroad:

University NameQS World Ranking
Harvard University#2
Yale University#18
Columbia University#22
University of Cambridge#2
University of California Los Angeles#44
University of Michigan#25
University of Melbourne#8
Kings College London#37
Stanford University#3

MSc Psychiatry: Eligibility Criteria

To enrol in this course, a student must already be a graduate. The following qualifications are required for enrollment in the MSc Psychiatry program:-

  • Candidates must successfully complete a B.Sc. in Psychiatry or a course that is comparable.
  • Candidates must receive at least 55% of the total possible marks from any accredited university.
  • The main criteria at certain medical colleges for admission to this programme is passing the entrance exam with the required score.
  • Additionally, the candidates must do well in the round of personal interviews.

MSc Psychiatry: Admissions Process

The following are the fundamental steps in the application procedure to enrol in the MSc Psychiatry course:

  • The declaration The procedure for pursuing an MSc in Psychiatry is based on the student’s graduation grade point average and performance on the entrance exams held by the colleges.
  • Each college has a different deadline for releasing the application forms for these entrance tests. We have provided a brief description of each admission exam in the table below. For all entrance exams, the application forms must be submitted online.
  • Once an applicant has passed the entrance tests, they will be contacted for counselling and the personal interview stage before being admitted.

Online Admissions Procedure 

Some colleges provide online admission based on an entrance exam for their MSc Psychiatry programmes. Below are the steps involved in this admissions process: –

  • Candidates are required to register their names by giving their email addresses, mobile numbers, and passwords.
  • Fill in all the required fields with your personal and academic data.
  • Candidates must show up for the entrance exam on the specified date.
  • Selected candidates will be contacted for counselling and a personal interview when the results are announced, and the admissions process will then begin.

Documents Required

Below are the documents that must be prepared and submitted when applying for studying abroad. 

How to Enrol in a Reputable University for MSc in Psychiatry?

To have a chance to enrol in a reputable university’s MSc Psychiatry programme, you must focus on the following:

  • An aspirant must achieve good grades on the entrance exam held by that particular college or university in order to be admitted to one of the best colleges.
  • Additionally, you must earn high scores on your B.Sc. degree. To take the admission exam, you must receive at least 55% of the needed grades.
  • One year prior to the exam date, concentrate on your entrance exam preparation.
  • All colleges and universities also hold a viva voce or in-person interview in addition to the entrance exam. Thus, be well-prepared for this round of interviews as well.
  • Try to gather all information about the college where you plan to continue your study, such as information about the lecturers, the curriculum, the cost of the courses, the campus atmosphere, etc.
  • Positioning is also crucial. Therefore, always pick the college with the best placement prospects. where former students who have graduated can find decent employment possibilities.

Career Possibilities and Employment Prospects

A graduate degree in psychiatry will equip you for a range of positions in the area, regardless of whether you are more interested in research or in treating and diagnosing mental diseases. 

A degree in psychology can lead to a pleasant and successful profession, whether you want to work with athletes, celebrities, or business executives. Additionally, you can advise public health and law enforcement on school reform, consult with lawyers for jury selection, and work as a clinical psychologist or consultant in the private sector. You can assist the general population in an emergency by assisting those who are suffering from shock or trauma to recuperate.

MSc Psychiatry: Salary

MSc Psychiatry is a highly specialised career and has a lot of future scopes. Aspirants looking forward to beginning their career in this field will be served with lucrative benefits and opportunities and will be offered rewarding salaries. The salary for MSc Psychiatry ranges from 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 per annum.

MSc Psychiatry: Future Scope

The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses and disorders in adults and children are the main topics of the M.Sc. in Psychiatry programme. Along with developing their interpersonal, problem-solving, and environmental awareness, students will also learn how to counsel and advise patients. The course also emphasises the growth of analytical thinking skills. Graduates with an MSc Psychiatry can choose from a wide range of job options.

You will be well-prepared for a job in the field of mental health with a Master of Science in psychiatry. The field is expanding as a result of rising social anxiety. A graduate in psychiatry has a wide range of professional options, with job chances in every field. You can work in medical colleges, research institutions, polyclinics, mental hospitals, nursing homes, and government, private, or public clinics.

The course offers a useful and thorough introduction to basic psychiatric disorders, but no one who completes it has the right to call themselves a psychiatrist or psychologist, to prescribe medication, or to treat psychiatric disorders in any other way (if they could not previously do so as specified by their specific registration or licence to practice).


What are the available job profiles after MSc Psychiatry?

Available Job profiles are Psychiatric Nurse, Junior Psychiatrist and Occupational Therapist.

What can we pursue to get a doctorate degree?

Candidates can pursue an M.Phil degree to earn a doctorate degree.

Does the Psychiatry course has high demand?

21% of psychiatrists have risen after pursuing their careers in the field of psychiatry.

We have covered everything in detail about the MSc Psychiatry course. If you wish you pursue your career in this field and want to enrol for the admission process or the application process in any of the above-mentioned universities call our Leverage Edu experts. Our experts will assist you in the best possible manner to get admission. Call us immediately at 18572000 for a 30-minute free counselling session.

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