All The Details About Malaysia Post Study Work Visa

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malaysia post study work visa

Malaysia is a country of diverse and vibrant cultures. This multi-religious and multi-ethnic country provides a wonderful life to the people in Malaysia. World-class Universities attract a huge number of students to the country from across the world every year. The students after their studies try exploring the career aspects in the city, and undoubtedly the opportunities offered by the country are very attractive. To explore career opportunities the students need to stay in the country post-education which requires an additional visa called a post-study work visa. Read all you need to know about Malaysia post-study work visa through this blog.

malaysia post study work visa

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What Is Malaysia Post Study Work Visa

The Malaysian post-study work visa is known as a Social visit pass or Graduate pass. This visa has been newly introduced by the Malaysian Government for students who have recently graduated from Malaysia. This allows students to stay in the country after their education program completion for up to one year. This is done to give students time to look for career opportunities if they wish to work in Malaysia. 

This visa or pass is only available for students from 23 countries, which are New Zealand, Switzerland, France, UK, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Germany, etc.

After this period of one year, if you succeed in getting a job, you must apply for a work permit for Malaysia.

Types of Work Permits in Malaysia

There are three types of work permits in Malaysia:

  • Employment pass
  • Visitors pass 
  • Professional visit pass
  • An employment pass is granted to those people who are successfully able to get employment in the country. The application for this pass can only be made by the employer. The eligibility required for this pass is educational qualifications and experience of work. Under this employment pass there are other 3 types of subcategories:
Type of passEmployment pass category IEmployment pass Category IIEmployment pass Category III
Basic monthly salary10,000 RM5,000 – 9,000 RM3,000 – 4,999 RM
Years of contract5 years2 years12 months
dependantsAllowed Allowed Not allowed 
  • A visitor pass is a temporary employment pass. It is granted to people with a salary of less than 5,000 RM a month and less than 2 years of contract of work with the employer. The pass is valid for people with age 18-35. The application needs to be submitted by the employer.
  • Professional visit pass is for people who are foreign nationals, have qualifications and skills and are working for a foreign company or need to be in Malaysia for work purposes for less than 12 months. The pass needs to be applied by the employer.

Eligibility for Malaysia Post Study Work Visa

There are certain requirements for the students to be able to apply for Malaysia post-study work visa:

  • You must have a Malaysian citizen acting as a sponsor
  • You must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 18 months from the date of application
  • You must have health insurance
  • You must have a valid student visa for your study period in Malaysia

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Application Process For The Malaysia Post Study Work Visa

malaysia post study work visa

To apply for a Malaysia post study work visa, the following steps need to be followed:

  • You can apply for a Social Visit pass through the official website or through an application center
  • Log in to the website, browse the relevant category, and fill up the application form
  • Make sure to fill in the correct information in the form
  • Attach the documents required
  • Submit the visa application 
  • Wait for the decision on the application

Permits On Malaysia Post Study Work Visa

The students are allowed to do the following activities freely on a Malaysian post-study work visa:

  • You can travel in and out of the country freely for the duration of the pass validity
  • You can take up another course and study
  • You can take up a part-time job and keep working while looking for a full-time job
  • The pass is also valid for the accompanying dependents of the students


How long does the processing of the Employment pass visa take to Malaysia?

The application process starts once you submit all the documents correctly. Once the document verification is completed, your visa application will be processed within 5 days of the application

Can you get a permanent residence permit in Malaysia?

To get a permanent pass, you must be living in Malaysia for a minimum of 5 years under a legal form of documentation. You need to be a high net-worth individual, an expert professional, or a spouse of a Malaysian citizen to get a permanent residence permit. It can also be granted if you can score high score in a point-based system.

Is the Malaysia post study work visa helpful?

Yes, the visa is pretty useful to students who have recently graduated and need time to look for a job or other employment opportunities in the country without any restrictions.

This was all about the Malaysia post study work visa, to read more visa-related content or similar blogs, follow Student  Visa Archives. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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