All About Sweden Student Visa Processing Time

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sweden student visa processing time

The international standing and quality of the Sweden educational system require no validation or description for the reason why people choose Sweden for higher education.


Students who aspire to study in A reputed institution or university, high vocational education or in a folk high school at the level of post-secondary education which should be longer than three months need a Sweden study visa and they must apply for the residence work permit for higher education. In this article, we will explore about Sweden student visa processing time and other aspects related to Sweden’s student visa.

What Is The Sweden Student Visa Processing Time?

The Sweden student visa for doctoral studies and higher studies takes around 5 months to process and the other types of Sweden student visa processing time is around 3 months but the requirement for the both are same.EU/ EEA citizens who aspire to study in Sweden for more than three months have to apply for a residence permit and student visa. and it is crucial to know that before applying for the visa you must be accepted by the university in Sweden.

sweden student visa processing time

Students who want to study in Sweden and come from a country such as the US, Japan, Canada and other countries that don’t require any visa to move to Sweden and they can study freely for ninety days and after studying they can apply for a residence permit in Sweden.

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Eligibility Criteria Sweden Student Visa

After knowing about the Sweden student visa processing time here in points below we clearly define the eligibility criteria for the students who want to apply for the Sweden student Visa-

sweden student visa processing time
  • Student must have a valid passport 
  • Students must have sufficient funds in their bank account to bear all expenses in Sweden.
  • Before applying for the student visa student must have paid the tuition fee.
  • It is required to have health insurance who have been residing less than a year.

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What Are The Documents Needed For The Student Visa To Sweden?

Documents required to apply for the Sweden student visa are mentioned below-

  • A valid passport will be required with a validity of six months
  • Applicants must have an enrollment letter with them which clearly demonstrates that the applicant has already paid the fee for the course for which he/she has applied.
  • Proof of financial stability will be required which means an applicant has to show that he/she has sufficient funds in the account to bear the cost of living in Sweden.
  • A health certificate will be required as they don’t allow anyone who is suffering from a disease and can be a threat to their country.
  • Educational proof will be required such as a 10th and 12th mark sheet and degrees of higher education if required.
  • The applicant also has to submit a 1000-word essay which clearly states the reason behind the applicant’s intention to choose Sweden over his/her home country.

How to Apply for the Sweden Student Visa 

Any applicant can apply for the Sweden Student Visa in two ways-

  • Online 
  • In Person


Many people go for the online application as it is convenient for many to apply online.

  • First, you need to Visit The Website of the Swedish Migration Agency
  • When you are on the website then you have to create an account
  • After creating an account you can log in
  • And lastly, you just have to fill out the form properly and submit the required documents.


  • Contact Embassy-Applicant first has to connect to the embassy to make an appointment.
  • Application- after making the appointment the applicant has to fill out the application form accurately while keeping each instruction in mind to avoid mistakes.
  • Documents- The applicant must gather all of the documents before the submission and check out once before going for the submission.
  • Submission-After the documentation and and the filling of the application form you just need to submit your application and pay the required fee.
  • Interview-after submission you will get the answer from the embassy about whether your application got accepted or not. If the application gets accepted then you have to appear for the interview and you will be asked about your education, your intent of travelling and more.

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Sweden Student Visa Fee

For students who aspire to study in Sweden and have applied for the Sweden student visa the fee for the visa is 1,500 SEK as per the current exchange rate prevailing in the market.Applicants/students can pay through the Mastercard or Visa at their convenience.


What is the student visa processing time for Sweden?

Processing of Sweden’s student visa is a time-consuming process. Anyone who wants to live in Sweden for over 90 days has to apply for a residence permit migration and the Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for the acceptance and rejection of your visa and usually takes 90 days to process a Sweden Student Visa.

What is the quickest way to get a residence permit in Sweden?

Applying online is the fastest way to apply for a residence permit in Sweden because all of the online applications are directly sent to the Swedish Immigration Agency and there these applications are kept on priority. There is one more way to apply for the Sweden student visa which is you can visit the embassy and apply in person.

Can I work while studying in Sweden?

Yes, it is possible that you can work in Sweden while studying if you are pursuing a course which is longer than three months then you will have to get a residence permit to stay there. The residence permit of Sweden allows you to work in Sweden while studying.

Here we end our article which was about the Sweden Student Visa Processing Time and other aspects related to it to know more about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you can stay connected with Leverage Edu’s page.

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