Career In Astronomy: Know All About It

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Career in Astronomy

We have all grown up watching movies that eulogize people watching stars as a romantic concept. In those movies, everyone looks up towards the sky to see stars, comets, and galaxies and other celestial bodies to enjoy this aesthetically pleasing sight. But have you wondered how amazing it would be to study theses things at higher levels of education? Well, if yes, then read on to know, how to make an awesome career in Astronomy? 

What is Astronomy? 

The scientific study of the universe is popularly known as Astronomy. This branch of science pertains to the motion of celestial objects, evolution, meteorology, and the activities that led to the formation and development of the universe. This field has a vast variety of disciplines including astrometry, observational astronomy, celestial navigation, and astrology. But these days, astronomy is often paralleled with astrophysics. And who better to look up to than Raj from Big Bang Theory to think about a career in astrophysics

Undergraduate Courses for a Career in Astronomy 

There is nothing better than to pursue a course in the field of your choice from the undergrad level itself to make an excellent career in it, later. To make a successful career in Astronomy, one can study any of the following bachelor’s degree programs: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Astronomy 
  • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences – Astronomy 
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Astrophysics [Specialization] 
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Physics with Astronomy 
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics 
  • Bachelor of Science in Planetary Science and Astronomy 

Postgraduate Courses for a Career in Astronomy 

If you are someone who is keen to delve deeper into academics, then you can follow your passion and go for masters. Also, those of you who didn’t opt to go for an astronomy major during their undergraduate level can also take up the course at the postgraduate level to make a career in Astronomy. Here is a list of popular master’s level courses in the field: 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Astronomy 
  • Master of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics 
  • Master of Science Cosmology 
  • Master of Science in Space Studies 
  • Master of Arts in Astronomy 
  • Master of Science Astrophysics 
  • Master of Philosophy in Astronomy
  • Master of Physics – Coursework and Dissertation – Astronomy and Astrophysics 

Doctorate Courses for a Career in Astronomy 

For those of you who want to go beyond master’s and want to make a career in Astronomy as a researcher can opt for a doctoral program. Listed below are famous courses for the same:

  • Doctor of Philosophy – Astronomy 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Astronomy 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences – Space and Planetary Science 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics – Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astroparticles, and Gravitation
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Astronomy Research 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Astrophysics 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Earth and Planetary Science 

Diploma Courses for a Career in Astronomy 

Apart from the above-mentioned degree programs, you can also kickstart your career in Astronomy by studying short-term courses. Below mentioned are some of the foundational level courses:

  • Undergraduate Pathway in Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics (Foundation)
  • Spatial Analysis and Satellite Imagery in a GIS 
  • The Origin and Development of the Cosmos 
  • Astrobiology – Exploring Other Worlds  
  • Exploring the Universe 
  • The Planets 
  • Stars and Planets in a Habitable Universe 

Top Universities for Astronomy 

It is of great importance to pursue such unique courses from the best universities in the world. To make a great career in Astronomy, one should try to get admission in any of the following universities: 

  • University of Adelaide
  • Harvard University 
  • University of Oxford 
  • Arizona State University 
  • University of Illinois 
  • Queen’s University 
  • Liverpool International College 
  • University of London 
  • University of Kent 
  • Boston University 
  • The Australian National University 
  • University of Queensland 
  • University of Western Australia 
  • Monash University 
  • University of British Columbia 
  • Georgia Institute of Technology 
  • University of California, Berkeley 

Courses in the field of science have been selling like a hot cake since the time when students understood how much is there to explore. Maybe someday, one of us would be able to find a place where life might be possible just like Interstellar. And seeing the progress we have already been making like the images captured of the black hole, or the mission Chandrayan ll, this field has just started to blow up. So, if you want to explore a career in Astronomy, contact Leverage Edu to help you build the same. Our experts can guide you throughout the application process to your dream college. 

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