8 Reasons for Germany Student Visa Rejection

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Germany is one of the best countries for high-quality education, research opportunities, and low-cost education. For this reason, several students apply for the German student visa. However, due to several reasons, the German student visa can be rejected.‘ The visa is available only after proper assessment. The visa rejection rate stands at 8%.  From lack of financial stability to incomplete documentation, we have explored all the reasons for the German student visa. Keep reading to learn more about them. 


Reasons For German Student Visa Rejection

The following are the 8 major reasons for which the student visa application gets rejected:

No Financial Stability

Germany student visa rejection reasons

The German Embassy is responsible for ensuring that the students travelling to the country have sufficient funds to study, live, travel, and stay in the country. For this reason, proof of financial support has to be submitted to the students. One of the best ways, to prove the same is to have a German blocked account that allows the student to withdraw on; ly €861 per month. Applicants who are not able to prove the same will face visa rejection. This is one of the main Germany student visa rejection reasons.

Not Meeting the Academic Standards 

Another German student visa rejection reason is not to meet academic standards. Germany has one of the most competitive education systems. Hence, the student must make sure that the academic requirements of the university are met. The applicant is given a chance to justify the reasons for the academic score at the visa interview, Although the person cannot do much regarding the scores. It will be a chance to explain the reason for the grades. 

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Not Meeting the Language Standards 

One of the Germany student visa rejection reasons is not meeting the language requirement. It means if the students want to enroll in a course that requires German language, he/she must possess knowledge of German, Similarly, if the study course is in English, the applicant has to demonstrate knowledge of English. For example, by submitting the TOEFL/IELTS scores.

Different Course Selection 

Choosing a course that is not related to the previous academic record is one of the Germany student visa rejection reasons. For example, if a student has selected a postgraduate degree unrelated to the previous education the visa application can be rejected. Particularly, if the applicant has no experience in the degree sought. 

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No Travel Insurance 

Germany student visa rejection reasons

Another major Germany student visa rejection reason is having no travel insurance. The German Embassy requires that the student must have applied for health insurance in Germany. This is an important criterion that has to be met for the student visa application. Therefore, to prevent a visa rejection the student must provide the reasons for choosing a different study path. For example, proof of work experience. 

Unfit Profile 

Another one of Germany student visa rejection reasons is the applicant having an unfit profile.  The country gives priority to educated minds. Therefore, the visa officers have particular skills in mind when they look at the application. If the chosen subject by the student seems irrelevant then the student visa application can be rejected. 

Interview Performace 

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One of the major hurdles that a student has to cross while making an application is the interview. At the Germany visa interview, the visa officers would answer questions of the officers. If the student fails to answer the questions, misbehaves, etc it can lead to a refusal. Hence, it is best to go to the visa interview prepared. A poor interview is one of the major German student visa rejection reasons

Inaccurate or Incomplete Documents 

Another one of Germany student visa rejection reasons is providing inaccurate information or incomplete documents. Hence, it is important to go through all the documents and make sure only the correct information has been provided for the visa application. Create a checklist and keep things organized. 

Things to Do in Case of a German Student Visa Rejection 

Here are some of the steps a student can take in case of a Germany student visa rejection. The applicant will be notified in case of a student visa rejection. The next step can be taken by the applicant based on the choice. 

Appeal Letter 

In case the student thinks the visa rejection is incorrect, the Embassy will ask the student to appeal within 1 month. Under such circumstances, the applicant can write an appeal letter. Provide the reasons why the visa rejection was unfair. It is important to keep in mind to write the letter objectively. 

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Reapply for Your Student Visa

The student can also reapply for the visa. For this, the student must understand the Germany student visa rejection reasons, and make sure not to repeat them. The visa can be reapplied if the student is confident of a strong application. 


What is Germany visa rejection rate?

Germany has a visa success rate of 92% and a rejection rate of 8%. To beat the Germany student visa rejection rate, it is important that the student meets the eligibility criteria, and provides the relevant documentation. 

Is it difficult to get Germany student visa?

No. A German student visa is easy to obtain. However, the student must meet all the requirements. As per research, the Germany student visa success rate is 95%. That is, 95 of the 100 applications are approved, 

Why would a student visa be rejected?

There are several Germany student visa rejection reasons. For example, insufficient funds, fraud, insufficient documentation,  failure to meet the academic standard, not meeting the language standard, poor interview performance, etc 

We hope you now understand Germany student visa rejection reasons. To read about more such topics, follow Student Visa Archives by Leverage Edu.

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