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HULT Scholarship

Equipe yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic world of business with Hult Scholarships. Located in the heart of Dubai, the UAE campus offers a diverse and unique learning environment, coupled with unique programs featuring specialized courses that are specially designed for the economic landscape. From Entrepreneurship and innovation to sustainable business practices and leadership in a globalized world, Hult Scholarship programs give you the edge you need to succeed in your chosen career path. Explore the Hult Scholarship possibilities of receiving financial assistance through a different range of Hult scholarships, allowing you to focus on your higher studies in Dubai and reach your full potential as a future business professional.

Institution Name Hult International Business School – UAE
Established on1964
Acceptance Rate47%
LocationDubai (UAE)
Scholarships For Global One-Year MBA, Part-Time Executive MBA, and Master’s in Internation Business

List of Top Hult Scholarships UAE

The Hult International Business School is right in the middle of the heart of Dubai. It provides a varied and interesting learning experience that helps students succeed in the fast-paced world of business. The Hult has many merit-based scholarships that can help you reach your academic goals and reach your full potential as a future business leader. These Hult Scholarships are available for individuals who are interested in innovation, sustainability, or being a leader. Check out the list of Hult Scholarships below to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Scholarship NameCoverageDeadlines
Academic ExcellenceUp to USD 20,000 per yearVaries by intake
Global ProfessionalUp to USD 20,000 per yearVaries by intake
Entrepreneurial ImpactUp to USD 20,000 per yearVaries by intake
Future Leader (Master’s only)Up to USD 20,000 per yearVaries by intake
Entrepreneurial ImpactUp to USD 20,000 per yearVaries by intake
Senior Leaders (MBA and Executive MBA only)Up to USD 20,000 per yearVaries by intake
Women in BusinessUp to USD 15,000 per yearVaries by intake
Hult Merit ScholarshipUp to USD 10,000 per yearVaries by intake
Merit Scholarship for Transfer StudentsVariesVaries by intake
Hult Alumni ScholarshipVariesVaries by intake
Diversity ScholarshipUp to $10,000 USD per yearVaries by intake
Need-Based ScholarshipsVariesVaries by intake

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Top 5 Hult Scholarships UAE

In the UAE, Hult International Business School has several merit-based scholarships available for students with different backgrounds and goals. Here are the top 5 Hult Scholarships, along with information on who can apply, how much they pay, and when the dates are.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Academic Excellence Scholarship rewards strong academic success and grants the largest award possible, which is up to USD 20,000 each year. Because of this, it is suitable for students who have exceptional grade point averages and are looking to reduce the financial burden they would face.

CoverageUp to USD 20,000 per year
EligibilityAwarded to students with the highest GPAs, demonstrating exceptional academic achievement
Application DeadlineVaries

Global Professional Scholarship

Individuals who are career-oriented and are interested in obtaining an advanced business degree may find this scholarship, which offers a maximum annual stipend of USD 20,000, to be a game changer. The scholarship is intended for experienced professionals who have worked full-time for a big multinational firm for at least one year.

CoverageUp to $20,000 USD per year
EligibilityAwarded to experienced professionals with at least one year of full-time work experience in a large global corporation. Demonstrated leadership and career potential are preferred
Application DeadlineVaries

Future Leader Scholarship (Master’s only)

The Future Leader Scholarship, which may be provided up to 20,000 USD per year, is designed to recognize and provide financial support to students who have significant leadership potential. As a result, it is ideal for individuals who have aspirations of becoming leaders in the corporate world.

CoverageUp to $20,000 USD per year
EligibilityUp to USD 20,000 per year
Application DeadlineVaries

Women in Business Scholarship

The purpose of the Women in Business Scholarship is to encourage ambitious female students with various views to follow their business dreams by providing financial assistance and recognition. The scholarship may be awarded up to 20,000 USD each year.

CoverageUp to $20,000 USD per year
EligibilityAwarded to female students who demonstrate ambition, strong potential, and diverse perspectives
Application DeadlineVaries

Hult Merit Scholarship

The Hult Merit Scholarship, which is awarded to students who have shown great academic performance and potential, provides substantial financial support to the students who are worthy of it across a variety of programs. As a result, it is a strong competitor for those who have demonstrated academic excellence.

CoverageUp to $15,000 USD per year
EligibilityAwarded to students demonstrating exceptional academic achievement and potential
Application DeadlineVaries

Factors Affecting Selection For Hult Scholarships

Here are the main factors that Hult International Business School-UAE looks at when giving scholarships to Indian and other International students.

  • Most of the time a good GPA is the most important factor that scholarship committees look at.
  • Getting high scores on the GMAT or GRE can help your scholarship application process.
  • It’s helpful to have relevant work experience, especially with International companies or organizations, especially for scholarships like the Global Professional Scholarship.
  • Being a leader at work shows that you are ambitious and have a lot of potential, which makes you a good choice for a scholarship.
  • Your entry will be stronger if you can show that you have been a star in both work and leisure activities.
  • For scholarships for future leaders, you need to show that you have good communication and leadership skills through writing and letter of recommendation.
  • You may be eligible for a variety of scholarships if you have a unique background and point of view, such as cultural diversity.
  • The Need-Based scholarship is primarily determined by your demonstrated financial need.
  • Clear documentation supporting your financial need is necessary.
  • Your application essay provides an opportunity to express your career goals, motivations, and how you align with the Hult Scholarships value.
  • Strong letters of recommendation can add to the evidence of achievements and potential.
  • The general level of competition in a given year can be affected by the number of applicants and the skills of those who want to study in India or abroad.
  • Get started on your search early, and make sure you know all the requirements before applying.
  • Make sure applications are unique for each scholarship by showing skills and experiences that are important to that particular scholarship.

How to Apply For Hult Scholarships

Hult International Business School offers an application process that integrates the scholarship program with your specific program application.

  • Visit the Hult International Business School website at https://www.hult.edu/campuses/dubai/
  • Select your desired program and location (Dubai).
  • Start your online application and navigate to the “Scholarships” section.
  • Choose the scholarships you’d like to apply for and complete any additional requirements mentioned for specific scholarships.
  • Submit your complete application and all required documents by the deadline.

Required Documents

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Does Hult International Business School offer full scholarships for international students?

Their objective is to provide complete tuition to as many as ten per cent of the undergraduate students who enrol in our program. People who are Hult Scholars are thought leaders who are prominent, high achievers, and dynamic thinkers.

What is the acceptance rate for Hult International Business School Dubai?

In Dubai, the Hult International Business School has a 47% acceptance rate for prospective students.

How much is the application fee for Hult International Business School Dubai?

You are required to pay an application cost of USD 95; the accompanying application materials may be submitted at any time after the price has been paid.

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