University of Dublin Scholarships in Ireland: Complete Details

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University College Dublin Scholarships

Through its famous UCD Dublin Scholarships in Ireland, University College Dublin (UCD) opens up academic opportunities for students from other countries. University College Dublin (UCD) has many programs in many disciplines, from the arts and social studies to cutting-edge science, engineering, and medicine. Suppose you’re interested in literature, sustainable energy, computer science, or many specializations. In that case, UCD Dublin offers a program tailored to your interests, with specialized tracks allowing you to delve deeper into specific focus areas. The University of Dublin Scholarship in Ireland gives scholarships to international students to achieve academic excellence in their chosen field. Keep reading to get more information about the University of Dublin Scholarships.

Institution NameUniversity College Dublin
Established in1908
Acceptance Rate20%
Scholarships For Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degree Programs

List of Top University of Dublin Scholarships in Ireland

University College Dublin (UCD) recognizes the exceptional potential of international students and offers a range of UCD Dubin scholarships in Ireland to help them achieve their higher education goals. These scholarships provide financial support to brilliant students from all over the world, including India. UCD’s scholarship program has choices for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Let’s look at some of the UCD Scholarships that are mentioned below.

Scholarship Name 
Coverage Deadlines
UCD Global Excellence ScholarshipsFull scholarship
covering 100% of tuition fees
UCD Entrance ScholarshipsMany €2,000 scholarships
toward tuition fees
UCD Country-Specific ScholarshipsVaries in value and criteria
Government of Ireland ScholarshipsFunded by the Irish
government; varies
Sports ScholarshipsVaries
Fulbright scholarshipsVaries
Aspire ScholarshipsMultiple MSc and MBA
awards of 50% Tuition fees
13th May 2024
Business & Finance Awards MBA
100% tuition fees30th April 2024
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Scholarships for US Students
Up to 50% Tuition towards
tuition fees
30th April 2024
Full-Time MBA Regional Excellence Scholarship Up to 50% of tuition fees30th April 2024
Gaelic Players Association (GPA)
MBA Scholarship
100% tuition fees
up to €36,990
30th June 2024
Gaelic Players Association (GPA) MSc Management Online Scholarship
100% tuition fees1st August 2024
GMAT Excellence MBA ScholarshipsUp to 100% tuition fees
30th April 2024
IMAGE MBA ScholarshipUp to 100% tuition fees
30th April 2024
MBA Entrepreneurial ScholarshipOne award of up to
50% tuition fees
30th April 2024
Modular Executive MBA GMAT/EA Excellence Scholarship 
Up to 50% of the tuition fees30th April 2024
MSc Academic Excellence ScholarshipVarious scholarships from
25% – 50% of tuition fees
31st May 2024
MSc Aviation Finance Scholarship
up to 50% tuition fees1st August 2024
MSc Marketing and Retail Innovation Scholarships
€5,000 bursary1st August 2024
MSc Merit Based Scholarships for non-UCD Students / Graduates
Many €5,000 scholarships towards tuition fees1st August 2024
MSc Merit Based Scholarships for UCD Final Year Students
MSc Merit-Based Scholarships for UCD Final Year Students1st August 2024
MSc Merit Based Scholarships open to Vietnamese students
up to 50% tuition fees1st May 2024
PhD Scholarship
Up to €2,000 per annum31st July 2024
Professor Brian Fynes Memorial Scholarship MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management
50% of tuition fees1st June 2024
Professor Eamonn J. Walsh Memorial Scholarship MSc Accounting and Financial Management
50% of tuition fees1st June 2024
Returning Study Abroad UCD Scholarship
EUR 4,00031st March 2024
Scholarships for Graduates of Howard University
50% of tuition fees30th June 2024
Supporting Ireland’s Economy – Full-Time MBA Scholarships
50% of tuition fees30th April 2024
The Kevin Boushel Memorial Scholarship
50% tuition fees1st August 2024
The Regina Angela Scholarship in Marketing 100% of the EU Fees for Master Programme
1st August 2024
UCD Alumni Tuition Reduction5% of tuition fees
Rolling Application
Women on the MBA ScholarshipOne award of up to 50% tuition fees
30th April 2024

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Top 5 University of Dublin Scholarships in Ireland

Here are the top 5 UCD Dublin Scholarships in Ireland, considering factors like coverage, target audience, and many more.

UCD Global Excellence Scholarships

The most alluring benefit of this scholarship is that it pays for 100% of the student’s tuition costs and is available for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs. It is very competitive and available to all international students with an offer (or conditional offer) for an appropriate Undergraduate or Master’s Degree at University College Dublin. The cost for this program is not for students from the European Union. Before they can apply for the Global Excellence Scholarship, students must have been offered (or been given the option of being offered) an acceptance into an academic program at UCD that meets the requirements.

Particulars Details
CoverageCovers 100% of tuition fees (full scholarship)
EligibilityOpen to all international students (on non-EU fees) with an offer (or conditional offer) for an eligible undergraduate or master’s program at UCD
Application DeadlineVaries

V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship (for Indian Students)

The V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship is designed to provide complete financial support for graduate students from India who are among the most gifted in their field. Those Indian students looking for financial assistance to pursue their postgraduate studies at UCD have a fantastic opportunity to do so via this scholarship. This scholarship opportunity is reserved only for Indian graduate students who have outstanding academic records. Candidates must have an “Offer,” “Conditional Offer,” “Accept,” or “Conditional Accept” status on their application to be considered for this scholarship.

Particulars Details
CoverageCovers 100% of tuition fees (full scholarship)
EligibilitySpecifically for Indian graduate students with a competitive academic record.
Application DeadlineVaries

UCD Entrance Scholarships

The UCD Entrance Scholarship is appealing since it emphasizes academic excellence, despite the fact it only provides a partial scholarship reward (ranging from EUR 2,000 to EUR 5,000) per year. Due to this, it is an excellent opportunity for students with a strong academic record and looking for some kind of financial assistance. Awarded based on academic merit to Undergraduate and postgraduate students (on non-EU fees).

Particulars Details
CoveragePartial scholarship ranging from €2,000 to €5,000 per year
EligibilityAwarded based on academic merit to undergraduate and postgraduate students (on non-EU fees)
Application DeadlineVaries

MSc Merit-Based Scholarships for Non-UCD Students/Graduates

This MSc Merit-based scholarship provides financial assistance to international students who are pursuing a Master’s Degree, even if they have not previously studied at UCD. Each of these Scholarships is worth €2,000, which will be used to help pay for the candidate’s Master’s program if they accept an offer from The School. It is an excellent alternative opportunity for international Master’s students who are looking for funding options since this increases the candidate pool and makes it more accessible.

Particulars Details
CoverageA number of €2,000 scholarships toward tuition fees.
EligibilityOpen to international students pursuing a Master’s degree who have not previously studied at UCD
Application Deadline1 August 2024

Government of Ireland Scholarships

It is important to highlight these renowned scholarships, which are sponsored by the Irish Government, despite the fact they need a separate application procedure. Even though the value for qualifying requirements is different, they provide considerable financial support to students who come from a select group of nations. Those who want to apply for this scholarship must already have a place to study at UCD. Scholarship applications that don’t come with an offer to study at an Irish institution won’t be considered.

EligibilityOpen to students from a limited number of countries
Application DeadlineVaries

Factors Affecting Selection For University of Dublin Scholarships in Ireland

Many factors can affect your chances of getting a UCD Dublin Scholarship in Ireland, both for Indian and International students.

  • For many scholarships, especially merit-based ones like the UCD Entrance scholarship, having good GPA grades is very important.
  • There may be scholarships that are only for students in certain areas of the discipline. Like the VV Giri Global Excellence Scholarship, which is only for Indian college students.
  • For some scholarships, financial needs may be taken into consideration, though it’s not always the case. 
  • Some scholarships are only available to students from certain countries. 
  • There are scholarships, like the MSc Merit-based scholarship for non-UCD students/graduates, that are only for students who have not studied at UCD before.
  • Since most of the programs at UCD are in English, you’ll probably need to show that you can speak and write in English by taking a common test like the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • The number of scholarships offered and their value can vary depending on the scholarship provider’s budget allocations.
  • Showcase your relevant academic achievements, awards, or extracurricular activities in your application.
  • If financial need is a factor, be prepared to provide supporting documentation related to financial need.
  • Submit your application before the deadline to avoid missing out.

How to Apply For University of Dublin Scholarships in Ireland

The application process for UCD Dublin Scholarships in Ireland can vary depending on the specific scholarship you’re applying for.

Require Documents

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Does University College Dublin give scholarships?

International students are eligible for a variety of student scholarships that are made available by University College Dublin. Bachelor’s degree students and master’s degree students both have the opportunity to get full scholarships. 

Can you get a full scholarship in Ireland?

Several scholarships in Ireland, such as the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship and the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship, do not require students to pay the full amount of tuition.

Is University College Dublin expensive?

In the case of undergraduate students attending University College Dublin (UCD), the yearly tuition costs range anywhere from €16,800 to €25,600. A range of €13,758 to €29,548 is also available at Trinity College (TCD).

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